Friday, February 5, 2010



As of this moment I expect to go vote and place an empty ballot in the box. This shows I went to vote, but it also shows I protested the vote by not voting. Now there is a very real possibility that I will vote for Farouk Shami for Governor. I am carefully following his campaign. I like everything he says, but you never know.

Vaden - last time around I voted for him in protest against Ortiz voting for Bush’s bailout. Vaden changes regularly what he posts on his web page. A lot of it is the same old scare tactics used by candidates without solutions. I never buy this type campaign and see it as the campaign of dishonest people. For a while there he had a headline that Obamacare is a Russian type take over.

Scare tactic campaigns always result in the election of bad and dishonest people. By no means does this mean I will vote for Ortiz - not going to happen in a million years.


Unknown said...

I'd be happy to discuss any question you have about my position on the issues. Please contact me at

BobbyWC said...

The issues become meaningless once you have shown the manner of your campaign - scare tactics are what got this country in the mess it is in - you are the problem with the US.

Unknown said...

I'm not sure what you mean by "Scare Tactics". Could you be more specific? My intention is to educate not frighten people. I have plenty of solutions to the problems that are facing District 27, that's why I'm running for office. I always want to hear from the people of this area--especially when they disagree with me.