Tuesday, February 9, 2010


My readers can watch the debate here. I welcome corrections to my analysis.


In simple straight up and simple terms, Shami is clearly the more left wing of the two candidates. Some examples of this would be, Shami favors a moratorium on executions, White opposes same. Shami favors allowing gays and lesbians to marry - he sees it as a freedom issue. White was given a pass on this issue so I do not know his position. Shami favors tearing down the wall and building economic bridges with Mexican border cities. White is a mystery on the issue. I found his answer to be an answer in avoidance. Stating you favor input from the local communities does not solve the border problems. Shami favors a moratorium on more natural gas permits over the issue of benzine, White opposes same.

Shami’s big weakness is his poor command of the English language. A second weakness is he does not seem to be able to explain his desire to run Texas government using a corporate model. The moderators and audience members seemed to look at him dumbfounded. His lack of command of the English language did not make things any better. The reality is school districts and local governments are turning to retired corporate managers to run their school boards and municipal governments. Shami needs to do a better job in making people understand this.

I do not know if it a language issue or over excitement, but Shami is over promising on jobs. You cannot possibly promise everyone a job. If he intended to say this then it is dishonest or incredibly naive. But on this issue, unlike White, he is already taking action on creating jobs. He began by bringing 1200 jobs to the Houston area. Shami stated he is building some type factory in El Paso which will produce green energy. I cannot find a story which substantiates this claim. I think the problem is, it is in the planning stages only.

Both Shami and White are opposed to any form of school voucher. Only Shami called for school reform. Shami also supports free community colleges. Both support tying community college training to local job needs.

Shami favors limiting abortion ot 60 or 90 days after conception. White favors keeping abortion on command. So my readers know my bias, I oppose all abortion unless it necessary to save the life of the mother.

Unless it was a response to a specific question, White never once mentioned the Valley. Shami made the Valley a big part of his responses. White had no response to fact the State of Texas is about to run out of highway funds. Shami favors an increase of 8 cents in gasoline taxes. The money would be used fund new highways. Shami specifically mentioned that the Valley has been cheated on highways and he would try and use some of the money to bring more highways to the Valley.

In the end I think both sides were big on promises without meaningful specifics as to how they will deliver on their promises.

Here is another review of the debate.


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