Friday, January 29, 2010


I know it has been sometime since I have done a movie review, but the reality is, nothing has caught my interest. It seems like Hollywood has lost its creativity. I know Avatar brought cinematic innovation to the screen and its message was actually pro environment, but it was not my cup tea. The new technology of mixing computer graphics and humans is just weird to me.

So far I have found every film to mix the two to be cheap looking. My environmental indoctrination came in the early 70's with the native American in a canoe going down a polluted river with a tear coming down his cheek. I do like the fact that the kids who went to see this film and got a good dose of positive indoctrination about being environmentalists. This new technology appears to be for them. I will stick to black and white and watching the old Superman black and whites before falling asleep.

I do plan on seeing the Wolfman, now that should be fun.

Buy America - I was in Walmart and they had these little red buckets for a dollar. I thought I do not need that. Then I thought another piece of junk from China, a second reason to not buy it. But you know what, it was made in the US of A. Yea, I bought it. It will just collect dust. Maybe I will use it for nails. Oh that is a good idea. I think I will buy a few more.

The other day I bought some new socks at Walmart, made in the US of A. I refuse to buy Chinese unless there is no other choice. For my birthday I am buying a new set of pots and pans and cooking knifes. Yes it will cost me $500.00, but it is all made in the US of A.. The reality is I do not need the pots and pans. All of mine are over 25 years old, except the two steamers, and two Dutch ovens. They are Farberware and were made in the US of A. They are as good as they were the day I bought them.

I just love to cook and sometimes I can use an extra pot or three.

My Corningware was made in Corning NY. I won it in 1973 as a paperboy working for Newsday. When I am in NY it is a must read every day. On Christmas morning I got up, no shirt, no shoes, just gym shorts and ran out in the snow to the mail box and got the paper. Maybe that is when I caught the cold I came back to Brownsville with.

Anyway, I have the Corningware. It is the only thing I got when mom died. People are amazed to see it looks like brand new. Made in the good old US of A.

People check labels - Do your best to buy made in the US of A. As technology improves more and more companies are realizing it is cheaper to make products in the US of A. Given the continued scandals involving made in China, I think more and more companies will see the value of manufacturing their products in the US of A.

I do buy a lot of clothes made in Mexico or Central America. If we cannot manufacture it then we should buy from our neighbors.

Finally, buy Gulf shrimp. It is so much better than the imports. I buy 5 pounds every month at Gordon’s on International. I get the jumbo. I brought 5 pounds with me to NY for Christmas Eve. A big family get together on Christmas Eve is a Nicaraguan tradition my mother brought to our family which we continue until this day. Our family Christmas Eves are something to be seen. There are typically 50 or so people. Secret Santa’s for the younger kids and a grab bag game for the adults. Tons of food and spirits.

Anyway a friend of the family brought a shrimp dish made with Chinese imports. I put out 5 pounds of quick steamed shrimp which took me two hours to clean. Mine were gone immediately, while the Chinese imports stayed there pretty much uneaten.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you Bobby. I do the same. Especially socks that are made in the USA, one of the few apparel items stiull made here, but also being overrun by China. Too bad you have to shop at Walmart. They are the cause of much of the import wave. They pressure their suppliers to move offshore so that Walmart can pay them less and make more profit. Best to buy known U. S. sock brands from smaller companies you can trust like Wigwam, Fox River, etc. Many big brands like GoldToe, Under Armour, Russell, Hanes, have embraced offshoring. And store brands are sometimes labeled Made in USA when they are not!