Sunday, March 14, 2010


“I HAVE A PLAN” translation - “vote for me and I will give you a good dose of snake oil.” This weekend we saw the same promise from Peña and Coronado. Apparently they are both paying the same moron to advice them in how to run a deceptive campaign.

On the Peña issue there is no shocker in terms of his tax problems. It is not the first time we have seen these problems. I will never forget Juliet Garcia’s excuse. I believe she claimed she or her husband believed it was for the renters to pay the property taxes.

Peña being behind on his taxes is Brownsville and Cameron County. No one in politics considers this to be a problem - it is a right of privilege. The problem remains with the people who find it easier to say Jon is less corrupt than Steve so I will vote for Jon - no - we do not vote at all. It is time we go to the polls and simply place a blank ballot in the box. If we continue to vote for these people they will continue to play us as saps.

Mr. Coronado seems terribly confused. TSC Board Members represent the community college and not the university. You are not going to lower tuition until TSC is separated from UTB. The day the students get a choice between paying university tuition, and community college tuition is the day UTB’s credibility dies. Who among the students are going to choose to take the courses at the higher rate? No one.

Nothing is going to change any time soon because the people refuse to participate in the change. They sit home and wait for someone else to act. The enemy of the people is not the elected officials, but the people themselves.


BobbyWC said...

Guys I am not going to allow BV to be used as a pawn between campaigns and claims of criminal conduct by bloggers - if you think someone is engaged in criminal conduct report -

Anonymous said...

"You are not going to lower tuition until TSC is separated from UTB."

I think that's his plan.

You don't have to say their claims, but I think as voters do we not have a right to know what campaigns are playing dirty and using your blog as you say? Please tells us what campaign(s) is doing this. It will speak volumes of their character for you to do this.

Anonymous said...

Is their an update on your public comments lawsuit against the city? Ahumada and Zamora amended the ordinance as placed it on tomorrow's agenda.

BobbyWC said...

when he says he wants to develop the university is he not speaking to TSC - sorry - I do not believe that is his plan - another bogus promise with no specifics

BobbyWC said...

On the lawsuit all I can say is Judge Noe Gonzalez notified teh City's court attorney of his intent to hold the ordinances unconstitutional. It is clear by Iwantzamora and pat Almighty's conduct in this proposal that they are telling judge Noe Gonzalez to go screw themselves.

Look MZ has nothing but contempt for the people - she has proven that - she suffers from an extreme case of the princes syndrome - in 3 year she will be unelected - plain and simple

Anonymous said...

why are they changing the ordinance? it's like they do it every other month. why is Zamora doing it again with the mayor? what's her reasoning?

BobbyWC said...

I have not compared the old with the new so I do not know - but someone needs to see if the language to vote out a commissioner who is disruptive is teh same in the old and the new

Anonymous said...

It's downloadable. Take a look at it. Nevertheless to answer your question the language looks the same. Why?

Don Fernando said...

Hey my good fellows, you all need to get the television industry involved.
May I remind you all, that a lot of people in the valley don't have computers, read newspapers, can't speak english and there are no good spanish radio stations to let the public know about these corrupt officials.
I bet if you get 100 persons in city commission meetings its way too many. Out of 140.000 population, what a pity.