Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Last Thursday when I was being driven to the VA in SA, I was on the phone with an investigator helping me track down some information on Carlos Quintanilla. He could not help me much because he was already working for someone else on the issue. He did tell me several things. Carebrownsville.org is no more. I guess Accion American got tired of caring for Brownsville.

What happened to the class action lawsuit promised to benefit the children of Brownsville? Yep - nada - nothing - a big flat lie to entice people to join his organization and pay a membership fee. When the going gets tough cowards run. The battle to protect the special needs children of Brownsville was started long before Carlos Quintanilla and his crowd came to town to keep the abuses by Hector Gonzalez, Enrique Escobedo and others covered up. The battle will continue. I am waiting to see how the TEA responds to the parents complaint over BISD’s falsification of the child’s grades.

I am somewhat taken aback by how little is being discussed concerning Escobedo’s failed term on BISD’s Board. The La Pampa Affair was a big deal. It showed just how corrupt the BISD Board has been while Escobedo served on the Board. He is a doctor who has no qualms covering up the abuse of special needs children. Escobedo had no problems illegally using BISD campaign money to fund his campaign for County Commissioner and then lie about it in his ad. He was also party to the land deal which saw BISD pay far too much for land from the same developer who donated land to Los Fresnos. Enriques Escobedo has to be the single most dishonest and disreputable politician in the history of Cameron County, and the Brownsville Herald continues to say not newsworthy. There is a reason they are in bankruptcy.

I rejected several comments by the same person yesterday for basically the same reasons. Making stupid statements and going anti-gay is not the way to go if you want your statements published. What was clear in the posts is a hatred for Betancourt so deep that nothing I said or posted in the original post was going to get through to him.

In my original post I noted that I want candidates who speak about issues unique to Cameron County. I said there was at least one candidate doing this. I then went on to speak to Hasse’s claim he will shut down the county treasurers office if elected. Someone capable of critical thinking would have made the link that Hasse is in fact the only candidate speaking about something unique to Cameron County. As a concept, I have praised this. This idiot could not make the connection.

I was unwilling to endorse Hasse blindly based on a promise he would shut down his office if elected, and that became a basis to go anti-gay and insult me personally. This is the problem with American politics. Why would I trust the opinion of some who lacks minimal critical thinking skills or the ability to reason at any level. Further, why would I post through comments which are pro Hasse and anti-gay? Why make that connection? I have no proof that Hasse is anti-gay or seeks the support of anti-gay voters.

My crime was to ask people to think about the promise. Does Hasse have the independent authority to shut down the office of County Treasurer? No. Does he have any support from the county commission on the issue? I do not know.

The problem with these type promises is, it allows the candidate to get elected on a promise he cannot keep. This is dishonest and should be noted as same. Four years from now he gets to say - “it is not my fault, the country commission opposed me on the issue.”

Well here is a newsflash. If you are going to run on such a campaign promise then you need to identify who on the county commission has indicated support for your promise and who has not. Oh, hold it, that may cost you votes. If Hasse will promise in writing that if one year after taking office he will resign if he has failed to close down the office of county treasurer, his promise may have meaning?

Until Hasse identifies who on the commission supports his promise and his willingness to resign after one year in office if he fails, then his promise is just another empty promise. It is easy to promise the world when you already have a game plan in place to blame the county commission when you cannot deliver on that promise.

I blogged endlessly about Pat Almighty’s empty promises as evidence he was being dishonest. His first big speech after being elected was, “sorry I cannot keep my promises because there is no money in the budget.” Really? - the entire country knew there was no money in the budget. It is the same lie he told over and over and over again about not depositing the check in his business account until the day of trial when his attorney told him he would be convicted if he continued with the same lie.

So long was we are unwilling to vote for people who are so willing to look us in the face and lie to us, we deserve what we get.


For about two years I have been dealing with the same diverticulum getting infected over and over again. Antibiotics are not the solution. Well this time I could not walk at all. It took several days for me to be able to make it to the VA clinic in Harlingen. I could have gone to Valley Baptist at no cost to me, but just because that option exists does not mean I should use the taxpayers’ money in an irresponsible way.

Well maybe I should have gone to Valley Baptist. My doctor ordered an emergency CT scan of my internal organs. Two days later I was at the VA SA undergoing more advanced testing related to my endocrine problems and the CT Scan. The test was done on Friday last. By that afternoon my doctor called me to inform me the test results showed a pus pocket which may be leaking into the abdominal cavity from the colon. I am waiting to find out what is next. The Friday read of the CT scan was just a preliminary read. We are waiting on a read by a specialist.

This brings me to the next issue. The radiology department at the VA SA is being run by doctors in training. The attending specialists who are to check the work of the doctors in training are not doing their job. I met with someone at the VA SA on Friday who told me that the radiology department has misread my MRI’s of the lumbar and cervical spine, and the brain. All three reads contain evidence of malpractice.

I further learned that the former Chief Medical Officer resigned over the decision of the Obama Administration to withdraw hiring privileges from the hospitals and to centralize the process in Dallas. This has cost the VA SA to loose a lot of good doctors and technicians while bureaucrats play out the political process in Dallas. This has further resulted in giving the medical schools greater control over the VA. I met with 3 VA doctors who I know in SA who work for the VA and not the medical schools and all three told me they are looking for jobs elsewhere because they see a disaster on the horizon. As to myself, my VA Harlingen doctor is going to have me referred to a local endocrinologist because it has become apparent that the doctors in training are running the show and committing malpractice. As to Solomon Ortiz, not his problem - dead veterans mean fewer complaints to ignore.

The VA is still trying to understand why I continue to develop adhesions on my spine. I have been scheduled for two more procedures. This time while yet another caudal razc is being done an effort will be made to look for a leak of spinal fluid. Here is a video of the procedure. A month later another procedure will be done to correct damage to a disk. I am told this procedure is very painful. I am told I could end up in bed for several days. We shall see.

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In regards to Hasse, who is the real culprit that conveinced him to run for county treasure. In my opinion I beleive is Bentacourts former oppenent. He held that office for 12 years, and did nothing. He should have abolished the office during his tenured.