Tuesday, January 19, 2010


BUT FIRST, the new park. The county has about 150 acres on Old Port Isabel road which it seeks to develop into a general park. I believe the land is across from the Winter Haven trailer park. I am getting conflicting information from various sources, but it seems that the bulk of the funding will either come from stimulus money or the state.

BUT SECOND, I got a nasty post I rejected from a moron. I was accused of refusing to cover the polls by STIJA. Here is a news flash - STIJA is a delusion created by someone smart enough to know there is a moron on every corner. For the record, the interviews are also delusions designed to entertain morons too stupid to see the obvious.

Ted Hasse claims that if he wins he will eliminate the position. When I asked "how?" I got a lot of anti-gay personal attacks against me for asking such a heinous question. The best part of the posts which I rejected was, I am to use my critical thinking skills to figure it out myself because Hasse has no obligation to tell us the “how.”

It is more complex than the how. I also asked the “communist conspiracy” question of, who on the county commission will support him in his efforts? Hasse has deemed this information as super top secret. No one is allowed to know. Is it possible he has no support to eliminate the office of country treasurer and his entire campaign promise is a lie? I do not know. What I do know is we know enough to know he is not trustworthy.

But now here is the kicker. If Hasse has a promise from Treviño and Hernandez to support his plan to eliminate the position of county treasurer, does he not have a duty to tell his supporters so they can vote for Treviño and Hernandez? Why hide this information from his voters? Finally, would not the Hasse supporters have a duty to not only vote for Treviño and Hernandez, but also publicly endorse them? We know that is not going to happen because far too many of Hasse’s supporters are in this for the sport of making idiots of the people.

Now, is any of this an endorsement or Betancourt? No - but unfortunately this is how people think.

“I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself. Such an addiction is the last degradation of a free and moral agent.”

Thomas Jefferson, letter to Francis Hopkinson, March 13, 1789


Anonymous said...

"The government that governs best governs the least."

Thomas Paine

It is obvious to anyone with any knowledge of politics that when the people have spoken any government elected official who defies the will of the people is toast. The decision on the commissioners' court to support Hasse will be unanimous or those that vote no will be punished by the people who elected Hasse to abolish the office. This is political reality that every sixth grader who runs for class president understands. Claiming otherwise is obfustication. The way he is going to do it is cookie cutter just like nine other Texas counties did it so far. What part of just like nine other counties didn't you understand? He did tell you.

There is no great kabal. It is just what it says. It is clean and simple. Not all issues are clouded in mystery and secret deals. It is out on the table for the people to decide. To claim otherwise is intellectually dishonest.

You should not limit the candidates who may or may not support his idea to just Hernandez or Treviño. It is dishonest and insulting to the other candidates who stuck their necks out for the voters to decide. It is easy to ask questions from a blog that may or may not be read by candidates. Have you ever attempted to contact any of the candidates and asked your questions? Or do you assume everyone in town reads your blog? It is just like Stan says, you are practicing a form of journalism. You should at least attempt to ask them the question directly. But with your conclusion already set it seems no one in their right mind would try to talk to you. And that is your worthless endgame. Just go to his website at www.votetad.com and contact him there.

BobbyWC said...

You simply refuse to acknowledge what I am saying. It is for Hasse to tell us how he is going to do this. If he knows that a candidate, maybe Trevino and Hernandez, are opposed to eliminating the office then he needs to tell us so we vote against them. he is playing a game of not wanting to alienate any group of voters.

Further, Commissioners Court can vote next week to eliminate the position without the election of Hasse. Hasse needs to call for the vote now thereby making the election moot.

If what you are saying about the people is true, then the people will vote against any candidate who refuses to support HASSE in his efforts.

It is not so simple as the people will vote them out of office. People vote for the wrong people all of the time.

And for the record I am not a Jacksonian in terms of having every public official elected.

I am the first to agree that an elected county treasurer is a stupid idea. The same goes for the AG and judges. These jobs require specific skills which should require winning something more than a popularity contest.

If a qualified county auditor can do the job I am 100% in support of the idea.

But this is not the issue - just look at the port - the same corrupt people who turned a blind eye to the missing 21.4 million dollars are in office. A lot of good that debate did the people.

Villalobos obstructed the investigation and still got reelected.

Only a 6th grader things it is as simple as you claim.

Your complaint over Trevino and Hernandez proves my point. You know if they were to come out in support of Hasse then it could hurt him among certain voters - but my question is - if these same voters support Hasse would then not then have to turn a blind eye to their feelings about Trevino and Hernandez?

the answer is yes.

the conceot of eliminating the office is separate from whether or not the candidate is running a honest campaign. I am 100% in support of have a highly qualified person to run the auditors and country treasures office as one unit. I am 100^% opposed to electing a county treasurer because it can mean unquallified people getting the job based on being the most popular and it makes it too easy to bring politics into the prcess.

But none of this means I am going to blindly vote for someone who agrees with me when I see he is running a dishonest campaign.

Anonymous said...

Would you stop it with the dishonest and the conspiracies and the kabals? In this case, they exist only in your mind. To my knowledge Hasse has no "special deals" with anyone, nor will they be needed. There ARE good honest people. Why are you trying to make them out to be dishonest criminals?

Your points about what other people should have done are valid. However, the county treasurer has no authority whatsoever as per the Texas Association of County Treasurer's website.

Maybe it's true Hasse needs to tell us how, but he has never run for anything. Maybe he doesn't think it is difficult to accomplish when the people believe the county treasurer's office is unnecessary. Now if you have advice that he must tell us how, why don't you tell him so in a letter? No. It's easier to blast away in the vast emptiness that is the Internet than to actually talk to a intellectually gifted and active member of the community like Tad Hasse.

Not everyone will read your comments. Would you please state that you agree with the need for professional people in government and elimination of the treasurer position in an update on the main page? Thanks.

BobbyWC said...

"Maybe it's true Hasse needs to tell us how, but he has never run for anything. Maybe he doesn't think it is difficult to accomplish when the people believe the county treasurer's office is unnecessary"

So what you are saying is, he is running an incompetent campaign. This only goes to prove my point he does not know what he is doing. You cannot make a promise based on an idea. You have to have a game plan in place - he does not, or he is being dishonest in his campaign

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So what you are saying is, he is running an incompetent campaign.

No. I was trying to throw you a bone, however, you omitted the most important part, "Now if you have advice that he must tell us how, why don't you tell him so in a letter?" Now it's you that is being dishonest by making it appear through random editting that I believe he is running an incompetent campaign. I never said that. I don't believe it. But no, you would rather grasp at straws like some hack journalist than to take your medicine that Hasse is not what you are making him appear to be. Do you even know him?

This only goes to prove my point he does not know what he is doing.

No. You believe he doesn't know what he is doing. YOU do. I think you are the only one who doesn't understand his plan. If you want to play the "or" game, okay by me, I'll play too. I am beginning to think you are incapable of understanding OR don't want to understand.

You are not the smartest guy in Brownsville. I don't even think you are the smartest guy on the blogs considering your game of conspiracy and dishonesty. However misguided your opinion may be, Hasse may listen to your counsel. I believe he has an open mind and treats everyone with respect. That is a man with character.

It takes a team to win an election. You are a voter just like anyone over the age of 18 registered to vote and not a convicted felon. But don't make it some vendetta if he doesn't take your advice. Who knows he could reexplain the how in simple terms even you could understand.

BobbyWC said...

every time you post you insults you hurt Hasse - you are telling people he cannot respond in a sustantive manner and must use insults.

The BV is about ideas and discussion. I never presuppose my readers are going to accept what I say as gospel - did you even read my Jefferson quote today - do you understand it.

The BV has always been about and always be about - encouraging people to think. It is not for me to tell people to believe what I say - it is my goal to get people thinking.

I quoted your words and asked what do they mean? This upsets you because you opened a door which made matters worse.

I made a special post for Hasse - now instead of attacking me, use the links I provided and demand Commissioners Court vote on this matter now.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

This same Hasse supporter seems to think by claiming 9 counties out of 254 have abolished the office of County Treasurer that this fact is evidence it needs to be done. tarrant County did away with theirs 25 years ago. You would think in 25 years if it has not caught on there is a reason for it.

Again this Hasse supporter cannot separate issues - there are two separate issues - should the office be held by a highly qualified perrson as opposed to someone who wins a popularity contest? I am 100% opposed to the election of a county treasurer.

the seond issue is, should the office of auditor and treasurer be combined. This question is more complex. If they are combined who will oversee that the money is being properly spent - combining the two could be like having the fox guarding the hen house - could does not mean is.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Would you like the reason it hasn't caught on, Bobby? Or are you going to reject this comment too because you are a bafoon willing to take words out of my mouth and spin it as you did above? When you reject a comment in the same tread where you dishonestly spun the same person's comment, who will trust you? Who will not say how can I believe him when Bobby says this person said something but it wasn't true? No reasonable person would believe you.

Allow me to answer your elementary question anyway even if you won't believe me. Ever heard of the Texas Association of County Treasurers? No? Their sole purpose is to make sure their jobs are safe by politicing and lobbying the state anytime someone dares to abolish the position. That could be the reaon it hasn't caught in the state. Unfortunately you probably think this makes it more difficult to abolish. On the contrary, it will make it easier because no one up in Austin really gives a shit about Cameron County. They've probably met David Betancourt and could care less about his job. Suffice to say, it hasn't caught on because of this particular CYA association and people like you who see devils behind every door and are unwilling to make positive change for the people, regardless of race, creed, gender or sexual orientation.

And one other thing, you say "If they are combined who will oversee that the money is being properly spent - combining the two could be like having the fox guarding the hen house - could does not mean is." This is from the Texas Association of Counties. This website was a source for Betancourt.

While commissioners court is the budgeting body in county government, both the county auditor and commissioners court are required, by law, to approve or reject claims for disbursement of county funds. The integrity of county financial administration is entrusted to a dual control system of "checks and balances."

The county auditor has general oversight of all the books and records of all county officials and is charged with strictly enforcing laws governing county finances.

I believe you owe Mr. Hasse an apology since he apparently knows a little more about government and has foreseen the auditor taking over for our finances without violating the law.

BobbyWC said...

Dude, you need to stop drinking whatever you are drinking - since when does the law have anything to do with how people conduct themselves in office? Do you actually believe what you wrote? Because if you do you are a scary scary person.

You say I am opposed to change - I have supported throwing out of office elected officials in just about every election.

I have posted more than anyone else on the substantive reasons Juliet garcia has to go and the mismanagement of TSC/UTB that nanyone else. repeating the same name calling a million times is not a substantigve post.

I have actually filed FBI complaints agains public officials. I worked tirelessly to get rid of Hector Gonzales and now am working tirelessly to get rid of Springston.

I exposed the credit card fraud within the public works department and got to employees fired and charged with criminal conduct.

I have secured sanctions against judges from the Commission on Judicial COnduct - I have secured sanctions from the Texas Ethics Commission against Escobedo and forced Sanchez after he got caught committing aggravited perjury to enter into an order of volutary compliance.

What exactly have you done except complain about people who demand people think about promises before they buy into them

Do you even think before you type.

If BV is so worthless why have you wasted so much energy trying to make a point which has no point other than to vilify me because I do not vote based on simple promises.

As to this State organization you give so much power - I never heard of them - I am cerain probably less than a 1000 people of heard of them - this being true how can then have so much power.

And because you are so livid with me and cannot read simple English - I favor abolishing the election of the County Treasurer. The position must be held by someone highly qualified.

As to rejected your comment - BV has never allowed anyone to put out false statements - Had I published your statements eh comments you attribute I can reject as a lie, but I cannot take back the image you claim I have painted of innocent third parties. I know how people are and they are llike you - they will remember what they want to remember and the comment while false will always be out there. I do not play that game.

Your buddy Peter Zavaletta plays that game which is why he was sued for it, had is office raided and was charged with criminal conduct.

I would rather have people think what they want of me than allow sociopaths like yourself use the BV as a way to post nasty comments about innocent 3rd parties.

If I post a commnet I stand by it - the BV will never be used to allow anony's to post nasty comments which I know to be lies. That type game playing got Robert Sanchez sued 4 times.

Bobby WC