Sunday, January 3, 2010


I remain on the fence about this candidate because you never know what may come out. But in terms of verifiable history, he seems to be very progressive. His ability to spend 10 million of his own money will help in the primary. His problem remains, will he denounce the corruption within the LRGV Democratic Parties. I am convinced based on the polling, reading several national blogs, and listening to talk radio there is a growing body of voters done with the two party system. I do believe if this man is who he says he is, and he gets serious about the corruption he can and will be our next governor. Conservatives can vote for a man who actually brought jobs to Texas, by closing his plant in China.

Think about something, he had the courage to abandon the business model which says export manufacturing jobs. He closed his plant in China and built a new one in Houston. This one act by this man has me nearly ready to help him in his campaign. We shall see what he has to say about the corruption. Something as simple as telling the politicos of Cameron County that he will denounce anyone not willing to swear off the hiring of politiqueras for home ballots, will send a strong message to the people. Note, I limited the statement to home ballots. If candidates want to pay people to stand in Four Corners with signs, so be it - a job is a job.

A side note on education. I hate promises related to education. It implies that the otherside is against education. I need to heat that the candidate understands the issues. College is not for everyone. In fact I believe the mass education of the masses at colleges and universities has been a failure. I do so many home repairs because I learned how to do these things in shop classes.

Maybe it is time that the state support more multi-ISD district schools. To encourage children to make it to their senior year and finish school maybe it is time they be allowed to opt out for a milti-ISD district school which offers real job training - robotics manufacturing, air conditioning repair, automotive repair, high tech job training which reflects future demand - etc.

From his campaign page.

"Creating Texas Jobs

Farouk Shami believes that “Made in the USA ” is the strongest brand in the world. As creator of the CHI and other consumer products, he has created thousands of jobs in Texas. As governor, he will encourage business owners to stop sending jobs overseas and start creating jobs here in Texas.

Reforming Health Care

Farouk Shami wants all Texans to have the same opportunity he gives to his own employees. As a responsible business owner who provides health insurance benefits to his employees, Farouk understands how rising health care costs hurt families, businesses, and our economy. As governor, he will ensure that children have affordable health insurance and preventative care. He will not be afraid to take on the drug and insurance companies who put profits over patients.

Providing Quality Education

Farouk Shami believes every child in Texas, including his nine grandchildren, deserves a first class education. He believes a strong public school system is the key to opportunity and economic progress. As governor, Farouk will place a priority on giving students the skills needed to compete in our global economy by emphasizing reading, writing, math, and science. He will leave partisan politics at the schoolyard gate.

Preserving the Environment

Farouk Shami built his business on developing environmentally friendly, ammonia-free and organic products that use few chemicals and reduce pollution. As governor, Farouk will encourage organic and sustainable farming and ranching. His focus will be to increase renewable energy that will reduce pollution and create jobs."


Anonymous said...


There you go again, extolling the the omnipresent progressive party that satisfies your comfort level at the expense of all others.

You really know that the big money will win, and in the interim, we can bitch and complain, dream and wonder, hope for change...

...and blame the right. Hatred for the dare they question anything...shame on them for thinking...oh the humanity!

BobbyWC said...

Where have I ever challenged money as being bad? never happened - the issue is how you abuse the system with money.

I cannot help the fact this man is a self made millionaire (some claim billionaire).

Tony Sanchez used his money to but the nomination and I opposed him at every move.

In fact I have never even bad mouthed PACS as an institution - they represent groups - the problem is not the money - the problem is the politicos who allow the money to corrupt them

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I rejected a comment for several reasons. All of it was plagiarized from other posts in Dallas. Links to substantiate any of the claims were lacking. Third, it clearly attempted to argue "can we trust a Palestinian and his "cousins" in the governor's house?

the race card will not be played in the BV. Obvious Bill White's campaign people are desperate. If he refuses to denounce these type posts by his supporters whether they work for him directly or indirectly, he is in fact adopting them as his own.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I will not be posting your comments - you are a liar - dude I ran entire sections of your post and they are verbatum from a blog in Dallas - you copied other people's posts.

If you have to lie about this why should I trust you about anything.

the billion dollar reference is based on an offer to buy teh business. His company is a privately held company. there is no reporting of revenues to anyone - therefore any report by anyone is based on speculation.

Dude facts matter.

This is what I know about you for sure - you are a racist because you seek to invoke his background as a Palestinian as a basis to not vote for him. Two you claim he is not a minority - check the definition of the word - dictionaries govern general definitions and not US government CFRs.

last you simply lied about not using other people's words.

Anonymous said...

I would vote for this gentleman just for the breath of fresh air from the norm.

I think that Perry will rally up and play on the State's right to secede (is this true?)in the event that our country goes down the drain.

Can Texas opt out?