Sunday, January 24, 2010



Anonymous said...

Bobby, although the ad says Pena promotes a salary cut of $10,000 and he will "contribute his reduction to non-profits", that does not seem to save the taxpayers one red cent. Either I'm reading this wrong or the man seems to be an idiot. Which is it?

BobbyWC said...

your point is very valid and the ad does have an ounce of dishonesty to it.

Unlike Tad, Peña is recognizing he cannot do this on his own. So rather than take Tad's approach he is saying he will accepta a salary of $10,000.00 less regardless of what his fellow comissioners do.

To gain further points with the people he is saying he will give it to charity. This is fine, but I think it would be better if he just committed to give it back to the county.

Again such as I have complained about Tad, Peña needs to push Wood, Treviño, and Cascos to commit to what they will do with this issue so that people who support the issue and consider voting one block ticket.

If Peña and Tad hasse could publish the ticker they both believe could help accomplish their goal I believe it would go a long way to helping them win.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

When you endorse a candidate, you get none of the friends but all of their enemies. That's what Hasse's been saying. Quit trying to scuttle Hasse's campaign by hanging boulders around his neck. Stick to issues you know like the VA and doctors because you definitely know nothing about politics. Let's face it. Hasse's the only one with a real solution on the table. The other choice delays ANY potential action for another four years. There is no column C when you have two choices.

Just ask David Gonzalez and Eddie Trevino. Treviño's law office donated thousands to David Gonzalez's campaign. I'm sure John Wood would love this. I'm sure Dolores Zarate, Garcia, and Mendoza and their supporters are just going to go gaga over Treviño.

Anonymous said...

Process of tax evaluations? The taxing entities decide how to rape and pillage from the lists. But the district doesn't do tax evaluations. The district appraises properties. No tax evaluations per se occur. I am intrigued by the idea he may have taken issues to the supreme court. However, he doesn't say if he won them. He doesn't say who he may have represented. He doesn't say if it was one or more cases. I'd argue most people who do take issues like property appraisals would be those land owners with lots of money. Most regular taxpayers end their fight at the ARB and don't even take it to the state district court. So is he a lawyer for the rich?

BobbyWC said...

To the first and last comments - what I love most about each of your comments is, you are looking at the ad and trying to analyze. This is all I ask of people

Unlike Hasse and his support who want to have me tarred and feathered for thinking.

I consider the 1st and lst posts to be the type posts which make me feel good about the BV.

And to my readers - I am not saying this posts are correct or wrong - all I am saying is the posters are asking honest and good questions - just think about what they are saying and make up your own mind.

As to Peña doing tax owk - it is like I have said of every lawyer their motto is "If you got the money, I've got the argument."

Unless Peña has done pro bono work in the are for the taxpayer his ad on this issue is meaningless to me and has as it sole purpose to seduce the voter in - sound likes Hasse to me - do they have the same campaign mangers?

To Hasse or his supporter and the continued nasty comments - You ar such a liar it boggles the mind - you say I know nothing about politics and then say I do not understand what will happen if he endorses -

My readerrs know all too well this is the exact reason I claim Hasse is remaining silent. But here is the scoop if we vote for teh person who does not support Hasse in his efforts then what good is our vote.

Next - lie - this is not going to happen without both Lucios and Oliveira getting on board - do they even have opponents or real opponents that they even need to worry about if they take a position on this issue?

Is Lucio Jr even up for reelection this cylce - I honestly do not know?

Hasse and his suppporters need to come clean and stop attacking everyone who seeks to ask honest questions about his meaningless promise which in my view when dealing with taxpayers is like asking an addict if they want a free hit.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

For the record there is no such thing as the WEST RAIL TOLL ROAD. He obviously did not look in to the matter at all. He just heard of a group of people making noise about an issue and decided to get behind them in a obviously un educated attempt to get some votes.