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It has come to my attention that 1700 am has gone oldies. Since discovering this I have not heard one word of Reputrican talk radio.


Bill White will not denounce what is happening in his campaign against Mr. Shami. He is desperate. His first official move in the LRGV was to get in bed with the very people stealing from the people. He then refuses to denounce those who seek to invoke religion into the race. Now his lemmings are going anti-gay. This is disgusting. It may be time for the national democratic party to speak out against this hatemongering Texas Democrats. If these people are the future of the Texas Democratic Party, then it will be a cold day in hell before I vote Democratic again.

"Oh, wait, he's got that last one covered, as he is the proud owner of forty-two pairs of red go-go boots. Here's some free, but genius, advice on a new Shami campaign slogan (channeling Hoover):"


Kay Bailey has announced that she intends to fight for the votes of the radical right within the Republican Party of Texas. By doing this she has acknowledged she is in an uphill battle. She has also thrown off the last of moderate independents and the super majority of the Latino community. The decision to push for local law enforcement to do the job of border patrol will prove to be fatal.

This is going to force Rick Perry to try and respond in kind to the radical right. The end result will be moderates in both the Republican Party and among Independents to rethink whether or not they want to be in bed with the radical right.

It does not end there. The Democrats still have to provide these people a meaningful choice.

The following is from Farouk Shami’s web page about his religious beliefs. In his statement you can clearly see the influence the Quaker school had on his thinking. You would not know it by the limited news coming out of the Middle East, but there are a lot of people in Palestine and Israel who think the same way.

“Farouk's Official Statement On His Personal Religious Beliefs 1/11/2010
Jan 12, 2010 -
"I want to clarify what has been reported in the press concerning my religion. I was born in the land of Abraham, believing in Moses, Jesus and Mohammad, and believing in one God. I grew up with members of my family and friends practicing multiple faiths: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. I was also educated at a Quaker school. All of these things contributes to my relationship with God. To say simply ‘I'm a Muslim’ or ‘I'm a Quaker’ is to ignore major parts of my faith. I know it seems complicated that I do not have a pat answer to questions about what religion I am, but without my exposure to many different cultures and religious beliefs I wouldn't be the person I am today.

Although I'm not a member of any specific religious tradition, I do begin every day with prayer and meditation and have a strong personal relationship with God. I respect those who practice all faiths because I believe God gave us life to help one another, the poor, the sick and the oppressed. It is through God we can achieve peace, freedom and bring justice to the world. As Governor, I know, with God's help and guidance, I will be able to help every Texan have access to the American Dream just like I did—a good job, access to healthcare, and an excellent education for their children. That's why I feel called to run for office”

It is one thing for a candidate to claim change, it is yet another to look at the person and actually see the change. In the past I misstated that he moved his manufacturing plant from China to Houston. I was wrong. He moved it from South Korea to Houston. This is something tangible.

Mr. Shami is already running tv ads in both English and Spanish throughout the state. Bill White’s people have proven they are about the old ways and change is a fools game. His supporters are playing the race card and an anti-Muslim message to scare people into not voting for Shami. This is not how real Democrats act. Real Democrats do not look to ignorance and hate as a way to manipulate an election.

In the past I have denounced the Burnt Orange Report for its lies about Rick Perry being gay, and using hate of gays in the Republican Party as a way to hurt Rick Perry. Only the scum of the earth use hate and bigotry to manipulate a result. The fact that the Democratic Party of Texas continues to refuse to distance itself from the Burnt Orange Report and its ignorant staff should cause all true Democrats to ask, is the Democratic Party of Texas just really Republican light?

The latest coming from scoundrels like Bill White and his supporters is to question Mr. Shami’s faith. Since when does a Democrat raise the faith question? It is no one’s damn business. Dr. King taught us to look to the man’s character and nothing more. This message has been lost on Bill White and his SS Officers at Burnt Orange and elsewhere . It is inconceivable to me that any minority can vote for a Bill White. The truth about Bill White and his campaign needs to be exposed.

If Burnt Orange really wanted to tell the truth about something they need to go to the editor of the Quorum Report and ask for the documents which show Ray Hutchison blackmailed Ronnie Earle into effectively dropping the criminal charges against Kay Bailey Hutchison. I take no pride in admitting I inadvertently helped with the blackmail. Ray faxed to me from his home documents the editor of the Quorum Report sent to Ray. (I have the originals with the Hutchison fax number on the top of each page.) The documents showed Ronnie Earle’s office spent I believe about $100,000.00 in support of Ann Richard’s campaign against Clayton Williams.

This dirty little secret must remain a secret because to tell the truth will tell the truth about Ann Richards - corrupt to the bone.

For me the governor’s race just got very interesting. Kay Bailey has announced she will not resign the Senate - translation she is not confident enough to believe she can win the Republican Primary for governor. Perry and Hutchison are going to scare the moderates and liberals in this state as they battle for the hearts of the most ignorant narrow minded Texans - the radical right. All that is left for the Democrats to win is to nominate a candidate who truly shows evidence of change.

I am still not ready to endorse Mr. Shami. The only possible negatives I can find on him is a dispute as to the value of his company. Since it is not a publicly held company, all estimates are just that estimates. This causes me to question people who call estimates facts. The last person who tried to play this game with posts I rejected finally admitted to me he is a former employee of Mr. Shami. I am going to deal in facts and facts only.

Finally - Mr. White needs to apologize to Mr. Shami for the acts of his campaign and the Burnt Orange report or be labeled someone who uses hate and bigotry to divide and conquer. His staff is very aware of this problem. Mr. White’s refusal to confront this growing tempest is evidence of his lack of leadership. Personally, I think Mr. White should just withdraw from the campaign.

A final word on Mr. Shami and his faith - this smear tactic did not work against President Obama. Apparently another lesson in history lost on Mr. White and his SS Officers running his campaign. If my sources are reliable insiders have put it to Mr. White to either bring this matter under control or they are going to walk and take the campaign money machine with them.


Anonymous said...

"Oh, wait, he's got that last one covered, as he is the proud owner of forty-two pairs of red go-go boots. Here's some free, but genius, advice on a new Shami campaign slogan (channeling Hoover):"

Hoover was a private cross dresser does that automatically make him gay? It doesn't. It doesn't make Bill White anti gay because is supporters are insulting Shami for his outfits. So in your world the whole Democratic Party racist because of what Harry Reid said about Obama. I'm sure the whole Senate is racist because at one point Robert Byrd a former klansman was Pro Tem. He was senate majority leader too.

You'll find any excuse to go after Bill White. He's last name makes him racist too in your world. You sound like a vengeful politiqura. Lighten up.

BobbyWC said...

Reid used old guard language to describe a true statement about American politics - and for teh record I was very defensive of Lott when he got in trouble because I say his comments as nothing more than getting caught up in the moment.

Hoover was more than a cross dresser -

My support of White ended when his son made clear he would get in bed with the corruption of South Texas. I consistently posted White's press releases to help him with name recognition.

When teh Democratic party plays this game it must be denonced or else we loose all credibility on the issues.

White's disreputable game is simple - remain silent and allow his minions to do the dirty work - how is this change? It is not - it the same old act of the same old cowardly politicians who never do anything for the people except promote themselves.

Bobby WC

Fred D said...

Thanks for the info about oldies on 1700. Got to take care not to go 10 more points though.
Now I can listen to Pandora a little less and give my PBS DVD's a rest. I can't afford XM even for my friends Cuzin Brucie's show.
Chuck Berry played 2 shows at BB Kings in New York New Year's eve - The Ventures play there Jan 23
Love them oldies
Fred D