Saturday, March 27, 2010

I decided to add the Tea Party web page for the LRGV to my blog links for two reasons: First, I think it is well done. It organizes information, opinion and news which supports their agenda, whatever that may be. Second, I personally believe people who care about facts and engage in critical thinking are better off the more diverse opinions they read. The fact I find the Tea Party people to be mislead by corporatists, right-wing hatemongers and people who left to their wishes would turn the U.S. into a Theocracy, is not my standard when deciding which blogs or services I will profile. Even though I find them to be offensive, their opinion is an important part of the current American political fabric. Open minded people need to be willing to read their words.
I think in time the Tea Party as currently configured will dissolve. The Coffee Party people are growing in numbers because they see the Tea Party people as a threat to our way of life. This is a sad indictment on the Tea Party people. I do believe a large number if not the majority of the Tea Party people are in the majority on the issue of government spending. Where they fail is, they are being co opted by people who seek to serve their own agendas.
I believe if the Tea Party people would simply focus in on responsible government spending and distance themselves from the radical right and hatemongers, they could become the most powerful independent movement in the U.S. But even on the economy their leaders fail to understand that government spending is not always bad. Sometimes when the government spends money it actually creates more tax revenues than they spent.
A good example is military projects. Every employee who works on these projects pays income tax. In most cases they pay property taxes which support their community. They buy things which generate sales taxes. The cars they buy generate jobs for other Americans who now pay more taxes at the federal and local levels. At each level people get sales jobs and service jobs because of the people in the military industrial complex spending the money they are earning.
Until the Tea Party people prove they understand this simple system of economics they will be seen as poorly educated and easily duped.
I do not want posts saying "the military industrial complex is bad" I did not use the example in defense of military spending or in opposition of military spending - I used it so people can see how government spending can have a positive spiralling effect on the economy.
The problem with the government is not only about a lot of wasteful spending, but also a lack of revenue. Taxing the American people is the worse way raise revenue. Right now is is the only way for the government to raise revenues. It is because of the people in the Tea Party that this remains the only way for the government to raise revenues.
They have an irrational fear of the government owning or running anything. We can save billions in medicare and medicaid with federally funded community based healthcare clinics. The VA has been experimenting with these all over the U.S. With rare exception they have been a success.
The problem with the Tea Party people is they prefer for the taxpayers to subsidize insurance companies, hospitals, and doctors by having the taxpayers pay for their profits. A government run system which does not reduce services is the only way we are going to reduce the costs associated with medicare and medicaid.
On revenues it is time the government stop giving away the natural resources owned by the people. It is time the U.S. government start its own oil company to drill for oil on land owned by the people. Even it it cannot generate enough oil and gas to make a huge profit, it can use the oil and gas it generates for the military and federal and state governments, thereby reducing the cost of oil and gas paid for by the people through taxes.
Could you imagine if Texas stopped leasing the oil and gas lands and started their own oil company. The discounted fuel could save school districts hundreds of millions of dollars a year if not billions in gas running school buses.
None of this will ever happen because the Republicans, Democrats, and Tea Party people have decided this would be socialism., They have decided it is better to tax the people into poverty and increase the national debt. Here is a news flash people - the national debt will continue to be a problem until we find a new way to raise revenue, and stop using federal tax dollars to buy from corporate America things our own government is capable of producing - oil and gas for example. Why can't the Department of Defense build a factory in Mississippi, for example, which makes all of our soldiers' uniforms. It would cut costs to the taxpayers while providing good jobs to the people of Mississippi? Answer it would cut into the profits of the people who own yachts and that would be un-American.
But if the Tea Party is your cup of tea, then read this blog. In fact even it it offends you as much as it offends me, read this blog. The more you know, even about those with whom you disagree, they better off you will be.


Anonymous said...

What made you change your mind?

Fred Drew said...

I too am concerned about the Tea Party folks; that they will be hijacked by big nanny government of the right, right-wing hatemongers and people who left to their wishes would turn the U.S. into a Socialist state. I like it better with many groups all debating and the best ideas becoming the final direction. The Boston Tea Party Tax Day idea came from some Illinois Libertarians in December 2008 began it subsequently hijacked by CNBC reporter Rick Santelli when he went on the floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange. The Republicans are trying to co-opt the organizations to seize power from the only other political entity (Libertarians) of importance, because those uneducated masses will just screw things up.
I just wish folks would vote the candidate not the party.