Monday, February 15, 2010


On January 29, 2010, I posted a comment on Daniel Cavasos being an unethical journalist.

We are now seeing a pattern in the Enrique Escobedo affair. A blogger posting at the Herald raised the question, did Cavasos go with this story because Escobedo voted to uphold the discharge of Hector Gonzales? I think the answer is yes.

My long term readers know I am a strong advocate for separating issues. Do I believe Enrique Escobedo was misleading about his credentials? Yes, but that was not the motivation behind the story. This story is not knew. When I first broke the story about Enrique Escobedo being sanctioned by the Texas Ethics Commission for misuse of BISD campaign money for his County Commission campaign, and lying about it in an ad by having James Hunter lie and state he paid for it, I received an e-mail telling me Escobedo does not have a medical licence.

TEC Sanction:

I researched it and in fact found out he did not have a medical license. What I could not do is find any evidence that he ever claimed to have a medical license. At UTEP we had medical students who attended school in Juarez who lived in our dorms. I had some familiarity with the issue. I also know of another UTB anatomy and physiology professor who is an MD in Mexico, but not in the US. I did not have the resources to investigate the issue, so I let it go. The dispute is over a title, and not the practice of medicine. I found zero evidence he was practicing medicine. Further investigation may prove me wrong on this issue.

A lot of hay has been made over Enrique Escobedo teaching at UTB. I do not know what he told the personnel office when he was hired. What I do know is, community colleges allow people with a masters in their teaching field to teach first and second year courses. Four years of medical school, even in Mexico would qualify him to teach at UTB.

If I knew about these claims against Escobedo months ago, I am certain the Herald at least heard rumors of same. In the end for me the discussion was about a title. If the report in the Herald accurately reflects what he told them, then he did not help his case. I do not believe his ad helped one bit. You cannot say the Herald got it wrong, at the same time you refuse to sue them over the issue. It would be defamation per se because it goes to his professional reputation. But here is the kicker, because he is a public figure all the Herald has to prove is they had no actual reckless disregard for the truth. If anyone was reckless with the truth it was Enrique Escobedo.

Remember the issue here is the motivation behind the Herald doing this story now against Escobedo, and not the merits of the story. Until this day the Herald covered up the TEC sanctions against Escobedo. In fact had they included that story in the story about his MD flap it would have added credibility to the claim he intended to mislead people. They did not - They did not because then they would have had to explain their original cover-up of the story.

In the OPED by Cavasos above he left out the accusations by Quintanilla against Zayas and Cortes which form the basis of the defamation per se claims. Why? Because he knew had he included the accusations his entire argument would have looked stupid. This is exactly what he did in his OPED piece on Sunday.

“Next came an in-house superintendent. He was promoted from the ranks, a stable and low-key sort, and BISD won a prestigious national award under his watch. But alas, a new board majority was voted in, and they didn’t like the super they inherited. So, they cooked up some reasons to be rid of him, and then he was gone, too.”

I corrected the spelling on prestigious. Apparently, Cavasos does not have his spell check on.

The first lie is “under his watch.” Dr. Z set the foundation for the successes. Gonzales’ role at most was closing after a complex operation. In fact it was under Gonzales the relationship between the superintendent and Board fell apart.

Second, “they cooked up some reasons to be rid of him.” Really? It had nothing to do with the endless complaints about the mishandling of special services? I can prove I send the Herald the findings against BISD by the Texas Education Agency as it relates to special services. The Herald under Cavasos decided to run cover for BISD and Gonzales on this issue. One would think these two are secret lovers, but I fear it is more nefarious than that. I think Cavasos understands that when corporations seek to relocate they look at the school districts. He has used the Herald to misrepresent the dismal condition of BISD so that corporations do not refuse to relocate to Brownsville. Remember, it is not just whether or not the corporation will relocate, it is also a question of their employees.

We have seen clear evidence that Cavasos will mislead the readers. He mislead on the truth about why Zayas and Cortez sued Quintanilla, and why Gonzales was let go from BISD, at least officially. He mislead the readers about why Gonzales was let go. This is why Brownsville politics is what it is.

I will get to the Wood campaign tomorrow. I will say this - he knows he is not legally a county commissioner at this time, but continues to accept a paycheck anyway. This is my opinion. Unfortunately, by the time the courts get done with the pending cases ongoing around the state, it will be too late to impact this election cycle. However, if the Texas Supreme Court finds against the other candidates who are facing similar accusations, Wood then could be faced with criminal charges. For now, this is just my opinion and interpretation of the law - nothing more.


Anonymous said...

Good article,hopefully you will write a letter to the editor!

BobbyWC said...

Ever since I have made it a policy of going after the Herald and cavasos, I have been banned from publication in teh Herald

Anonymous said...

Good article, I still believe Mr. Escobedo is a lying rat. He was Hector's puppet and did'nt care about the District's well being.

Anonymous said...

As I read the article, i was struck (again) by the idea that Hector Gonzalez was the architect of the Broad Award...I guess if you repeat the LIE enough it will be the truth, eventually!
Good riddance to that Rat and hopefully, the voters will see Escobedo for what he really is...


BobbyWC said...

I want to say thank you to the grammar police for not hitting me with all of the grammatical errors in this piece - the latest I just fixed was "their" vs "there"

These are obvious mistakes - I have never been a good editor of my own work.

But thanks for not getting on me