Sunday, January 31, 2010

I know a lot of people want to vote against Peña because they believe he messed up Gonzales' BISD Appeal. The fact of the matter is he got BISD lawyers to admit on the record it was futile for Gonzales to pursue any further defense before the BISD Board. This one piece of evidence could be all it takes in the end for a federal judge to go at BISD. (Side note, if the TEA fails to rule for Gonzales by the 4th, his rehearing is denied as a matter of law.)
The Peña affair is a perfect example of everything wrong with so many people in Brownsville. They hate to think and they hate anyone who thinks. When Peña filed the lawsuit for Gonzales the very people who now vilify him had declared him the savior of humanity.
These are the people who keep the most corrupt and incompetent politicians in office. Their voices need to be ignored. These are the nut jobs on the internet who will post any piece of garbage they can think of anonymously because they know their fellow nut jobs will believe it.
BUT, Peña is full of it and is playing the people for a fool. There are substantive reasons for not voting for Peña. We can look to what we know to be true. His campaign web page.

"As a man with a strong work ethic, Ruben envisions a county government that delivers quality services efficiently and professionally.

As a man of charity, Ruben has built an unmatched record of public service; he will put the same selfless devotion to work for you as Cameron County Commissioner."

Only an idiot would write something so stupid. But is it stupid? I know all too well there are people who will read it and eat it up like their last meal. These are the people who hate knowledge, facts, to think or anyone who thinks.

They will say "Ruben has built an unmatched record of public service, he's our man."

When you ask them how they know this to be true, they respond "because he says so."

Enough said. One can learn a lot by looking at the manipulations used by the candidates in their ads and campaign web pages. People might try this method over their need to settle a score.

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