Tuesday, March 23, 2010


My sources are telling me that on Wednesday the Corpus Christi Court of Appeals will decide if Joe Lee Rubio should be allowed on the ballot for the May 8, 2010, election.

This May Juliet Garcia could face the political battle of her life. If Joe Lee Rubio wins his final push to win access to the ballot for the May 8, 2010, TSC Board of Trustees election Juliet Garcia could face her first board member who will demand true accountability, and protection for the historic institution which is Texas Southmost College. His campaign will bring into the open the truth about how TSC students are being cheated every day on their tuition. His campaign will bring into the open the racially motivated policy of UT to force the taxpayers of the TSC College District to fund UTB while UT refuses to pay the people the 10 million dollars owed in back rent. If enough candidates who support meaningful change win, Juliet Garcia will be fired for breaching her fiduciary duties to the taxpayers. This Board and Juliet Garcia should have sued UT a long time ago and have not because they have zero interest in the people.

It is my understanding a summary of the argument being used by Rubio is as follows:

“In considering any ballot access case this court must begin with the command of the Texas Supreme Court on the issue. “Any constitutional or statutory provision which restricts the right to hold public office should be strictly construed against ineligibility.” Willis v. Potts, 377 S.W.2d 622, 623 (Tex.Sup.1964) The only way this court can find a foreign conviction forms a basis to deny Relator a place on the ballot would be to read into the Texas Election Code language which is not there. “ We have found no convincing indication to the contrary here. The statute's language does not suggest any intent to reach beyond domestic convictions.” Small, 544 U.S. @ 391.”

Let us hope Joe wins. If he does win this battle to gain access to the ballot it will then be up to the people to fund his campaign and get out the vote. This is just not about whether or not Joe can win - it is about framing the debate so the people can force a meaningful change on the TSC Board of Trustees.

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