Wednesday, March 31, 2010


According to the Texas Supreme Court’s web page Joe Lee Rubio’s case remains pending. The matter was presented to the court yesterday for review. Ballot access cases are normally top priority cases because of the problems associated with the printing of the ballot. It is anyone’s guess what will happen.

If my source keeps me informed and there is a ruling today I will post an update later in the day. More likely than not what they will do is issue a temporary stay to halt the printing of the ballot. They will then provided TSC 1 or 2 days to file a response. Because the case involves both federal constitutional issues and a federal statute they may deny the mandamus, while halting the printing of the ballot for 3-5 days to allow a federal judge to consider an emergency TRO. Again, it is anyone’s guess.


As is all too often the case we are being provided a choice between bad and badder (yes I know it is not a word). We will never change anything if we continue to vote for these people. It is important though that the numbers show we went to the polls. So again, I am asking that people place a blank ballot in the ballot box. It is actually quite empowering.

I would be curious to hear people’s input on the issue of the Gonzales factor in the Peña/Hernandez race. Is a Peña win an indication that the people who are mad at him over his representation of Gonzalez are too few to impact the election?

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Nobody gives a rat's *ss about Gonzalez.....