Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Overall I am very happy with the returns - the biggest good news is, unless I want to be real petty and maybe implicate 10-15 bad mail in ballots here and there, there appears to be no evidence that the politiqueras controlled the mail in ballots this time around. This should make everyone happy.


KBH got boinked big time. I think she lost for 2 basic reasons - she is a Washington insider who stood by Bush even when commonsense mandated abandoning ship. Second, she is way too moderate for conservative Texas. During the debate her answer on the abortion question was all over the place and did not help her case.

The most interesting part of KBH loss is it opens the door to a conservative challenge in 2012. It also sends a message to the National Democratic Party that the right candidate may be able to beat KBH in 2012, assuming she runs

Medina’s numbers were impressive. Normally a third candidate like Medina will see her supporters jump ship and go with the next best candidate. They did not. The Tea Party people seem real. Perry is going to need to accommodate these people if he expects to win in November. The Tea Party people not turning out for Perry would be the equivalent of the LRGV not turning out for White.


The results are no real surprise. Shami just does not understand politics. He seemed shocked to learn his name hurt him. His campaign was already in the dumps before the debate, but his performance certainly did not help. I personally believe he was the better candidate overall, but I also believe he would have been a lame duck governor from day one.


Ronnie Earle lost - this is important. He was the last real tie to the old guard of the Democratic Party. Also, having a Latina at the top of the ballot may just help the Dems in November.


For a while there I thought Treviño was going to win outright. All I will say is the run-off is anyone’s guess. I do not think the Imagine Brownsville issue is going to hurt Treviño. The people of Cameron County who actually vote are smart enough to understand that a United Brownsville is important to the region. They are also smart enough to know Pat Almighty is lost in his own paranoia when he yells secret meetings by United Brownsville. This does not mean Juliet Garcia is not trying to change the size of the bus terminal, it just means blaming United Brownsville is a gimmick.

Wood is going to have to convince a small run-off voter pool that he did not play games with the rules concerning his automatic resignation by announcing for County Judge. Run-offs have a small voter pool of educated voters. Regardless of any past transgressions committed by Treviño, he has no current problems, such as Wood does over the issue of his automatic resignation.


This race is important because it showed you cannot buy votes with gimmicks - the people have heard enough bogus campaign promises that they were not going to buy into the one million dollar promise. Now if Hasse is for real about getting rid of the office of county treasurer nothing prevents him from starting a petition campaign demanding Commissioners Court and our local state representatives get behind the idea. Nothing requires that Hasse actually hold the office to deliver on his campaign promise. This is where Hasse tells us if it was real or a gimmick.


Escobedo got buried for three reasons. It was a big mistake to remind people he is a BISD Board Member. The entire Board is tainted - this was a dumb move. The TEC sanctions which I am proud to say I secured against him did not help what was already a tainted reputation. Finally the dispute over his title did not help. As I noted the Herald did not play fair with that article, but then again Escobedo did not play fair with what he knew people believed about his title. People are tired of being mislead.

I think Peña will win the run-off. Ernie is old guard - we shall see.


“I want to thank each and every person who has given their time, energy and votes to my campaign for Governor of Texas. Although this wasn't the outcome we'd hoped for, do not get discouraged.

A defeat is only a defeat if you let it stop you. I will not let today's results stop me. Although I will not be our nominee for Governor, I will continue to fight for those I have met on the campaign trail. I will continue to fight to bring jobs to Texas. I will continue to fight for equality in our education system. I will continue to support candidates who fight for all Texans.

I ask for each of you to join me. Do not give up hope. Continue to support the cause. Eventually, we will overcome all obstacles and accomplish our goal, real change for Texas.

Thank you again for your support. It means the world to me, more than I can ever express in words.”

I believe in this environment people like Shami can do more on the outside by keep pressure on the politicos. I for example would help with any local organization which seeks to petition our local representatives to allow for the sale of the Brownsville Navigation District.


BobbyWC said...

It is the policy, generally, of the BV to not kick the losing candidate when he/she is down. I may be happy that a particular person lost, but I also understand it takes a lot to put yourself out there as a candidate. So while I may strongly agree with some of the comments I am rejecting, I am just not comfortable with kicking a losing candidate.

Anonymous said...

- A former Democratic Vice Presidential nominee is close to being indicted for misuse of federal campaign funds.

- After replacing the Democratic Governor of New York who was forced to resign under the cloud of a prostitution scandal, the new Governor of New York has elected not to run for re-election and may be forced from office for abusing his position.

- The Democratic Senator who heads of the Banking committee chooses to retire rather than run for re-election based in part to the cloud from back door deals from mortgage lenders in exchange for favorable votes.

- The Chairman of the House Way and Means committee is being forced from his seat because of kickbacks in the form of travel benefits from lobbyists.

- All of this follows on the heels of the absolute fiasco what is the state governing of Illinois.

The only question remains; How did Karl Rove and the Damn Republicans pull this off?

BobbyWC said...

I was confliucted about posting the above comment because of the referenced (sort of) to John Edwards. the source of the story is the national Enquirer. they have been correct in the past about edwards which is why I guess every news service is picking up on the story.

the real story for me is, how did we get to the point that a newspaper with the reputation of printing stories about the Nebraska mom giving birth to the two headed Martian has become the source to quote when dealing with national public figures?

Anonymous said...

No mystery there: politicians are seen by the Enquirer as celebrities. Hence, no reason not to go after them. We live in a strange and wicked society. the Enquirer knows this and so it presses onward.

BobbyWC said...

i am rejecting a comment here because I am unwilling to do the research to verify the story - teh comment also appeared to be written by a drunk - nearly incoherent.

The comment basically goes like this - because Peña may be tied to someone who may have engaged in criminal conduct, Peña himself is a criminal.

Stupid beyond comprehesion