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All I can say is only complete morons reaffirm a city ordinance which is the subject of a civil rights lawsuit. Given the fact the court transcript which has been provided to the COB by and through their attorney indicates the judge has stated his intent to hold the ordinance unconstitutional, it is inconceivable any elected official would seek to reaffirm that same city ordinance. We expect this type self destruction from Pat Almighty, but even given her previous demonstration of incredibly poor judgment one must be asking if Melissa Zamora has lost her mind. A yes vote for these changes by Troiani, Longoria, and Atkinson at this time just one year from their reelection campaign could seal their fate. The case will be on appeal at that time by one side or the other. I am certain the city will be the one taking the appeal. Troiani, Longoria, and Atkinson will find themselves defending their decision to ignore Judge Gonzalez statement of his intent to hold the ordinances unconstitutional, the denial of free speech, and waste of taxpayers’ dollars to defend their opposition to free speech.


The COB and Cameron county could see further budgetary problems because of these problems. Bridge crossings are certain to go down. I have twice posted comments that people are being overly cautious about going to Matamoros. I cannot no longer hold that position. I have been needing to go Soriana’s for several weeks. For a few soap products and cheese, I simply refuse to chance the visit. I am glad President Calderon is fighting this battle - its impact on the border is just a sad unfortunate reality.

With more and more people refusing to visit Matamoros bridge tolls will go down. This will have a negative impact on the county budget. It does not end their - this time of year I have family and friends visit for about a month. With the exception of one friend everyone has cancelled their yearly visits. Brownsville has two positives - the gulf and Mexico. Mexico is out, and the weather is not exactly the best for beach goers. It is still a bit too cool. The Florida Keys are a lot better choice for those seeking warm weather in the US.

The only positive upside is, the border violence could see a deployment of the national guard. This will have a positive impact on revenues from hotels and sales taxes. I would rather this not happen, but in the end it could be the only good thing to come from the border violence.


The other day I bought two plastic cereal containers at Walmart. They were made in the U.S. They were also only $3.00. Walmart also has Easter buckets for a $1.50, made in the U.S. How is this happening? Robotics - robotics is the new automation. As the technology advances, U.S. manufacturers have come to realize it is more profitable to manufacture these products in the U.S. than China.

Whether we like it or not, the border area with Mexico is a manufacturing belt. UTB/TSC has refused to accept this reality. I do not care that we do not have any plants in need of workers trained in robotics. If we train them now, when a chance for a new car plant comes about we will have a trained work force. For now most will travel north to cities where their skills are needed. This is not bad. It will send a message to the owners of these plants that Brownsville is ready to lead.

I suspect the training of these workers is less than a year. I do not know. But it does not end there. Our university should be playing a leading role in developing new forms of robotics. We should also be training repair persons. This is a leading area of new technology.

Brownsville is a natural place for the development of this new technology. We have a port, rail, and an airport. We should be leading the way instead of watching other areas taking the lead. But this is Brownsville - it is never about the people or the community - it is about politicians all too willing to accept scraps at the dung heap of misery than lead towards a better tomorrow for all.


I have posted in the past the saga of a family challenging the incompetence at the BHA. I noted that Antonio Juarez admitted he was not qualified to do the job and was relying on the comptence of his incompetent staff. The records have now been reviewed and the verdict is in - the BHA authority will be sued. Separate from the initial suit over the BHA authority refusing to follow the law in how they calculate a person's income, there may be a monetary lawsuit by the child at the center of the controversy. He is being held in Brownsville against his will because the BHA will not authorize the family's transfer to San Antonio until the mother signs a form agreeing the BHA has done nothing wrong and pay the BHA money she does not owe them.

A second issue is, Lina Mendez after 3 separate requests has refused to help the family seek an accommodation with La Villata apartments over the child's disability. The famly must move by the end of the month. BHA refuses to do their job and help this family secure an accommodation. The BHA refuses to allow the family to relocate to San Antonio. The BHA refuses to help the family find a new apartment in Brownsville. They ahve been turned down everywhere they ahve applied.

The lawyers in Washington with HUD have told me this is a clear violation of federal law and cannot understand why the BHA is being so adament about ignoring the law. But this is Brownsville here an indicted mayor gets to appoint a failed BISD employee and former BISD Board Member to the BHA authority so that they can hire another failed BISD employee who by his own admission is not qualified for the job.

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Fred Drew said...

Brownsville is a natural place for the development of this new technology. We have a port, rail, and an airport. We should be leading the way instead of watching other areas taking the lead.
I agree but instead of developing markets as a region in conjunction with the rest of the valley there is just partisan babble with McAllen facilities against Harlingen and Brownsville. For instance I would like to see a transportation authority of RGV managed by professionals not politicos. Look at the the others around the country making a profit not taxing the locals. The only Navigation District that does not Tax is Port Isabel. They make a profit.