Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Each Branch of government in the U.S. is independent of one another. Every year the Supreme Court says to Congress you got it wrong and we are voiding the law as made by the Congress and signed into law by the President. This is a good thing.

What is not good, and dangerous and in fact evidence of tyranny is the Chief Justice blasting the President for expressing his dissent towards the Supreme Court's rulings. It is interesting that John Roberts blasts the President for chastising the Court for going too far in allowing for corporate speech. Funny thing on the path towards tyranny - it is not wrong for the Supreme Court to extend the speech of corporate America, but it is wrong for President Obama to denounce the Supreme Court for extending the free speech of corporate America. Is there any doubt in any one's mind the Supreme Court is now controlled by a corporatist driven to take away our rights.


Anonymous said...

It is very disappointing that Justice is political even at the highest level. Its troubling enough that local justice can be bought and sold but that should not be the case in the Supreme Court.

On an unrelated topic, did you catch the Dr. Phil show yesterday (Wednesday)? It featured the Brownsville ISD student that was abused by her parents in order to prevent her from eating the food out of fridge. The analyst indicated that Special Education department and campus administrators failed the student for not identifying her "retarded" academic and physical state. Had they done their jobs the child could have been save earlier. This is a great example of what you have been argueing for some time, the kids are least of BISD's worries. Keep up the great work.

BobbyWC said...

Everyone who wants to pass legislation Austin in 2011, are already working on their Bills. BISD needs to start the process of sueing the State of Texas for underfunding Special Services - other school districts will join in - this will force reform in Austin through new and better laws.

Yes BISD Special Services in the past and currently is a joke - but part of the problem is underfunding and clear guidance from the state how these children are to be treated.

Fred Drew said...

I watched the the Presidents Speach and did not see Justice Roberts make any comment or blast the president. What I did see was a barely perceptible shake of his head that I took to understand as an indication that a particular statement being made may not be accurate. I did not feel that it was a chastisement, though I did not feel that the State of the Union was an appropriate venue to verbally scold the judge to his face in front of the world.