Monday, March 29, 2010


With the exception of one former Herald employee commonly known in the blogosphere and the current entire Herald staff unethical conduct seems to be the norm. Why is that?

According to the Herald Brownsville’s TB rate is 3x’s the national average. With this knowledge the Herald does one of its cowardly blind editorials condemning Mexico for regulating the sale of antibiotics.

There is no doubt in my mind the over use of antibiotics in the border areas is a cause for the increase rate of TB. There are forms of TB which are nearly impossible to treat with antibiotics. For far too long everyone in Mexico was allowed to try and treat TB with self medication of unregulated antibiotics. The consequence is an out of control TB rate in Mexico and the U.S. border area. It is sad in a pathetic back hand slap at the Democrats the Herald would seek to further expose more Mexicans and Americans to TB and other bacterial infections which cannot be treated with anything but very toxic and expensive antibiotics.

All over the U.S. people are contracting bacterial infections which cannot be treated with antibiotics because of the overuse of antibiotics. I do not run to my doctor every time I get diverticulitis for a regiment of antibiotics. This would be bad for me. My standard has been 101.9 fever or less and I would try and treat it myself with a fluid diet and bed rest. Because the last infection was so bad, my new standard 1s 101.


The Peña mess is actually worse than reported. If you read the Corpus Christi Court of Appeals decision what happened is really quite egregious.

So if the story is actually worse than is reported, what is the problem? The problem is only reporting on the wrongful conduct of one of two candidates, while you are taking money from the candidate you are not reporting on. Ernie Hernandez’s use of politiqueras is reprehensible. The good news this election is, if Hernandez wins on the mail-ballots Peña can file his own lawsuit in his own name challenging the election results.

In all fairness every newspaper takes money from the candidates for ads. This is business as it should be. This by itself is not the problem. The problem is when a candidate effectively pays for the bad press of his opponent.

If one looks to the Herald today, and the acts of their former reporters this appears to be business as usual, so there should be no shocker than anyone formerly associated with the Herald would do such a thing.

It is important people are clear on the question of Peña. Having read the Corpus Christi Court of Appeals decision had I broke the story I would have been a lot more hard hitting. I could not imagine more egregious conduct by a lawyer than that revealed in the opinion. It is a good thing we know the truth about Peña. But it is not a good thing when a candidate can buy the bad press of his opponent while also buying silence on what should be his own bad press.

I personally thing the bad press against Peña coupled with the anger the Gonzales people have towards Peña will cost him the election. The good news is, if Hernandez wins on the mail-ballots, Peña can file an election contest which may finally bring an end to the use of politiqueras to steal mail-ballots.

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Funny how the Bankrupt Herald doesn't report on the LEAD poisoning of the children of Mexico...such an atrocity and nothing anywhere.