Monday, January 11, 2010


As is the case all too often in Brownsville and Cameron County those running for elective office appear to be recycled trash. There may be an exception here or there. Those running for statewide office are demanding our vote while refusing to even acknowledge the corruption within the Democratic Party of the LRGV.

Anyone who votes in the race for governor or AG deserves to have crap. Radnofsky continues to attack anyone who points out her contempt for the rules concerning endorsements by party officials. Last time around the chair of the Democratic Party had to resign over his decision to endorse Radnofsky. If she is unwilling to follow simple rules concerning endorsement by party leaders why should we trust that she will follow the law as Texas Attorney General? When your first official act as a candidate is to ignore the rules, you cannot be trusted.

Bill White for governor has made it clear he will not denounce the corruption within the Texas Democratic Party of the LRGV. If there was any doubt about this he made it clear when he allowed Eddie Lucio Jr. to host his appearance in Brownsville. Bill White has no interest in the facts. He just wants to continue the politics of plantation politics wherein the people are to vote as the master tells them. Bill White seems to not read history. It has been nearly 20 years since Texas elected a Democrat to the governors house. The LRGV will not turn out in the numbers needed to allow a Democratic to win until the Democrats address the corruption in the LRGV.

When we look to local politics I see the same problems. I have been reviewing the ads of the candidates for the Cameron County positions. With the exception of one race nothing in the ads indicate the candidates are throwing out anything but the same old lines and promises. Nothing indicates that the candidates have an understanding of problems unique to Cameron County. The entire county is having budget problems. Further, any attack based on the small tax increase in my view is desperation. The county government, unlike COB made a serious effort to cut the budget before raising taxes. Raising taxes is never easy so in my view it takes a certain level of leadership to raise taxes.

What I would like to hear from the politicians is a call to sell the Brownsville port. If the port can be sold for enough to pay the debt, which it can, then it is time it is sold. This is a totally unnecessary tax on the people. This is an issue every candidate should agree on, including those running for governor. The BND property tax, albeit it small, is a drain on the poor. It exists to keep the compadre system in place at the port. This is just one example of local politics which no one wants to discuss. Why? Because it is so much easier to promise jobs - like that is original.

On the Hasse Betancourt race, be careful what you ask for you may be surprised by the result. Nothing is so simple as “I will dissolve my department.” Ronald Reagan promised to get rid of the Department of Education. I am not saying who is right and who is wrong. I am saying before voting based on this issue, you better know for sure that getting rid of Betancourt’s department is truly in the best interest of the taxpayers.

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BobbyWC said...

I rejected a comment because it is the type comment which only serves to hurt the commentator rather than get their message across.

Apparently my refusal to endorse Hasse is evidence of my mental illness - this is coherent reasoning.

You will note I did not say one good thing about Betancourt - all I said is teh voters should look carefully at the issue.

this gist of this person;s argument is like this - because some priests molested children all priests should not be trusted and should be removed from the church.

Let;s assume Betancourt is a terrible country treasurer - does this mean his office is not needed? No it does not-

Does it mean we need his office - no it does not -

My crime is - and it is a terrible crime - I am asking people to look at the issue carefully and to look at the issue beyond the current county treasurer -

I think this is a death penalty crime

Bobby WC