Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Depending on whose polls you believe Independents are ranking as high as Republicans and Democrats in terms of affiliation. This is probably a good thing. I think if you go back and read the Thomas Jefferson quote it is what he would have thought best for the country.

Any Republican who thinks the Republicans won last night in Massachusetts is in for a shocker. The Independents won the Senate race last night. For me this is a good thing. Neither major party can any longer rely on its base to win elections. They will have to listen to the American people in the middle.

Now, as they say be careful what you ask for - I am convinced that the filibuster is unconstitutional because it substantively changes how many votes are needed to pass a Bill in the Senate. I hope some senator or public group will have the courage to file a lawsuit to end the use of the filibuster. Personally I think the Democrats should announce unilaterally the end of the filibuster and pass true healthcare reform on 51 votes. The Republicans are sure to sue. If they sue it will hurt them because they will be in court demanding that a federal judge change the constitution to 60 votes instead of 51. It is time we end the filibuster and allow the majority party in power to move legislation forward. I can say as a very left wing Independent I would have voted Republican in the Massachusetts Senate race because I consider the Senate version of healthcare reform to be a betrayal of the people and a windfall for the insurance companies. Voting Republican is the only way I could have participated in the defeat of the Senate version.


The VA is slow beyond comprehension. The law provides that appointments must be within 1 month of referral. The VA San Antonio is now taking 3-4 months for new appointments. I am scheduled in April for the more advanced endocrinology tests. This is complete and total BS. My doctor in Harlingen is trying to get me referred to a Harlingen doctor so I can be put under the care of a real endocrinologist in Harlingen or Brownsville.

My regular readers know I had a CT scan with contrast. My doctor waited to call me because she wanted confirmation of a particular finding. They found sclerosing mesenteritis. It is a rare disease. It is so rare I have been given a voucher to find a specialist who has actually treated patients with this disease. The search is on - I am waiting on a well known gastroenterologist to return my call.

I am fatigued beyond comprehension. All indications are if this disease is caught early it is 100% treatable. So I have no fear as to what is about to happen. Personally, given a choice, I will opt for the surgery - it is time to take the entire colon and surrounding tissue out. The scan also showed the diverticula have now engulfed the entire colon.

My issue is, it is exhausting. I played by all of the rules. With rare exception for over 30 years I did not eat eggs because in highschool we were told eggs cause heart attacks. I remember while working on my masters in education about 6 years ago I read a book called “Because of Winn Dixie.” At the end all of the characters get together for egg salad sandwiches. I was so taken by the book I went out and bought eggs and made an egg salad sandwich. I have been eating eggs ever since, but no more than once a week.

I will be 52 on March 6th. On March 6 2008, I benched 315 pounds. I have always been attentive to my diet and workouts. I have never been a drinker, smoker, or drug user. I have never had sex, save one or twice, without a condom. With all of this it boggles my mind at nearly 52 my body is in a near free fall.

My doctor notes that when she examines my abdomen it is obvious ,until about a year ago, I did 300 crunches a day. We may learn my extended abdomen is from the latest diagnosed disease. Yes there is fat, but the muscle structure remains solid as a rock.

It took me about two hours last nigh after my doctor called for it to hit me. Yes when I went to bed I cried like a baby. It is exhausting to face one health problem after another and have to be dependent on the quack doctors at the VA in San Antonio. The good news is my local doctor is working hard to get me 100% away from San Antonio and under the care of only private doctors who are real specialists.

I will do my best to keep BV going, but I must say - I am now beyond exhausted.


Fred D said...

We agree on this one. Scott Brown ran as an Independant first then a Republican. I hope this is a trend. All libertarians run as Independents first then Libertarians. The only thing we ask is that our members only support military action in defense not for just economic or Political gain. We debate most everything else with personal life choices being most important.
I wish you well in your health.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, I'm so sorry to hear about your poor health. I feel as you about leading a healthy lifestyle and then getting sick with a chronic illness. I thought I was in perfect health until I was broadsided with the most severe case of diabetes. I couldn't even move or get out of bed. The fatigue was frightening to say the least.

My overweight siblings are just fine-thank you. They eat anything they want and the big D leaves them alone. I too cried and became depressed with my diagnosis because it is an insidious and progressive disease. IT SUCKS!!!!
I take it one day at a time and hope for the best.
I was just diagnosed with diverticulitus(sp.?).

My brother and I who are perfect pictures of health are stuck with diabetes.

Take time to care for you-physically-emotionally-spiritually-mentally. Try meditation-it works.

Good bless you.

BobbyWC said...

some terms which will help you in your journey

diverticulum - singular
diverticula - plural
diverticulosis - disease of having one or more diverticulum
diverticulitis - when one or more diverticulum become inflamed or infected.

I have diffuse diverticulosis throught the entire colon.

This is a black hole disease - very few doctors agree on much of anything related to this disease.

I just did 10 days of antibiotics for my last infection - I get them about every 4-6 weeks. It was hell. This is why they did the CT scan and found the other problems - I did not mention the problems they found in the liver or kidneys.

the best thing to do when you get an infection is stop eating for a few days - chicken broth is fine. Take your antibiotics - but note everyone is different - people with colitis are treated differently than people without colitis. Some doctors do not believe this and in the end commit malpractice. Fiber can actually be bad for someone with colitis.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Did you even bother to look it up? Sclerosing mesenteritis is "not serious" according to the experts. Just because it has the word "rare" and "disease" juxtaposed to each other doesn't make it serious that you have to start crying like a baby. Nevertheless, you want to remove your colon? You're cutting your arm off because you got a pin prick, Bobby. What the hell is wrong with you? You are asking for a unnecessary medical procedure. Any doctor or quack who offers that procedure or goes along with your request would be committing medical malpractice. Quit trying to make your readers feel sorry for you. Grow a pair. It's not that serious.

BobbyWC said...

It is sad your life is so pathetic that you have nothing better than to come after me - how sad, how very very sad.

Now let's look at my words - it is 100% treatable. This means it is not a big deal.

From that bastion of malpractice the "Mayo Clinic"

In cases of continued bowel or arterial obstruction, and in occasional cases where medication doesn't work, surgery may be required to remove the mesenteric mass. Small bowel resection is sometimes attempted, although surgery in that area of the abdomen has limitations. Mayo gastroenterologic surgeons are internationally recognized as experts in these procedures."

As to the surgery issue I used the term opt - that means if offered I would opt for it - not demand it.

The context of the piece is the fact that it is one thing after another - my reaction was not to the sclerosing mesenteritis, but to the fact I am exhausted and yet have to deal with another thing.

I have been on the phone today with several gastroenterologists in the local area. To a person they stated the disease is too complex for anyone who does not have a lot of experience with it.

The VA itself now is looking for someone for me because they do not have anyone with the experience.

I will go with the opinion of the specialists as opposed to some moronic anony poster who seems to have nothing better to do with his life than come at me.

Yes, as I said it is 100% treatable which means no concern to me - but as the mayo clinic notes (that bastion of medical malpractice as you so noted) does include surgery as an option.

My brother has had a colectomy - it is no big deal - life goes on. I have known people at the gym who still worked out while wearing a bag - not an issue in these days.

A colectomy if recommended will mean I am done with dealing with what is now 6 diseases of the colon. The benefit is great - the impact on quality of life is zero because the quality of your life gets better.

But I will be sure to tell the doctor that if the steriod treatment does not work you consider the Mayo Clinics recommendations to be malpractice.

I will certainly reject the advice of an expert because some anony who hates me tells me so.

yes I researched it - which is why I know as I said it is 100% treatable.

I am sorry if my exhaustion causes you such distress - I will do my best to no longer be exhausted.

Bobby WC

Unknown said...

I'm kind of shocked someone on here states that Sclerosing Mesenteritis isn't serious. I'm in touch with 2 people that have recently passed with it. My young daughter has it. She's had 17 abdominal surgeries, an ostomy because of it, she's inpatient frequently, and severe malnutrition and TPN dependent. There are stages of the disease and there is a whole group that has the aggressive form of it. Their outcomes are not good. Please contact me my email is lisas444 at yahoo if you want. We have an amazing support group with 58 in there that have SM and MP. :)