Saturday, March 6, 2010



We need more folks to run for office. When you run for office "County and higher" we Libertarians have ballot access and can place candidates on the ballot. While we have no primary we do vote at our Conventions when there is opposition. This election we have no county level candidates to vote on for county level offices. We also do not charge a fee and will help the campaign for possibly "winnable" ones which there well may be in the unopposed ones. The County convention is March 13.

DREW - post a comment on how they can get ahold of you.

I would be curious what would happen if several strong judicial candidates ran along with the position of County Judge. There are several judges who I believe can be beat. Judge Lopez, Judge Alejandro, Judge Euresti - come on guys let's make November a November to remember.

It is simply unamerican to give the Democrats a free ride.


Anonymous said...

I think the election law is pretty clear. If a Libertarian candidate wanted to run and be on the ballot in November, then they must have signed up by January 4 of this year just like Independents, Democrats, and Republicans. Libertarians aren't special. Why is Drew looking for candidates now? Does he just want write-in candidates because that is all he could have at this point?

BobbyWC said...

Those of us to have lived history remember John B. Anderson. the following quote is from the SUpreme Court opinion. I have always maintained that the Texas system may be unconstitutional based on the Anderson case. This country is ready for a strong independent - I would love to see several locally and for governor.

"If the State's filing deadline were later in the year, a newly emergent independent candidate could serve as the focal point for a grouping of Ohio voters who decide, after mid-March, that they are dissatisfied with the choices within the two major parties."

"We also find no merit in the State's claim that the early filing deadline serves the interest of treating all candidates alike. Brief for Respondent 33. It is true that a candidate participating in a primary election must declare his candidacy on the same date as an independent. But both the burdens and the benefits of the respective requirements are materially different, and the reasons for requiring early filing for a primary candidate are inapplicable to independent candidates in the general election."

Fred Drew said...

Should you be interested in running for office you need to allign with the Libertarian Party where there is only one issue we are sticklers about
"You must certify that you oppose the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals." Other than that you will fit in some where.
Please contact us at and either Ben Neece or I will respond with a copy of the necessary form and instructions.

BobbyWC said...

Drew you need to address the ballot access issue in terms of the Libertarians and the upcoming convention

Fred Drew said...

Further to the post. We must follow all the same requirements as any other party and filings must be made according to the same time frames as any other party that votes using the convention process. I refer you to the following Web site.
and note the difference between Primary elections and Election Day requirements. Monday March 8 is the last day to get an application prepared, notarized and into our hands. We will nevertheless verify all requirements before March 13.
We are always looking for folks with enough courage and patriotism to give the voters a choice, even if only to make a statement that you disagree with the status quo. I disagree often with Bobbie W but would support his nomination though I might not vote for him in the election. The voters need choices on the ballot to really assure Liberty.