Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This is from her morning e-mail to Democrats.

"When the incumbent Attorney General was interviewed by Sean Hannity, he wasn't challenged to defend his use of taxpayer dollars to pursue a legal loser of a case. When Barbara Ann challenges him on the issue he immediately goes negative with personal attacks."

FACT: When she ran against KBH and I disclosed the fact she along with the Party Chair violated the hard fought rules adopted in the 60's against the Party endorsing any candidate during the primaries she wrote to newspapers around the state misrepresenting my record and politics, while refusing to address the issue. Sound familiar? - there is no substantive difference between Abbott and Radnofsky.

Why is it a politician can use intentional lies as a way to raise money for their campaign and be immune from criminal prosecution, but if you or I do the same thing for a non-profit, for example, we go to jail? Answer - politicians write the laws.

Today she will announce she will stay in the Senate for the remainder of her term. She never intended to resign. early on in the campaign for governor she saw her internal numbers were dismal which is why she did not resign earlier, as promised.

According to the Texas Supreme Court’s web page Joe Lee Rubio’s case remains pending. The matter was presented to the court yesterday for review. Ballot access cases are normally top priority cases because of the problems associated with the printing of the ballot. It is anyone’s guess what will happen.

If my source keeps me informed and there is a ruling today I will post an update later in the day. More likely than not what they will do is issue a temporary stay to halt the printing of the ballot. They will then provided TSC 1 or 2 days to file a response. Because the case involves both federal constitutional issues and a federal statute they may deny the mandamus, while halting the printing of the ballot for 3-5 days to allow a federal judge to consider an emergency TRO. Again, it is anyone’s guess.


As is all too often the case we are being provided a choice between bad and badder (yes I know it is not a word). We will never change anything if we continue to vote for these people. It is important though that the numbers show we went to the polls. So again, I am asking that people place a blank ballot in the ballot box. It is actually quite empowering.

I would be curious to hear people’s input on the issue of the Gonzales factor in the Peña/Hernandez race. Is a Peña win an indication that the people who are mad at him over his representation of Gonzalez are too few to impact the election?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Someone riddle me this, how is possible for John Rubio to receive a fair trial on his competency issue, but not a fair trial as to his innocence and guilt and sentencing? This will be just one of many issues which will lead to reversal of his death penalty. This guy’s trial and appeals when all done and over will lead to over a million dollars in taxpayer money for naught -

The DA, judge and defense attorneys all know they have put enough reversible error into the case to insure a reversal or at least 10-15 years of appeals and habeas corpuses. The appellate lawyers who will come in to handle the appeal are already planning on exotic vacations based on the guaranteed billing of 10-15 years of appeals. The DA gets to play the blame game and blame the judges for wasting the people’s money when in fact Villalobos is in a front row seat guiding this fraud on the people so that he can have another shot at it and claim “see one way or another this guy is getting the needle.”

It is time the people demand that Villalobos puts life without the possibility of parole on the table as a plea bargain. This will end the matter for the most part. Technically, Rubio would still be allowed to appeal any bad legal rulings which occurred before the plea bargain, if he so chose - it would be a mistake, because a reversal could lead to the DA never offering life again.

In my opinion everyone involved in the Rubio case are licensed thieves, to a person - no exceptions. Several years ago I took a this is good attitude when Senator Lucio offered the key vote for the anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment when in exchange for same he won the issue of life without the possibility of parole as an alternative to the death penalty. Maybe not every case is right for the latter. But any case which includes appellate issues of mental illness should be settled with life without the possibility of parole.

Until the people put their need for vengeance aside the taxpayer bank accounts will bleed green for the sole purpose of feeding an unethical and corrupt legal system which only leaves the defense attorneys happy with green and the DA smiling because he gets to keep the case alive as a campaign issue. If there is a hell not one of these bastards will avoid it save maybe Rubio who at least has the defense of mental illness.

It sickens me to no end every time I think of how many Americans have died to protect our constitution just so these thugs can abuse it for their own benefit without an ounce of regard for its purpose. The true criminals here are the DA, judge and defense attorneys.

Monday, March 29, 2010


With the exception of one former Herald employee commonly known in the blogosphere and the current entire Herald staff unethical conduct seems to be the norm. Why is that?

According to the Herald Brownsville’s TB rate is 3x’s the national average. With this knowledge the Herald does one of its cowardly blind editorials condemning Mexico for regulating the sale of antibiotics.

There is no doubt in my mind the over use of antibiotics in the border areas is a cause for the increase rate of TB. There are forms of TB which are nearly impossible to treat with antibiotics. For far too long everyone in Mexico was allowed to try and treat TB with self medication of unregulated antibiotics. The consequence is an out of control TB rate in Mexico and the U.S. border area. It is sad in a pathetic back hand slap at the Democrats the Herald would seek to further expose more Mexicans and Americans to TB and other bacterial infections which cannot be treated with anything but very toxic and expensive antibiotics.

All over the U.S. people are contracting bacterial infections which cannot be treated with antibiotics because of the overuse of antibiotics. I do not run to my doctor every time I get diverticulitis for a regiment of antibiotics. This would be bad for me. My standard has been 101.9 fever or less and I would try and treat it myself with a fluid diet and bed rest. Because the last infection was so bad, my new standard 1s 101.


The Peña mess is actually worse than reported. If you read the Corpus Christi Court of Appeals decision what happened is really quite egregious.

So if the story is actually worse than is reported, what is the problem? The problem is only reporting on the wrongful conduct of one of two candidates, while you are taking money from the candidate you are not reporting on. Ernie Hernandez’s use of politiqueras is reprehensible. The good news this election is, if Hernandez wins on the mail-ballots Peña can file his own lawsuit in his own name challenging the election results.

In all fairness every newspaper takes money from the candidates for ads. This is business as it should be. This by itself is not the problem. The problem is when a candidate effectively pays for the bad press of his opponent.

If one looks to the Herald today, and the acts of their former reporters this appears to be business as usual, so there should be no shocker than anyone formerly associated with the Herald would do such a thing.

It is important people are clear on the question of Peña. Having read the Corpus Christi Court of Appeals decision had I broke the story I would have been a lot more hard hitting. I could not imagine more egregious conduct by a lawyer than that revealed in the opinion. It is a good thing we know the truth about Peña. But it is not a good thing when a candidate can buy the bad press of his opponent while also buying silence on what should be his own bad press.

I personally thing the bad press against Peña coupled with the anger the Gonzales people have towards Peña will cost him the election. The good news is, if Hernandez wins on the mail-ballots, Peña can file an election contest which may finally bring an end to the use of politiqueras to steal mail-ballots.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I do not know. I have rejected several nasty posts claiming I am covering for this judge. Some have not been so nasty. Look guys, I have checked with various sources locally, and recent FBI press releases - there is nothing out there to verify the story.

Would the story surprise me? No, because I know of at least one former judge who is being looked at by the FBI and two currently sitting judges for sure, maybe 3. But until I get verification from someone I can trust I am not going to blast some one's name all of the internet with a claim the FBI has raided their offices.

Another issue in the case is, at least one source is claiming the raid included the offices of a local attorney associated with this judge. I have googled all sorts of combinations and I cannot find even the most remote relationship between the former judge and this particular attorney. I cannot go with a story based on an anonymous source with zero verification - sorry

I decided to add the Tea Party web page for the LRGV to my blog links for two reasons: First, I think it is well done. It organizes information, opinion and news which supports their agenda, whatever that may be. Second, I personally believe people who care about facts and engage in critical thinking are better off the more diverse opinions they read. The fact I find the Tea Party people to be mislead by corporatists, right-wing hatemongers and people who left to their wishes would turn the U.S. into a Theocracy, is not my standard when deciding which blogs or services I will profile. Even though I find them to be offensive, their opinion is an important part of the current American political fabric. Open minded people need to be willing to read their words.
I think in time the Tea Party as currently configured will dissolve. The Coffee Party people are growing in numbers because they see the Tea Party people as a threat to our way of life. This is a sad indictment on the Tea Party people. I do believe a large number if not the majority of the Tea Party people are in the majority on the issue of government spending. Where they fail is, they are being co opted by people who seek to serve their own agendas.
I believe if the Tea Party people would simply focus in on responsible government spending and distance themselves from the radical right and hatemongers, they could become the most powerful independent movement in the U.S. But even on the economy their leaders fail to understand that government spending is not always bad. Sometimes when the government spends money it actually creates more tax revenues than they spent.
A good example is military projects. Every employee who works on these projects pays income tax. In most cases they pay property taxes which support their community. They buy things which generate sales taxes. The cars they buy generate jobs for other Americans who now pay more taxes at the federal and local levels. At each level people get sales jobs and service jobs because of the people in the military industrial complex spending the money they are earning.
Until the Tea Party people prove they understand this simple system of economics they will be seen as poorly educated and easily duped.
I do not want posts saying "the military industrial complex is bad" I did not use the example in defense of military spending or in opposition of military spending - I used it so people can see how government spending can have a positive spiralling effect on the economy.
The problem with the government is not only about a lot of wasteful spending, but also a lack of revenue. Taxing the American people is the worse way raise revenue. Right now is is the only way for the government to raise revenues. It is because of the people in the Tea Party that this remains the only way for the government to raise revenues.
They have an irrational fear of the government owning or running anything. We can save billions in medicare and medicaid with federally funded community based healthcare clinics. The VA has been experimenting with these all over the U.S. With rare exception they have been a success.
The problem with the Tea Party people is they prefer for the taxpayers to subsidize insurance companies, hospitals, and doctors by having the taxpayers pay for their profits. A government run system which does not reduce services is the only way we are going to reduce the costs associated with medicare and medicaid.
On revenues it is time the government stop giving away the natural resources owned by the people. It is time the U.S. government start its own oil company to drill for oil on land owned by the people. Even it it cannot generate enough oil and gas to make a huge profit, it can use the oil and gas it generates for the military and federal and state governments, thereby reducing the cost of oil and gas paid for by the people through taxes.
Could you imagine if Texas stopped leasing the oil and gas lands and started their own oil company. The discounted fuel could save school districts hundreds of millions of dollars a year if not billions in gas running school buses.
None of this will ever happen because the Republicans, Democrats, and Tea Party people have decided this would be socialism., They have decided it is better to tax the people into poverty and increase the national debt. Here is a news flash people - the national debt will continue to be a problem until we find a new way to raise revenue, and stop using federal tax dollars to buy from corporate America things our own government is capable of producing - oil and gas for example. Why can't the Department of Defense build a factory in Mississippi, for example, which makes all of our soldiers' uniforms. It would cut costs to the taxpayers while providing good jobs to the people of Mississippi? Answer it would cut into the profits of the people who own yachts and that would be un-American.
But if the Tea Party is your cup of tea, then read this blog. In fact even it it offends you as much as it offends me, read this blog. The more you know, even about those with whom you disagree, they better off you will be.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Veterans Memorial High School Open House
Everyone in the community is invited to tour Brownsville’s
newest high school and meet Principal Acacia Ameel and
her leadership team.

Veterans Memorial High School Open House
Saturday, March 27, 2010
4550 U.S. Military Highway 281
1:00-3:00 PM

Note: From 1:00-1:30 PM, an overview of programs, extracurricular activities and student services will be held in the fine arts auditorium.

Veterans Memorial High School will officially open to students in August 2010 with freshmen and sophomore classes.

For two years I have been begging Cameron County and Brownsville to move on this issue without any response. It is sad that Mexico finally saw the dangers our own incompetent leadership refuses to accept as real.

For those who may not know, the Herald has a video interview of the jury foreman seeking to defend the jury’s decision. I am hesitant in this post because juries should not be subject to ridicule because we do not like the verdict. The problem is this verdict is Brownsville’s OJ Simpson’s verdict. Pat Almighty will never be innocent in the eyes of the people. The outrage of the people, which the jury foreman agrees is real, is major.

I have no way to know what evidence was presented and not presented inasmuch as I was not at the trial. I also know that just because someone speaks in a near incoherent manner does not equate to ignorance. In listening to this man’s explanation I have to try and focus in on his factual claims.

I am bothered by three things he said. Several times he stated the DA failed to present any evidence. Apparently the tape showing the mayor making the deposit is not evidence. He then suggests that the teller should have been prosecuted. This is important because it tells me he had zero understanding of the jury charge. One might make a case that the teller should have been prosecuted as a coconspirator, but you only get there if Pat Almighty is also charged. This one statement forces me to pause and ask the question, did this jury engage in jury nullification of did they simply lack the intellect to understand the evidence and jury charge?

There is a third choice based on the third thing he said. He went after Villalobos big time. It is clear from the interview he has a huge axe to grind with Villalobos. The axe may be 100% political. There is no doubt that in my mind that his dislike for Villalobos was a a major factor in his decision.

The question then becomes, can one juror control the process? It is hard for me to speak to this issue because although I have been chosen twice for jury service in felony cases, in both cases the DA offered the defendant a sweet heart deal before the end of the trial. I have never been part of jury deliberations.

But I have seen bizarre verdicts which caused the judge to declare a mistrial. In one case the entire jury confirmed for the judge they did not believe one word of the complaining witness’s testimony. When the judge asked why they convicted my client of assault if they did not believe the alleged victim, they said, he looked like a bully. We got a new trial.

In another case the defendant testified she caused the car accident. The jury came back and found my client who was a passenger in another car caused the car accident. Again we got a new trial. I do not trust the jury system. I also do not trust the judges. We have to do something which brings the jury nullification under control without turning jury service into something people fear.

I also think we have outgrown our common law legal system. Most people do not know, but you do not need to be a lawyer to be a federal judge. Our Founding Fathers had enough insight to know that the law is very mechanical at one level, but intellectual at another. They understood that a well educated person can act as a judge with the right training. In today’s world of new science and engineering most judges are ill equipt to handle the technical side of the legal issues. It may be time that the President consider appointing several highly qualified scientists and engineers to the federal bench so see if we can improve the system of justice.

I will sum this up with a quote from Mark Twain. I saw this posted in the Herald then verified it through my own google search.

“ We have a criminal jury system which is superior to any in the world; and its efficiency is only marred by the difficulty of finding twelve men every day who don't know anything and can't read.
- 4th of July speech 1873.”


The Court of Appeals denied his mandamus. This is significant because it flushed out the court on his appeal. It is like I said yesterday, this means he lost his appeal. Some good knowledge has been obtained by this exercise. I am being told he will go to the Texas Supreme Court today. Technically it will be filed on Monday.

I know enough to know that our courts are so politicized, that the law has very little to do with any ruling. But, this case is interesting because federal law bars the state from discriminating based on a foreign criminal conviction unless the state law expressly provides for same. No such state law exists. If the Texas Supreme Court chooses to ignore federal law, it then becomes a federal case. It will be too premature to go to the Supreme Court because it has not been vetted by the lower courts with published opinions. But is will be very ripe for federal court. I would hope that local lawyers if need be will help Rubio find a national organization to finance a strong federal lawsuit. My choice would be to have it filed in Austin, but Brownsville seems to be the only real option.

We shall see what is to come - but in my view when the law is ignored as a mechanism to silence dissent our democracy becomes the victim. This is a case which should concern every American regardless of political affiliation.

Thursday, March 25, 2010



Well, he earned his name yesterday. I was not at the trial so I have no factual basis to draw from to form an opinion if the jury did their job. It is very well possible the DA did not put on the key evidence which showed intent. For example - did Brown testify that Ahumada told him to wait at his house before taking Ahumada to the airport, while Ahumda went to the bank to deposit the check? This would have shown intent to conceal his actions. Did the DA put on the testimony of the reporters who were repeatedly told by Ahumada he did not do it? This would have allowed the DA to impeach the credibility of his testimony. I can go on and on - but since I was not there I cannot say for sure what could have gone wrong. I can say that unless limitations has run, which I doubt it has, the US Attorney’s office can now seek a separate indictment under federal law.


His emergency request for relief remains pending under case number 13-10-00144. I find an interesting twist to this, this morning. This morning’s orders from the court of appeals or lack of orders are interesting.

His mandamus brief only made his case stronger not weaker. The court was already drafting an opinion in the appeal when they received the request for a mandamus. The fact they did not immediately deny the request for emergency relief tells me two things [1] they see an issue which favors Rubio; and [2] the court had already decided against him in the appeal, but is now reconsidering their original decision based on the mandamus. How do I know this - had they already ruled for him, yesterday they would have issued the emergency relief he requested - they did not - which means the mandamus has reopened the analysis in his favor. For now they are double checking the case law to see if they can find a basis to stay with their original ruling, which I now believe was against him.

I guess it can also be argued they are trying to expedite issuance of the original opinion and are sitting on the mandamus. This would not be a smart move. The Texas Supreme Court is usually the first step in a ballot access mandamus, but in this case the court of appeals was a necessary step because they already had the appeal before them. If they do not rule by today, I would hope Rubio’s lawyers would opt for going directly to the Texas Supreme Court. We shall see.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Will this man die tonight because Texas refuses to allow for DNA testing? How much money is being spent so Texas can take a hard line on the issue? For the record - Perry is not the only bad person in this. Bill White Democratic candidate for governor is on record as opposing a moratorium on death sentences until the system can be fixed.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


My sources are telling me that on Wednesday the Corpus Christi Court of Appeals will decide if Joe Lee Rubio should be allowed on the ballot for the May 8, 2010, election.

This May Juliet Garcia could face the political battle of her life. If Joe Lee Rubio wins his final push to win access to the ballot for the May 8, 2010, TSC Board of Trustees election Juliet Garcia could face her first board member who will demand true accountability, and protection for the historic institution which is Texas Southmost College. His campaign will bring into the open the truth about how TSC students are being cheated every day on their tuition. His campaign will bring into the open the racially motivated policy of UT to force the taxpayers of the TSC College District to fund UTB while UT refuses to pay the people the 10 million dollars owed in back rent. If enough candidates who support meaningful change win, Juliet Garcia will be fired for breaching her fiduciary duties to the taxpayers. This Board and Juliet Garcia should have sued UT a long time ago and have not because they have zero interest in the people.

It is my understanding a summary of the argument being used by Rubio is as follows:

“In considering any ballot access case this court must begin with the command of the Texas Supreme Court on the issue. “Any constitutional or statutory provision which restricts the right to hold public office should be strictly construed against ineligibility.” Willis v. Potts, 377 S.W.2d 622, 623 (Tex.Sup.1964) The only way this court can find a foreign conviction forms a basis to deny Relator a place on the ballot would be to read into the Texas Election Code language which is not there. “ We have found no convincing indication to the contrary here. The statute's language does not suggest any intent to reach beyond domestic convictions.” Small, 544 U.S. @ 391.”

Let us hope Joe wins. If he does win this battle to gain access to the ballot it will then be up to the people to fund his campaign and get out the vote. This is just not about whether or not Joe can win - it is about framing the debate so the people can force a meaningful change on the TSC Board of Trustees.

Yesterday the Corpus Christi Court of Appeals issued a mandamus against Judge Lopez. The issue was not complex. Two people sued a school district near El Paso for claims against the school district which came about as a result of their employment with the school district. They sued in Cameron county when proper venue was in El Paso county.

It is sad how Cameron county celebrates its ignorance through inept judges.

I caution everyone, the Reputricans have put the entire November election into question. They are going to either win big or loose big. The November election will be a defining moment in American history. If the Reputricans loose they will leave behind a very angry mob - this is not good. November at least nationally will be decided on the economy - nothing else will matter. By November seniors will have gotten their $250.00 payoff over the donut hole in Medicare part D, young adults will be back on their parents insurance, and the uninsured will be anxiously awaiting their opportunity to register in one of the exchanges. The Republicans will be demanding a return to the failed policies of the past while seeking to take back the money from the seniors, throwing young adults off of their parents’ health insurance, and telling those with preexisting conditions who cannot get insurance to die sucker die.

If the Cameron county election remains local, a Wood win means Cascos wins. Republican operatives are not going to give up Cameron county without a fight. It is like the game of Risk - they have this little strong hold and they intend to build on it. Along these lines if Wood wins, some Republican operative will file a suit claiming he is illegally receiving a paycheck from Cameron county as a county commissioner. The argument will be that by having placed his election signs outside his precinct before January he had announced for office and thereby as a matter of law resigned his office.

Politics being what it is, regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit the people will believe Wood is stealing from the people. This will stick and help Cascos win the election.

But it is like I asked - how riled up will the people be in November? The national Democratic Party has already announced they are going to hit the ground running to create a large grass roots campaign to defend the Obama change. The American Independents hate confrontation. As we have already seen the extreme right is willing to engage in conduct which even offends many Republicans. The angry mobs the Reputricans are creating could backfire on the Reputricans.

In the end assuming the Cameron county election remains local without the influence from the national election if Wood wins the run-off Cascos wins in November.

Monday, March 22, 2010

This is worth reading - over the last two years I have studied this problem. What I have learned is the medical community knows very little about this healthcare problem. For now their solution is medicate. For me this is not a solution.

Attorney General Abbott: Texas and Other States Will Challenge Federal Health Care Legislation

"Following the passage of the health care legislation, the Texas Attorney General provided the following statement:

"The federal health care legislation passed tonight violates the United States Constitution and unconstitutionally infringes upon Texans' individual liberties. To protect all Texans' constitutional rights, preserve the constitutional framework intended by our nation's founders, and defend our state from further infringement by the federal government, the State of Texas and other states will legally challenge the federal health care legislation."

Greg Abbott
Attorney General of Texas

Sunday, March 21, 2010



Politics is dirty and people are prepared to do whatever it takes to win the point - the BV will not play.

Two different sources came to me and told me that Gilberto Hinojsa is at it again in trying to get pro casino developers to buy up land on the south side of SPI. Their proof is the owners of the building where Dirty Al’s is sold out to such a developer at Gilberto Hinojosa’s request. Their further proof is Dirty Al’s opened a second restaurant on the bay side of Port Isabel.

On Saturday I went to Dirty Al’s. For the record I like Dirty Al’s - it is a tradition for winter Texans (my source in this story). After ordering the fried shrimp plate I began to make inquiries with the manager and employees, including the bartender. To a person no one new anything about Dirty Al’s on SPI closing because the building has been sold to developers.

Part of my problem with this story is, my source told me that they heard it from the employees who were complaining. I do not believe the story. I believe the story is the consequence of politics and a dislike for Gilberto Hinojosa. These people do not like Hinojosa so based on the location of the new Dirty Al’s they made a bunch of assumptions. Unfortunately this happens all too often in politics and journalists are willing to go with the story without first vetting the sources and the alleged facts.

I went so far as to have a realtor look into whether or not there is any evidence in the MLS system that indicates that property is for sale or has sold or any other property on the south side of SPI. There was nothing. So there you have it - dirty politics and the story that never was.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The VA in Harlingen is getting ready to hire nearly 200 people.

Here is the current list of openings at the VA and in Homeland Security

So far I have seen the episode on Evan. As my readers know I have been helping a family with a mentally ill child. Unfortunately for this child his problem is worse than bipolar. But I found it interesting that parents with all of the money in the world are doing no better job in dealing with childhood mental illness than a parent with no money.

As seen with Evan, his uncle was also bipolar and ended his life with suicide. The family links are truly amazing. Since first getting involved with mental illness as an advocate about 20 years ago, the first thing I noticed is, mental illness runs in the family.

If you are a teacher, a parent, or just someone who knows a family dealing with mental illness, this is a must see. I hope you check it out.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010



All I can say is only complete morons reaffirm a city ordinance which is the subject of a civil rights lawsuit. Given the fact the court transcript which has been provided to the COB by and through their attorney indicates the judge has stated his intent to hold the ordinance unconstitutional, it is inconceivable any elected official would seek to reaffirm that same city ordinance. We expect this type self destruction from Pat Almighty, but even given her previous demonstration of incredibly poor judgment one must be asking if Melissa Zamora has lost her mind. A yes vote for these changes by Troiani, Longoria, and Atkinson at this time just one year from their reelection campaign could seal their fate. The case will be on appeal at that time by one side or the other. I am certain the city will be the one taking the appeal. Troiani, Longoria, and Atkinson will find themselves defending their decision to ignore Judge Gonzalez statement of his intent to hold the ordinances unconstitutional, the denial of free speech, and waste of taxpayers’ dollars to defend their opposition to free speech.


The COB and Cameron county could see further budgetary problems because of these problems. Bridge crossings are certain to go down. I have twice posted comments that people are being overly cautious about going to Matamoros. I cannot no longer hold that position. I have been needing to go Soriana’s for several weeks. For a few soap products and cheese, I simply refuse to chance the visit. I am glad President Calderon is fighting this battle - its impact on the border is just a sad unfortunate reality.

With more and more people refusing to visit Matamoros bridge tolls will go down. This will have a negative impact on the county budget. It does not end their - this time of year I have family and friends visit for about a month. With the exception of one friend everyone has cancelled their yearly visits. Brownsville has two positives - the gulf and Mexico. Mexico is out, and the weather is not exactly the best for beach goers. It is still a bit too cool. The Florida Keys are a lot better choice for those seeking warm weather in the US.

The only positive upside is, the border violence could see a deployment of the national guard. This will have a positive impact on revenues from hotels and sales taxes. I would rather this not happen, but in the end it could be the only good thing to come from the border violence.


The other day I bought two plastic cereal containers at Walmart. They were made in the U.S. They were also only $3.00. Walmart also has Easter buckets for a $1.50, made in the U.S. How is this happening? Robotics - robotics is the new automation. As the technology advances, U.S. manufacturers have come to realize it is more profitable to manufacture these products in the U.S. than China.

Whether we like it or not, the border area with Mexico is a manufacturing belt. UTB/TSC has refused to accept this reality. I do not care that we do not have any plants in need of workers trained in robotics. If we train them now, when a chance for a new car plant comes about we will have a trained work force. For now most will travel north to cities where their skills are needed. This is not bad. It will send a message to the owners of these plants that Brownsville is ready to lead.

I suspect the training of these workers is less than a year. I do not know. But it does not end there. Our university should be playing a leading role in developing new forms of robotics. We should also be training repair persons. This is a leading area of new technology.

Brownsville is a natural place for the development of this new technology. We have a port, rail, and an airport. We should be leading the way instead of watching other areas taking the lead. But this is Brownsville - it is never about the people or the community - it is about politicians all too willing to accept scraps at the dung heap of misery than lead towards a better tomorrow for all.


I have posted in the past the saga of a family challenging the incompetence at the BHA. I noted that Antonio Juarez admitted he was not qualified to do the job and was relying on the comptence of his incompetent staff. The records have now been reviewed and the verdict is in - the BHA authority will be sued. Separate from the initial suit over the BHA authority refusing to follow the law in how they calculate a person's income, there may be a monetary lawsuit by the child at the center of the controversy. He is being held in Brownsville against his will because the BHA will not authorize the family's transfer to San Antonio until the mother signs a form agreeing the BHA has done nothing wrong and pay the BHA money she does not owe them.

A second issue is, Lina Mendez after 3 separate requests has refused to help the family seek an accommodation with La Villata apartments over the child's disability. The famly must move by the end of the month. BHA refuses to do their job and help this family secure an accommodation. The BHA refuses to allow the family to relocate to San Antonio. The BHA refuses to help the family find a new apartment in Brownsville. They ahve been turned down everywhere they ahve applied.

The lawyers in Washington with HUD have told me this is a clear violation of federal law and cannot understand why the BHA is being so adament about ignoring the law. But this is Brownsville here an indicted mayor gets to appoint a failed BISD employee and former BISD Board Member to the BHA authority so that they can hire another failed BISD employee who by his own admission is not qualified for the job.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Wordle: enough

Sunday, March 14, 2010


“I HAVE A PLAN” translation - “vote for me and I will give you a good dose of snake oil.” This weekend we saw the same promise from Peña and Coronado. Apparently they are both paying the same moron to advice them in how to run a deceptive campaign.

On the Peña issue there is no shocker in terms of his tax problems. It is not the first time we have seen these problems. I will never forget Juliet Garcia’s excuse. I believe she claimed she or her husband believed it was for the renters to pay the property taxes.

Peña being behind on his taxes is Brownsville and Cameron County. No one in politics considers this to be a problem - it is a right of privilege. The problem remains with the people who find it easier to say Jon is less corrupt than Steve so I will vote for Jon - no - we do not vote at all. It is time we go to the polls and simply place a blank ballot in the box. If we continue to vote for these people they will continue to play us as saps.

Mr. Coronado seems terribly confused. TSC Board Members represent the community college and not the university. You are not going to lower tuition until TSC is separated from UTB. The day the students get a choice between paying university tuition, and community college tuition is the day UTB’s credibility dies. Who among the students are going to choose to take the courses at the higher rate? No one.

Nothing is going to change any time soon because the people refuse to participate in the change. They sit home and wait for someone else to act. The enemy of the people is not the elected officials, but the people themselves.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Thursday, March 11, 2010


This is from a March 2007 story in the Herald.

“A $6.6 million technology overhaul that will include low-cost Wi-Fi throughout the city will be “worth every penny,” City Manager Charlie Cabler said Thursday.

Cabler said the project will eventually enable residents to access low-cost wireless Internet from almost anywhere in the city.

The city issued $6.6 million in bonds last year to overhaul and modernize its technology, communications and information systems.

Officials anticipate the project to be completed by the beginning of next year.”

One thing about getting older is, out of no where you remember things - this just came to me out of no where. All I had remember about the story is the IBM guy speaking before the city commission.

So here is the question - did this happen and I just missed the announcement in the paper? Given the fact I do not read the hard copy of the Herald and go days without reading it on line - yes maybe I just missed the follow-up story.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Each Branch of government in the U.S. is independent of one another. Every year the Supreme Court says to Congress you got it wrong and we are voiding the law as made by the Congress and signed into law by the President. This is a good thing.

What is not good, and dangerous and in fact evidence of tyranny is the Chief Justice blasting the President for expressing his dissent towards the Supreme Court's rulings. It is interesting that John Roberts blasts the President for chastising the Court for going too far in allowing for corporate speech. Funny thing on the path towards tyranny - it is not wrong for the Supreme Court to extend the speech of corporate America, but it is wrong for President Obama to denounce the Supreme Court for extending the free speech of corporate America. Is there any doubt in any one's mind the Supreme Court is now controlled by a corporatist driven to take away our rights.

The press was suppose to be the great check on government. Corporatists have taken control of the press and now rather than being a check on immoral and corrupt government it has become the big brother of immorality itself.

In today’s world of journalism there would be no “Pentagon Papers” or “Watergate.” The press is no longer about reporting the news and investigative journalism, but about setting an agenda defined by the corporatists who own any individual newspaper.

Nothing is going to get me to buy the Herald. It is immoral at every level. When you couple its immoral editorial policies with the fact a middle school editor could do a better job than its current editor, it is fair to say the Herald is a drag on the community. It is time to bury this corporatist trash in the heap of human tragedy it has become.

In Brownsville and Cameron county you could take the brains of most politicians and put it in a bird and the bird would fly backwards. Rather than address the poor sense of ethics by our politicians and lack of meaningful education, the Herald instead chooses a soap opera approach. This is sad. This is Brownsville.

The bird comment is not original - it is a modification of an Archie Bunkerism

Tuesday, March 9, 2010



This place gets better by the day. It has taken some time for them to get the clerks trained, but they appear to finally have the situation under control and excellence is all I can say about the entire operation. I do not understand why the VA San Antonio cannot strive for the same level of excellence.

I was there yesterday after seeing a local colorectal surgeon. Even though we are authorized to see local specialists, if they order any procedures, tests, or medicines everything has to go through the VA clinic in Harlingen. The clerks were awesome. I gave them the order from the specialist and within minutes the clerks processed the request for approval of the procedure at Valley Baptist - Brownsville. My VA doctor was made aware of request and approved the preop testing to be done at the VA clinic. Now it is in the hands of the VA in San Antonio where the final approval is made for payment. In the time it took for the clerks to do their part, the pharmacy had the prescription ready.


They have asked that I create a permanent link for them, but I do not do this for any other political organization. But I will post a note to my readers for several days so that people who are interested can click over.


If you know anyone who is low income, the COB has funding to help these people put insulation in the home to help lower their utility bills. It is my understanding the COB is in the process of creating an informational web page to help put out the word about this program.


The story is just too bizarre. Something is profoundly wrong. Unfortunately it will take years to clean up the mess created under the Bush Administration. Once administrators learned that the Bush Administration would cover for abusive conduct by administrators it became a learned behavior by the worse administrators. This type abusive use of investigations is being used all over the US, it will only stop when a court awards a large judgment to one of the victims.

Monday, March 8, 2010


People who are afraid to fight are cowards. This weekend I met a man who was bad mouthing President Obama claiming the President has surrendered to the terrorists in Iraq. Iraq today is on the very of success because the political process forced President Bush to fire the Secretary of Defense, and finally provide our troops with the necessary troop levels needed to win. Iraq is not yet a win, but it is getting there. In today’s world creating a new democracy is no easy challenge. Iraq could collapse into civil war in a year, or it can move forward as a democracy. After the American Civil War the South was basically an occupied nation. It took our troops to control the South. Why should we expect Iraq to be any better than the US? It will take some less than Democratic measures to get Iraq to move forward.

On the fight issue, this same man admitted that he had a deferment during Vietnam. He then went on to brag about how none of his children nor grandchildren have served in our military. These are the cowards. He is all too willing to send other people’s children to fight his wars.

I do not care what your political philosophy is, America is stronger for its diversity of opinion. This is why I believe it is important we encourage people of all political persuasions to run for office.

Those of us to have lived history remember John B. Anderson. The following quote is from the Supreme Court opinion. [For the record I love getting older - 52 and counting - I am blown away by how much history I have lived. You cannot learn living history in a textbook] I have always maintained that the Texas system for Independents getting on the ballot may be unconstitutional based on the Anderson case. This state is ready for a strong Independent - I would love to see several locally and for governor.

"If the State's filing deadline were later in the year, a newly emergent independent candidate could serve as the focal point for a grouping of Ohio voters who decide, after mid-March, that they are dissatisfied with the choices within the two major parties."

"We also find no merit in the State's claim that the early filing deadline serves the interest of treating all candidates alike. Brief for Respondent 33. It is true that a candidate participating in a primary election must declare his candidacy on the same date as an independent. But both the burdens and the benefits of the respective requirements are materially different, and the reasons for requiring early filing for a primary candidate are inapplicable to independent candidates in the general election."

Here is the key language I latch on to - “But both the burdens and the benefits of the respective requirements are materially different, and the reasons for requiring early filing for a primary candidate are inapplicable to independent candidates in the general election."

I do believe that an Independent with money could still win the governor’s race. A strong millionaire Latino who is not a LINO (Latino in Name Only) could emerge as the winner. With a charismatic personality he/she could certainly carry South and West Texas.

Assuming Barbara Radnofsky has a half of brain (assumption as large as the universe) she should side with any Independent challenging Texas’ law. Why? because she wants the Independents to vote for her and Abbott will be forced to defend the law which will alienate the Independents.

It is absolutely wrong for the LRGV to give the Democrats a free ride in the judicial races. I would love to see several local lawyers file a lawsuit challenging the law on this issue and throw their hats into the ring. The people are mad as hell. I am convinced if we have 3 local attorneys running for judge at the District Court level, at least one will win. This will be a good day for our courts and our democracy.

So the question to all of you lawyers reading my words, are you the coward who loves to send other people’s children to war or are you the type to lead the troops? There is no shame in losing, just shame in refusing to fight.

The lawsuit you lawyers need to file is 3 pages at most. You cite the 14th Amendment and the Anderson case and you are done. The TRO Brief should also be no more than 2 pages. This is a simple straight up and down lawsuit.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Further to the post. We must follow all the same requirements as any other party and filings must be made according to the same time frames as any other party that votes using the convention process. I refer you to the following

And note the difference between Primary elections and Election Day requirements. Monday March 8 is the last day to get an application prepared, notarized and into our hands. We will nevertheless verify all requirements before March 13.

We are always looking for folks with enough courage and patriotism to give the voters a choice, even if only to make a statement that you disagree with the status quo. I disagree often with Bobbie WC (Drew, now that was a Marie Barone - LOL) but would support his nomination though I might not vote for him in the election. The voters need choices on the ballot to really assure Liberty.

As a final comment - I have requested a final determination from our State legal staff just to be sure as I have received some conflicting advice in the last few days.

Lastly, we are not just looking for candidates at this late date we are always doing that. We are also looking to help folks who want to run for non-partisan races as well. The one thing that all Libertarians agree on is that we all have the right to our own views of what freedom is. My view is somewhat different than many of my contemporaries especially on immigration where it was debated in detail in the National Libertarian Journal as I tend to support more open kind of policy than many in other parts of the country.

Our members support views from anarchist (very few) to much more conservative or socially progressive. Freedom is the bottom line..


This story is newsworthy because of the impact the problems in San Antonio could have on statewide races. If they remain broke, they will be challenged in getting out the vote in November. Also, the financial problems facing Bexar County Democrats could result in the Independents lossing confidence in the Democrats.

Saturday, March 6, 2010



We need more folks to run for office. When you run for office "County and higher" we Libertarians have ballot access and can place candidates on the ballot. While we have no primary we do vote at our Conventions when there is opposition. This election we have no county level candidates to vote on for county level offices. We also do not charge a fee and will help the campaign for possibly "winnable" ones which there well may be in the unopposed ones. The County convention is March 13.

DREW - post a comment on how they can get ahold of you.

I would be curious what would happen if several strong judicial candidates ran along with the position of County Judge. There are several judges who I believe can be beat. Judge Lopez, Judge Alejandro, Judge Euresti - come on guys let's make November a November to remember.

It is simply unamerican to give the Democrats a free ride.

Friday, March 5, 2010

This is the type journalism we need in the Perry White race for governor.

I want to be up front about this. I have not done the research on the particular legal issue. In an unusual case against a judge whose conviction was upheld the United States Supreme Court made two important comments - “that which is obvious is obvious, “ and the easiest cases never come before us, because every one knows the result. This is the case of Aldredo Padilla.

In the judge’s case, the federal court of appeals reversed his conviction for civil rights violations finding the law was too vague to put the judge on notice that forcing women to have sex with him in exchange for rulings violated their rights. As I noted above, the US Supreme Court found, it is obvious that such conduct violates a person’s civil rights.

Alfredo Padilla was not only the trial lawyer for John Allen Rubio at the time of John Allen Rubio’s first trial, according to the Court of Criminal Appeals he was his appellate lawyer. But here is the kicker, according to press reports at the time the Court of Criminal Appeals reversed the original conviction Alfredo Padilla was already working for DA Villalobos. This means he was working for Villalobos, the person prosecuting Rubio at the same time he was working for Rubio. This as a matter of law should have disqualified Villalobos’ office from prosecuting Rubio. Another DA’s office should have been assigned the case.

Your representation of a client does not end at the moment you file the appellate brief. What would have happened had the Court of Criminal Appeals asked for additional briefing while the case was pending. Or if Padilla determined a Rehearing was needed? He was already working for DA Villalobos. This so undermines confidence in the legal system. It also speaks volumes about the ethics of Villalobos and Padilla. In fact one can argue the DA’s office was compromised in pursuing further appeals in the case because Rubio’s lawyer was now working for Villalobos.

This morning we learned that Padilla is representing Villalobos in federal court as it relates to a civil rights case filed by a group of local criminal defense lawyers. I do not know if Ed Stapleton is one of the lawyers, but according to press reports he is one of the lawyers who intervened in the case brought by Villalobos against Commissioners Court. Further according to press reports this is why Villalobos created the blackball list to begin with.

There is no doubt in my mind that Villalobos’ misconduct in this case will guarantee a reversal. It is inconceivable to me that Rubio’s lawyers did not renew the motion to disqualify Villalobos’ office after Judge Noe Gonzalez took the case.

This case will end up costing the taxpayers upwards of a million dollars only to see it reversed again. Look - I get it - people believe he is guilty and should die. This view is way too shortsighted. If you allow for the conduct between Padilla and Villalobos to stand, they along with every other DA in Texas will be allowed to do the same thing to you, your family and friends in the future. Due Process is not about the accused in any given case, it is about the integrity of the system and your rights if for any reason you are ever brought into the legal system.

Villalobos needs to end this case now by putting life without the possibility of parole on the table as a compromise. He will not because it is easier to spend taxpayers money than to do the right thing.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


[Correction - last time around I worked with a large group in Dallas. Our big issue was trying to get undocumented workers to participate in the census. This question came up about not filling out the form. Remember the reason so many people have to go door to door is because the government never got the forms back from that household. We were told to tell people nothing would happen if they did not answer the census - which in real practice may be true - BUT - it appears to be illegal to not answer the census.
So be warned, if you fail to answer the census you could be prosecuted. I am really surprised to see this law. I guess there is a difference between what the law is, and what the government will do. I will roll the dice on a $100.00 fine. It is certainly an issue in court I would not mind challenging.]
I am seriously considering a boycott against cooperating with the census. First though, I want to deal with all the bogus bs being put out there by the radical right. There is no conspiracy to violate your right to privacy. Just because the census form contains a lot of questions you may consider private does not mean you have to answer them.

You are free to send back a blank form. This is exactly what I am thinking about doing.

Who will be the biggest beneficiary of the census - a local politician. If the Democrats control the Texas House and Senate, they may be able to force the creation of a new US House District in South Texas. Do you think the winner of such a US House seat is going to be a newcomer? No it will be one of the local yokels who have played us for saps. Why should I help someone who has played us for saps get elected to the US House of Representatives?

The other side is, the census brings more federal dollars to the area. In a short view this is good. But in a reality view it only means more federal debt for our grandchildren to pay. I just cannot support one more penny of federal debt.

Yesterday the Senate voted on an amendment to the rules to allow Senator Sanders Amendment to a pending bill to include $250.00 for seniors, disabled veterans, and disabled Americans on SSI. It failed - but what blew my mind was 47 Democrats and Republicans voted for this amendment even though it meant adding billions to the national debt. Texas Senator John Cornyn (Rep) voted for adding billions to the national debt.

We have no legal duty to answer the census questionnaire. This is why you cannot argue the government is invading your privacy. The entire process is voluntary.

At this moment it is my intent to not participate in the process. I simply do not feel right in helping another local yokel get a free pass to spending our money in Washington.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This is a breaking story from
"The Republican National Committee plans to raise money this election cycle through an aggressive campaign capitalizing on “fear” of President Barack Obama and a promise to "save the country from trending toward socialism." The strategy is detailed in a confidential party fundraising presentation obtained by POLITICO."


Overall I am very happy with the returns - the biggest good news is, unless I want to be real petty and maybe implicate 10-15 bad mail in ballots here and there, there appears to be no evidence that the politiqueras controlled the mail in ballots this time around. This should make everyone happy.


KBH got boinked big time. I think she lost for 2 basic reasons - she is a Washington insider who stood by Bush even when commonsense mandated abandoning ship. Second, she is way too moderate for conservative Texas. During the debate her answer on the abortion question was all over the place and did not help her case.

The most interesting part of KBH loss is it opens the door to a conservative challenge in 2012. It also sends a message to the National Democratic Party that the right candidate may be able to beat KBH in 2012, assuming she runs

Medina’s numbers were impressive. Normally a third candidate like Medina will see her supporters jump ship and go with the next best candidate. They did not. The Tea Party people seem real. Perry is going to need to accommodate these people if he expects to win in November. The Tea Party people not turning out for Perry would be the equivalent of the LRGV not turning out for White.


The results are no real surprise. Shami just does not understand politics. He seemed shocked to learn his name hurt him. His campaign was already in the dumps before the debate, but his performance certainly did not help. I personally believe he was the better candidate overall, but I also believe he would have been a lame duck governor from day one.


Ronnie Earle lost - this is important. He was the last real tie to the old guard of the Democratic Party. Also, having a Latina at the top of the ballot may just help the Dems in November.


For a while there I thought Treviño was going to win outright. All I will say is the run-off is anyone’s guess. I do not think the Imagine Brownsville issue is going to hurt Treviño. The people of Cameron County who actually vote are smart enough to understand that a United Brownsville is important to the region. They are also smart enough to know Pat Almighty is lost in his own paranoia when he yells secret meetings by United Brownsville. This does not mean Juliet Garcia is not trying to change the size of the bus terminal, it just means blaming United Brownsville is a gimmick.

Wood is going to have to convince a small run-off voter pool that he did not play games with the rules concerning his automatic resignation by announcing for County Judge. Run-offs have a small voter pool of educated voters. Regardless of any past transgressions committed by Treviño, he has no current problems, such as Wood does over the issue of his automatic resignation.


This race is important because it showed you cannot buy votes with gimmicks - the people have heard enough bogus campaign promises that they were not going to buy into the one million dollar promise. Now if Hasse is for real about getting rid of the office of county treasurer nothing prevents him from starting a petition campaign demanding Commissioners Court and our local state representatives get behind the idea. Nothing requires that Hasse actually hold the office to deliver on his campaign promise. This is where Hasse tells us if it was real or a gimmick.


Escobedo got buried for three reasons. It was a big mistake to remind people he is a BISD Board Member. The entire Board is tainted - this was a dumb move. The TEC sanctions which I am proud to say I secured against him did not help what was already a tainted reputation. Finally the dispute over his title did not help. As I noted the Herald did not play fair with that article, but then again Escobedo did not play fair with what he knew people believed about his title. People are tired of being mislead.

I think Peña will win the run-off. Ernie is old guard - we shall see.


“I want to thank each and every person who has given their time, energy and votes to my campaign for Governor of Texas. Although this wasn't the outcome we'd hoped for, do not get discouraged.

A defeat is only a defeat if you let it stop you. I will not let today's results stop me. Although I will not be our nominee for Governor, I will continue to fight for those I have met on the campaign trail. I will continue to fight to bring jobs to Texas. I will continue to fight for equality in our education system. I will continue to support candidates who fight for all Texans.

I ask for each of you to join me. Do not give up hope. Continue to support the cause. Eventually, we will overcome all obstacles and accomplish our goal, real change for Texas.

Thank you again for your support. It means the world to me, more than I can ever express in words.”

I believe in this environment people like Shami can do more on the outside by keep pressure on the politicos. I for example would help with any local organization which seeks to petition our local representatives to allow for the sale of the Brownsville Navigation District.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Goodhair 53%
Avoid Justice 37%
Ms911conspiracy 10%

I say hero because he is proving both the Republicans and Democrats are liars when it comes to the budget deficit. All Bunning is asking for is that the extension of unemployment benefits be paid for from the money already allocated in the stimulus bill. Do we remember pay as we go?

The truth of the matter is, the Republicans and Democrats support going into further deficit spending to cover these benefits. Did you hear me? - The Republicans too -

Just use the stimulus money and be done with it - but no - deficit spending is so much easier.

The story


1700 AM this morning is reporting that the Starr County DA has called in the Texas Rangers to help investigate fraud related to mail ballots. Good for him - we all know even dreaming that our esteemed DA, Villallobos would ever admit to such a problem is beyond the realm of any sense of reality



This is an interesting story. Our country has always relied on the creativity of its immigrants. A group of Turkish professors decided to take on the issue of math and science, or the lack thereof in our schools, and created a large system of charter schools all over the state. This article is worth reading.


I have talked about this in the past. Cameron County and Brownsville need to join forces to make it illegal to bring antibiotics from Mexico without a written prescription. The misuse of antibiotics is creating a health crisis in the US. I would think Commissioner Gowen would see the importance in educating the people of Brownsville on this issue, but no. Here is the latest story on the problem.


Endocrinology in all of its testing, discovered I have a vitamin D deficiency, among other things. I will see a specialist Monday next who may help spread some light on the issue. Treating the vitamin D Deficiency is easy - you take mega doses of vitamin D once a week for 4 weeks and then go on a supplement which is still at mega dose levels, but nothing like the 50,000 mg once a week for 4 weeks. Within 3 days the mind numbing headaches were gone. The blurred vision is 100% resolved.

The VA had me see a colorectal surgeon in SA. It did not go well. He got in an argument with the radiologist claiming the radiologist did not know how to read a CT scan. He then declared some 9 biopsies over 20+ years are all wrong including those showing dysplasia in the colon. He declared that the head of gastroenterology in Dallas does not know the difference between UC and diverticulitis. He declared that a gastroenterologist was mistaken when he repaired a colonic AVM. All along he cannot look me in the face while appearing to have an allergenic reaction to some type medicine. He kept on looking down, rubbing his face and then brushing his fingers through his hair. It was bizarre.

After I lodged my complaint he had his personal nurse call me and schedule an emergency colonoscopy for tomorrow. Not going to happen. I will wait for the local surgeon to do the colonoscopy. This was not an easy decision for me because the sigmoid colon is so inflamed the pain has become unbearable. So long as I do not have a fever, I am fine. If the fever hits I will go to Valley Baptist.

Needless to say the VA immediately authorized me to see the only colorectal surgeon in the area. He has already told me that on the primary issue he is going to refer me to one of a handful of clinics such as the Mayo Clinic if he agrees with the findings of the radiologist.

Oh, this colorectal surgeon in SA also stated that the lab got the vitamin D test wrong because there is no way I have a vitamin D deficiency. All the while, he never so much as examined me. I was lucky that the radiologist verified his encounter with this quack - the entire thing was so bizarre that no one would have believed me without an independent witness.

On the vitamin D issue, if the intestines are not properly functioning, you can develop a vitamin D deficiency. We do not know that, that is the source of the problem, but it is an issue.

Why do I talk about my health issues? People find my posts through google. The information I provide helps guide other people in their search for answers. Every day I get a lot of hits on a story related to Otis Powers. I could not figure out why so many people all over the world are googling Otis Powers - well on the same page is a post I made about gallo pinto - refried rice and beans - on further investigation I learned what these people are googling is gallo pinto.

Monday, March 1, 2010



Nothing in politics seems to shock me anymore - John Wood is taking money from Richard Jaross. Our port remains a potential asset if ever sold to a private group. There is no doubt in my mind that the number of jobs at the port will at least doubt under private ownership. It is sad that a man like Richard Jaross can buy Commissioner Wood - but then Wood is a man without honor.

If Wood wins the nomination the Democrats could find their candidate indicted on the eve of the election for accepting a paycheck from Cameron County when in fact at this time he is not a County Commissioner. This is all assuming the pending cases currently going up through the system find that posting a sign outside his district constituted a resignation as a matter of law.

Oh, who is Richard Jaross, a ship-breaker who along with Emilio Sanchez created a reputation of being less than caring about the environment.

The above article is one of the articles Peter Zavaletta sent to me when he was trying to get me to tie the Sanchez family to the corruption at the port. I rejected the story because most of what he sent me was unsubstantiated and simply lies.


Given all of the controversy surrounding Imagine Brownsville, and United Brownsville, it blows my mind that Godinez directly or through an employer would donate a dime to Treviño at this time - but stupid is as stupid does. It seems filth attracts filth. It is amazing to me that these people are so clueless about how the people are so tired of this type game playing.


Has the mayor been overtaken by paranoia or is he just desperate. I read his letter in the Herald on Sunday concerning the problems with the bus terminal. Because I have not studied the issue I do not know about the merits of either side’s arguments for or against the location of the bus terminal. I do know this - a decision has already been made and it should be stuck to - plain and simple.

This is the problem with the letter - who is attending these secret meetings? How is United Brownsville tied to these secret meetings? Pat Almighty is playing games with the people in order to paint himself as the hero and protector of the people. Pat Almighty was born to be a 5th rate banana republic idiot trying to play the role of a leader.

I have no idea what is happening with the bus terminal issue. I do now a bogus letter written with the intent to deceive and garner attention. Pat Almighty’s decision to leave out all specifics tells me he has no specifics and is simply trying to paint himself as a hero - he is not a hero - he is Pat Almighy.