Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Tonight the Republican candidate for US Senate in Massachusetts beat the Democrat. This is good at several levels. It sent a clear message to the Democrats that the Independents in this country are fed-up. I truly despise Reid and Pelosi. They are arrogant evil people with nothing but contempt for the people.

Obamacare is now dead unless the Democrats grow a pair and end the use of the filibuster. Obamacare morphed what should have been sometime universal healthcare with a public option into a windfall for the insurance companies. He was so desperate to have anything called healthcare reform he got in bed with a STD infected whore known and American politics.

Now the Republicans better be careful they did not open a door which kills their voice in Congress. The filibuster in my view is unconstitutional because it substantively changes the constitution as to how many votes is needed to pass a Bill out of the Senate. It is time some Democratic Senator file the lawsuit making the challenge. If he/she wins then the Democrats will only need 51 votes and you can bet the public option will pass.

Change and accountability is always good. The American people won tonight because the good people of Massachusetts had the good insight to see the Democrats had become a bunch of arrogant sycophants who needed a good lashing.

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