Sunday, March 21, 2010



Politics is dirty and people are prepared to do whatever it takes to win the point - the BV will not play.

Two different sources came to me and told me that Gilberto Hinojsa is at it again in trying to get pro casino developers to buy up land on the south side of SPI. Their proof is the owners of the building where Dirty Al’s is sold out to such a developer at Gilberto Hinojosa’s request. Their further proof is Dirty Al’s opened a second restaurant on the bay side of Port Isabel.

On Saturday I went to Dirty Al’s. For the record I like Dirty Al’s - it is a tradition for winter Texans (my source in this story). After ordering the fried shrimp plate I began to make inquiries with the manager and employees, including the bartender. To a person no one new anything about Dirty Al’s on SPI closing because the building has been sold to developers.

Part of my problem with this story is, my source told me that they heard it from the employees who were complaining. I do not believe the story. I believe the story is the consequence of politics and a dislike for Gilberto Hinojosa. These people do not like Hinojosa so based on the location of the new Dirty Al’s they made a bunch of assumptions. Unfortunately this happens all too often in politics and journalists are willing to go with the story without first vetting the sources and the alleged facts.

I went so far as to have a realtor look into whether or not there is any evidence in the MLS system that indicates that property is for sale or has sold or any other property on the south side of SPI. There was nothing. So there you have it - dirty politics and the story that never was.

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Anonymous said...

You teased for THAT? Ha. Ha. Ha. That was about as worthless as the Monday morning paper. Just thought you should know. I guess we should thank you for saying the non-story was bogus.