Friday, February 19, 2010


If you love psycho-thrillers this is a must see. I will tell you that the first half is real slow. It was necessary to the film. By the first time DiCaprio dreams about his late wife the gig is up about where the film is heading. It does not ruin the film because every turn is a new surprise. In some ways knowing where the film is going actually makes it more interesting.

The film starts with DiCaprio arriving at Shutter Island to investigate what happened to an escaped prisoner/patient. The facility is for the criminally insane. During a good portion of the film he is having flashbacks related to when he helped to liberate Jews in the concentration camps.

I think the thing I loved best about this film is DiCaprio's character realizing salvation only comes when you embrace your demons. I would like to say more on this topic, but I cannot without revealing the ending.

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