Friday, January 29, 2010


In yesterday’s Herald Cavasos went on a rampage against Zayas and Cortez for suing Carlos Quintanilla and Accion America. Do I think every claim in the defamation suit filed by Zayas and Cortes has merit, no, but at least two do - and they are serious not just because they do damage to their reputations, but more importantly because they do damage to our country.

The country, and unfortunately more so in Brownsville and with good cause, the people are jaded and will believe everything they hear or read which serves their agenda. Juan Montoya is a perfect example of this ignorance taking down the US. Because of people like Carlos Quintanilla, Juan Montoya, and Daniel Cavasos, good people will never run for public office in Brownsville or Cameron County. This is why we always have the same old recycled trash running for office. This is why this piece needed to be written, It is not in defense Zayas and Cortez. I have been on record for a long time that the BISD Board is corrupt and does not serve the interest of the community or the children. I can make this conclusion based on their policy actions without having to accuse them of felonious conduct.

What Daniel Cavasos really did in his blind, cowardly OPED, was say to every honest person in Brownsville, if you run for office the Herald we will stand with any convicted felon who comes along and defend their right to accuse you of felonious conduct so long as Daniel Cavasos has a personal score to settle with you. Everyone knows the Herald’s coverage of the BISD nightmare has been one sided.

Anyone who thinks I could publish a news piece which says, “Daniel Cavasos took a bribe from Enrique Escobedo in exchange for not covering the Texas Ethics Commissions sanction’s against Escobedo”, and Cavasos and Escobedo would not sue me is in la la land. Obviously I have no proof of same, and I am not alleging same.

But this is exactly what Quintanilla did to Zayas and Cortez.

The allegations which most concern me are “Mr. Zayas and Mr. Cortez will receive kickbacks as a result of a contract between BISD and Mutual Assurance Administrators.” and “Cortes and Mr. Zayas criminally converted benefits which were intended to revert to BISD, namely, the Healthsmart contracts.” If in fact Carlos Quintanilla and Accion America did make these accusations they are defamation per se. But because Zayas and Cortes are public figures, all Quintanilla has to do to prevail is bring forth some evidence which would have allowed him to believe this, even if it is false. A review of case law will show this will be a near impossibility, because the accusations are so specific. Mr. Quintanilla’s factual claims based on hearsay statements by unknown parties will not cut it.

Daniel Cavasos as the unethical journalist he is, at no time in his OPED piece mentions either of these statements. Why? Because he knew he would be the laughing stock of Brownsville had he made the same argument with the disclosure of these allegations. These allegations are not opinion. As asserted they are statements of fact.

Further, because Quintanilla and his supporters are complete idiots, they are on line agreeing with Cavasos. Quintanilla is so stupid and prepared to agree with anyone who agrees with him that he cannot see that by agreeing with Cavasos that his claims are mere opinion, then they are not fact which form a basis for his claims of removal. In his latest posts to the Herald he is admitting he never intended his statements to be anything but opinion. You cannot remove someone from office based on opinion

My readers, and the people of Brownsville know the endless examples of the Herald covering for corrupt politicians. If Daniel Cavasos is not about covering up the corruption then why did he order a coverup of Enrique Escobedo’s use of his newspaper to fraudulently represent a political ad was paid for by James Hunter, as opposed to the truth, it was paid for illegally with BISD campaign money? Why did he order a coverup of the Melissa Zamora affair until everyone in Brownsville knew the truth already? Why did he refuse to cover all of the due process violations against BISD while Gonzalez and Rendon were running the show? Why has he ordered a coverup of the TEA findings against BISD while Gonzalez and Rendon were running the show?

If he believes in free speech and the right of the people to speak out against elected officials why has he run cover for Melissa Zamora and her support for silencing anyone who seeks to point out her ethical failings? Answer, Daniel Cavasos is a liar who hates Brownsville and takes joy and sport in its pains and failures. Brownsville will remain without any chance of a future so long as Daniel Cavasos leads the Herald.

People have every right to be mad at the BISD Board. I remember when Melissa Zamora advised me to withdraw my claim the BISD Board Members are child abusers. This was long before Quintanilla came to town to demand a coverup of the abuses by Gonzalez and Rendon. I stand by what I said, and continue to believe it today. I qualified my statement by stating that in Texas if you neglect a child you are a child abuser. The special needs children have been neglected in the past and nothing has changed since Springston took over.

Based on the following it is fair to say Quintanilla’s supporters are 100% blinded by their rightful anger towards the BISD Board.

BISDTeacher made the following remark to me for pointing out the fact that only someone who lives in the district can bring a case for removal. “Mr. Quintanilla does not have to own property, nor have his license or voter registration, all he has to do is prove that he has lived in Brownsville for six month, that will be done, take it to the bank..”

This guy is so blinded by his anger he will believe anything Quintanilla tells him, while ignoring Quintanilla’s own admissions. ¶ 6 of Quintanilla’s answer states he lives in Dallas.

Look, I want the truth to come out. In this case the truth is going to be kept secret because Quintanilla is unethical and a liar.

This is from their web page “Accion America was created in 2007 in response to the absence of an organized defense of Immigrants in Farmers Branch.” This is false. LULAC lead the battle. Accion America was formed by Quintanilla after LULAC started the battle because he wanted a boycott of the businesses while the other Hispanic organizations opposed the boycott. The case was won not on Quintanilla’s boycott, but by lawyers who came to support LULAC’s position and not Quintanilla’s.

Carlos Quintanilla alleges the following: “Accion America as a Limited Liability Company.” When I first saw this months ago I checked with the Secretary of State’s Office. They could find no evidence of this. In act in his answer to the lawsuit he admits it is a lie. He answered the lawsuit claiming Accion America is the DBA of Carlos Quintanilla. Zayas and Cortez sued him that way because they could find no evidence that Accion America is an LLC. If it were Quintanilla would have alleged so in his answer. He did not.

There are two important lessons in this piece. First Cavasos to settle a personal score is willing to get into bed with a convicted felon who is seeking to raise money for a lawsuit he has no legal standing to bring. This makes Cavasos party to the fraud. The end result of his actions is to discourage good people from running for office. An ethical publisher would be doing a story on the impact such conduct has on people running for office, and Quintanilla’s efforts to raise money for a lawsuit he has no legal standing to bring.

The second lesson is in the truth coming out about Quintanilla’s attempts to raise money for a lawsuit he has no legal standing to bring, and his loss in court when he can produce no evidence to support the two statements which support the claim of defamation per se. This will cause people to believe all of the claims were bogus. This will result in no one on the BISD Board being held accountable.

I can assure you if I had the evidence to bring a removal action I would. But my view of the Board and its contempt for children is not a basis for removal. It is also not a basis for a claim of criminal conduct. We can handle this on election day. But we will loose when BISD Board Members get to tell people, Quintanilla was thrown out of court on his claims and lost the defamation case. This helps no one except the corrupt Board Members.

Finally, is Cavasos silence about Colunga suing Montoya tacit support for that lawsuit? Why did that lawsuit not merit a special OPED piece? Why did Mark Sossi shutting down a speaker to protect Melissa Zamora not merit a special OPED piece? When it comes to scum like Cavasos it is dirty politics without regard for the consequences. Daniel Cavasos fits in well with the worse of the worse among the politicos of Cameron County.


Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC,

Please try to refrain from so much name calling as that undermines your noble message.



The power of the people said...

in my opinion, you are a very inteligent man. I admire the elocuency of your letters, however; I would have to agee with Anonymous, that the anger you seem to have undermines the message you are trying to get across. Don't be mad! it's not worth getting sick over these politicos corruptos, that the only reason they ran for office was to line their pockets with money, the citizens money.