Monday, March 8, 2010


People who are afraid to fight are cowards. This weekend I met a man who was bad mouthing President Obama claiming the President has surrendered to the terrorists in Iraq. Iraq today is on the very of success because the political process forced President Bush to fire the Secretary of Defense, and finally provide our troops with the necessary troop levels needed to win. Iraq is not yet a win, but it is getting there. In today’s world creating a new democracy is no easy challenge. Iraq could collapse into civil war in a year, or it can move forward as a democracy. After the American Civil War the South was basically an occupied nation. It took our troops to control the South. Why should we expect Iraq to be any better than the US? It will take some less than Democratic measures to get Iraq to move forward.

On the fight issue, this same man admitted that he had a deferment during Vietnam. He then went on to brag about how none of his children nor grandchildren have served in our military. These are the cowards. He is all too willing to send other people’s children to fight his wars.

I do not care what your political philosophy is, America is stronger for its diversity of opinion. This is why I believe it is important we encourage people of all political persuasions to run for office.

Those of us to have lived history remember John B. Anderson. The following quote is from the Supreme Court opinion. [For the record I love getting older - 52 and counting - I am blown away by how much history I have lived. You cannot learn living history in a textbook] I have always maintained that the Texas system for Independents getting on the ballot may be unconstitutional based on the Anderson case. This state is ready for a strong Independent - I would love to see several locally and for governor.

"If the State's filing deadline were later in the year, a newly emergent independent candidate could serve as the focal point for a grouping of Ohio voters who decide, after mid-March, that they are dissatisfied with the choices within the two major parties."

"We also find no merit in the State's claim that the early filing deadline serves the interest of treating all candidates alike. Brief for Respondent 33. It is true that a candidate participating in a primary election must declare his candidacy on the same date as an independent. But both the burdens and the benefits of the respective requirements are materially different, and the reasons for requiring early filing for a primary candidate are inapplicable to independent candidates in the general election."

Here is the key language I latch on to - “But both the burdens and the benefits of the respective requirements are materially different, and the reasons for requiring early filing for a primary candidate are inapplicable to independent candidates in the general election."

I do believe that an Independent with money could still win the governor’s race. A strong millionaire Latino who is not a LINO (Latino in Name Only) could emerge as the winner. With a charismatic personality he/she could certainly carry South and West Texas.

Assuming Barbara Radnofsky has a half of brain (assumption as large as the universe) she should side with any Independent challenging Texas’ law. Why? because she wants the Independents to vote for her and Abbott will be forced to defend the law which will alienate the Independents.

It is absolutely wrong for the LRGV to give the Democrats a free ride in the judicial races. I would love to see several local lawyers file a lawsuit challenging the law on this issue and throw their hats into the ring. The people are mad as hell. I am convinced if we have 3 local attorneys running for judge at the District Court level, at least one will win. This will be a good day for our courts and our democracy.

So the question to all of you lawyers reading my words, are you the coward who loves to send other people’s children to war or are you the type to lead the troops? There is no shame in losing, just shame in refusing to fight.

The lawsuit you lawyers need to file is 3 pages at most. You cite the 14th Amendment and the Anderson case and you are done. The TRO Brief should also be no more than 2 pages. This is a simple straight up and down lawsuit.

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Fred Drew said...

As I believed before I received several out of date and undated mailings about recruiting additional candidates the closing date for filing applications for nomination, was indeed January 4.
We are still very interested in exploring possibilities with any one interested in a public office at any level even non-partisan ones.
We strongly believe with Bobby that there needs to be a change especially in BISD and BND.
We Libertarians cannot nominate candidates in those races but we have staff that will help preparing and understanding what to expect.
Someone with clear ideas and the lack of a colorful history could indeed win a post.
I can be reached at
Keep an open mind