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1700 AM this morning is reporting that the Starr County DA has called in the Texas Rangers to help investigate fraud related to mail ballots. Good for him - we all know even dreaming that our esteemed DA, Villallobos would ever admit to such a problem is beyond the realm of any sense of reality




This is an interesting story. Our country has always relied on the creativity of its immigrants. A group of Turkish professors decided to take on the issue of math and science, or the lack thereof in our schools, and created a large system of charter schools all over the state. This article is worth reading.



I have talked about this in the past. Cameron County and Brownsville need to join forces to make it illegal to bring antibiotics from Mexico without a written prescription. The misuse of antibiotics is creating a health crisis in the US. I would think Commissioner Gowen would see the importance in educating the people of Brownsville on this issue, but no. Here is the latest story on the problem.



Endocrinology in all of its testing, discovered I have a vitamin D deficiency, among other things. I will see a specialist Monday next who may help spread some light on the issue. Treating the vitamin D Deficiency is easy - you take mega doses of vitamin D once a week for 4 weeks and then go on a supplement which is still at mega dose levels, but nothing like the 50,000 mg once a week for 4 weeks. Within 3 days the mind numbing headaches were gone. The blurred vision is 100% resolved.

The VA had me see a colorectal surgeon in SA. It did not go well. He got in an argument with the radiologist claiming the radiologist did not know how to read a CT scan. He then declared some 9 biopsies over 20+ years are all wrong including those showing dysplasia in the colon. He declared that the head of gastroenterology in Dallas does not know the difference between UC and diverticulitis. He declared that a gastroenterologist was mistaken when he repaired a colonic AVM. All along he cannot look me in the face while appearing to have an allergenic reaction to some type medicine. He kept on looking down, rubbing his face and then brushing his fingers through his hair. It was bizarre.

After I lodged my complaint he had his personal nurse call me and schedule an emergency colonoscopy for tomorrow. Not going to happen. I will wait for the local surgeon to do the colonoscopy. This was not an easy decision for me because the sigmoid colon is so inflamed the pain has become unbearable. So long as I do not have a fever, I am fine. If the fever hits I will go to Valley Baptist.

Needless to say the VA immediately authorized me to see the only colorectal surgeon in the area. He has already told me that on the primary issue he is going to refer me to one of a handful of clinics such as the Mayo Clinic if he agrees with the findings of the radiologist.

Oh, this colorectal surgeon in SA also stated that the lab got the vitamin D test wrong because there is no way I have a vitamin D deficiency. All the while, he never so much as examined me. I was lucky that the radiologist verified his encounter with this quack - the entire thing was so bizarre that no one would have believed me without an independent witness.

On the vitamin D issue, if the intestines are not properly functioning, you can develop a vitamin D deficiency. We do not know that, that is the source of the problem, but it is an issue.

Why do I talk about my health issues? People find my posts through google. The information I provide helps guide other people in their search for answers. Every day I get a lot of hits on a story related to Otis Powers. I could not figure out why so many people all over the world are googling Otis Powers - well on the same page is a post I made about gallo pinto - refried rice and beans - on further investigation I learned what these people are googling is gallo pinto.

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Fred Drew said...

I share the Vitamin D deficiency problem which is now under control as well as the thyroid and vitamin a. The diabetes symptoms have mostly disappeared and I am healing better.
Thanks to my Dr. Pelley and Valley Baptist.