Thursday, January 14, 2010


The polling data is everywhere. When one looks to the US Senate race to replace Ted Kennedy it is shocking to see that the Republican might actually win. Now that election does have a unique local issue. The belief is ObamaCare may end up costing the people of Massachusetts more money than other states because it already has universal healthcare.

In Connecticut the man who announced as a Democrat for the US Senate after Dodd retired, is already well ahead of the Republican. With many of the people from Connecticut believing Lieberman is really a Republican, I do not think they really want to turn the Senate over to the Republican Party.

I think these two examples teach us that the Independents and local issues will be a guiding voice in the next election. People are tired of the same old garbage and they have now been hearing it long enough to know when a politician speaks the politician lies.

I do believe that the best form of term limits is the people throwing all elected officials out of office each election cycle. The downside to this is, it empowers potentially more corrupt people to run for office believing they are a shoe in. This approach is a hard approach to sell to the people.

Locally, I think people are very jaded to see the same old garbage. In the governor’s race Hutchinson and Perry are already playing nasty. This will turn people away from voting. Bill White’s minions are playing one of the most disgusting campaigns I have ever seen from a Democrat. The campaign of now Court of Appeals Justice Vela as a Democrat (as a Republican - corrected as noted by a bitter reader) was the worse I had seen until now. For those who may remember she used a Willie Horton type ad against former Justice Fred Hinojosa. The State Democratic party should have denounced her unethical ass for the ad, but the Republican light Texas Democratic Party turned a blind eye to the bigotry and hatemonger type campaign.

If someone does not give good reason for the people of South Texas to turn out in November, the Republicans will continue to control the state. In terms of the Texas House and Senate this year is a must win year. After this year because of the census the US House seats will be redistricted. This is why the Texas Legislature must move to the control of the Democrats.

In the end unless some politician emerges who is different and who is not part of the Austin political machine, locally at least, the elections will be determined by how many mail in ballots politiqueras can steal from senior citizens. For now I expect the November turnout to be low.

Nationally, I think the election will be determined by the economy. If unemployment dips under 8% and the stock market is over 12,000, the Democrats will do a lot better than anyone would have expected in a mid-term election year. The campaign slogan will be, “Do we hold the course to recovery, or do we return to the failed policies of the Republicans which pushed us to the brink of a depression?”


Anonymous said...

Rose Vela is a Republican. It is shocking the Democrats wouldn't denounce a Republican. Just to be clear, only two-bit jilted politiquras confuse her with her mother-in-law. Blanca is a Democrat Women club member and former president. Just to be absolutely clear, Ruben Peña is Judge Vela's uncle by marriage.

BobbyWC said...

I stand corrected - Vela did run as a Republican - but that makes my point even greater - White as a Democrat is worse than Vela a Republican when it comes to hatemonger politics.

And yes, the Democrats should have denounced her in a very loud voice - in fact the Willie Horton type ad she used should have gone national as to just how bad she is as a hatemonger - but the Democrats in Austin who run the party are Republicans - this take over was complete when former Republican Molly Beth Malcolm was made the chair of the Texas Democratic Party and used her office to protect Bush and Hutchison

Your flawed reasoning and need to just play gotcha politics is obvious in your link between Vela and Pena - Unless you have something specific about Pena which shows he supports vela's dirty politics there is no link - just the desperate words of a very angry person.

Further, you can post a million times on the web that I was or am a politiquera - but your delustions will never become reality.

I have never taken a penny from any camapign anywhere ever - I have never even been hired by a campaign to work for free.

The only campaign I ever activily worked for as a volunteer was that of Victor Morales - and that was only at the Texas Democratic Party convention selling his T-shirts and buttons.

His both was next to Al Franken who was selling one of his books. Al Franken complained that I was too loud - you see everyone who walked by Victor's booth got caught in my trap and at least had to hear my pitch.

My work was 100% voluntary

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I'm just saying they're family. I'm not saying you confused her with Blanca. They don't even look alike. It's not like you're blind or anything. Rose and Ruben probably share a turkey during Thanksgiving. She ran against Fred Hinojosa four years after Ruben got spanked by Fred. Facts matter.

Poliquras do work for free too. They don't have money unless you count the gas or maybe food they get at pachangas. But gosh you do every 100% voluntary. How do you eat? The only angry person I see is the one a blog.