Friday, January 8, 2010


Up front, I am not a UT fan. It is UTEP thing. When I was at UTEP, UTEP was a department within UT and not a branch. This meant UTEP got access to the same money at UT. When I got there in 76' the rivalry over the budget money was made known to all. I do not remember if it was 76' or 77' or maybe in 75', but UTEP's College of Engineering ranked higher than UT's. Needless to say UT retaliated and reduced UTEP's budget.

Anyway, I found myself cheering for UT because I love an underdog, For the 2 people in Texas who did not see the game, UT's quarterback was out of the game from nearly square one. A young freshman second string quarterback had to take over. The first half did not go well. People can blame Gilbert, but in the end it was the defensive line which failed to hold the line. Had they done their job the regular quarterback would not have been injured.

The 3rd quarter was great. By the end of the 4th quarter UT simply turned the ball over to Alabama and as they say the rest is history.

What frustrated me most was the UT fans turning on this young quarter back looking for help from his team. He did not receive it. Watching the game with UT fans reminds me of American politics. They turn the second they are not getting what they want. Loyalty American style

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Who's the B*&ch Now? said...

Karma truly is a beatch.

It was just a couple of months ago that Texas was well on its way to getting their butt kicked by Oklahoma, when the starting QB gets knocked out in the first drive, changing the game forever.

Texas fans thought that chit was pretty funny at the time.

Not so funny now, huh?

Maybe Bradford will let Colt hang out with him when Sam gets selected as one of the top 5 picks while Colt might go fifth round.