Friday, March 12, 2010



BobbyWC said...

Guys I appreciate when people provide me information important to the elections. But, I am not big on rehashing old stories - I am on record as stating John Wood is playing games on the resignation issue.

His history with Cisneros should tell people about his character. But, that story is old,

Also I do not repeat the stories which appear on other blogs.

As to teh COunty Judge race, if I vote in November I will vote for Cascos - he was willing to bite the bullet on the budget and hit it hard - I think this by itself deserves our support

Anonymous said...

"Also I do not repeat the stories which appear on other blogs."

What story is out there that you will not talk about? Is this a new policy? You have discussed other blogs and what they talk about here before. Sometimes you link to it too. You also analyze or repeat stories that appear in the Brownsville Herald or their editorials, which appear on their blogs like Daily Chisme. You even discuss what they won't print. And when it does get printed, like Escobedo's sanction, I don't recall you acknowledging that after all that time they finally wrote about it.

News is news. So why the change of heart? You should put all of your rules on the sidebar, so people won't waste time telling you about websites or blogs. It'll save you time from having to answer these fools.

BobbyWC said...

I have taken this position on atrgular basis. If the Herald messes up I have a defense - if a known blogger whose stories are known to be questionable at times messes up I have no defense.

Further there is a big dfference between me commenting on someone else's work, and adopting their research as fact

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you will appreciate Rosemary Breedlove's chutzpah in this morning's paper. She announced change, positive direction, change, importance of education, and change as if she wants to continue to be the agent of change. How can a twelve year incumbent bring change especially to the partnership where she allowed UT system to not pay it's rent to its TSC partner?

The Herald quotes TSC Trustee Rosemary Breedlove, "I initially ran for the board because I believe education is the answer." Heh. Playing the education card. Don't you just hate that?

She didn't "initially run" for TSC Trustee twelve years ago. No, the board appointed her twelve years ago. That's the way it's done at the college. They appoint a trustee before they run under the college banner. Is she subtly rewriting history?

Fred Drew said...

Just wanted to let you know that Jeremiah Arn, Political Director, Liberty Campaign for Texas PAC Attended our Convention today.
He is a Libertarian Political Consultant that helps folks prepare to run for non-partisan elections. (No charge to the candidate. Cost picked up by the PAC)
hi is helping a candidate for a Los Fresnos city office.
We thing more candidates bring the possibility of better elected officials and more freedom.