Sunday, January 31, 2010

I know a lot of people want to vote against Peña because they believe he messed up Gonzales' BISD Appeal. The fact of the matter is he got BISD lawyers to admit on the record it was futile for Gonzales to pursue any further defense before the BISD Board. This one piece of evidence could be all it takes in the end for a federal judge to go at BISD. (Side note, if the TEA fails to rule for Gonzales by the 4th, his rehearing is denied as a matter of law.)
The Peña affair is a perfect example of everything wrong with so many people in Brownsville. They hate to think and they hate anyone who thinks. When Peña filed the lawsuit for Gonzales the very people who now vilify him had declared him the savior of humanity.
These are the people who keep the most corrupt and incompetent politicians in office. Their voices need to be ignored. These are the nut jobs on the internet who will post any piece of garbage they can think of anonymously because they know their fellow nut jobs will believe it.
BUT, Peña is full of it and is playing the people for a fool. There are substantive reasons for not voting for Peña. We can look to what we know to be true. His campaign web page.

"As a man with a strong work ethic, Ruben envisions a county government that delivers quality services efficiently and professionally.

As a man of charity, Ruben has built an unmatched record of public service; he will put the same selfless devotion to work for you as Cameron County Commissioner."

Only an idiot would write something so stupid. But is it stupid? I know all too well there are people who will read it and eat it up like their last meal. These are the people who hate knowledge, facts, to think or anyone who thinks.

They will say "Ruben has built an unmatched record of public service, he's our man."

When you ask them how they know this to be true, they respond "because he says so."

Enough said. One can learn a lot by looking at the manipulations used by the candidates in their ads and campaign web pages. People might try this method over their need to settle a score.

Friday, January 29, 2010


I know it has been sometime since I have done a movie review, but the reality is, nothing has caught my interest. It seems like Hollywood has lost its creativity. I know Avatar brought cinematic innovation to the screen and its message was actually pro environment, but it was not my cup tea. The new technology of mixing computer graphics and humans is just weird to me.

So far I have found every film to mix the two to be cheap looking. My environmental indoctrination came in the early 70's with the native American in a canoe going down a polluted river with a tear coming down his cheek. I do like the fact that the kids who went to see this film and got a good dose of positive indoctrination about being environmentalists. This new technology appears to be for them. I will stick to black and white and watching the old Superman black and whites before falling asleep.

I do plan on seeing the Wolfman, now that should be fun.

Buy America - I was in Walmart and they had these little red buckets for a dollar. I thought I do not need that. Then I thought another piece of junk from China, a second reason to not buy it. But you know what, it was made in the US of A. Yea, I bought it. It will just collect dust. Maybe I will use it for nails. Oh that is a good idea. I think I will buy a few more.

The other day I bought some new socks at Walmart, made in the US of A. I refuse to buy Chinese unless there is no other choice. For my birthday I am buying a new set of pots and pans and cooking knifes. Yes it will cost me $500.00, but it is all made in the US of A.. The reality is I do not need the pots and pans. All of mine are over 25 years old, except the two steamers, and two Dutch ovens. They are Farberware and were made in the US of A. They are as good as they were the day I bought them.

I just love to cook and sometimes I can use an extra pot or three.

My Corningware was made in Corning NY. I won it in 1973 as a paperboy working for Newsday. When I am in NY it is a must read every day. On Christmas morning I got up, no shirt, no shoes, just gym shorts and ran out in the snow to the mail box and got the paper. Maybe that is when I caught the cold I came back to Brownsville with.

Anyway, I have the Corningware. It is the only thing I got when mom died. People are amazed to see it looks like brand new. Made in the good old US of A.

People check labels - Do your best to buy made in the US of A. As technology improves more and more companies are realizing it is cheaper to make products in the US of A. Given the continued scandals involving made in China, I think more and more companies will see the value of manufacturing their products in the US of A.

I do buy a lot of clothes made in Mexico or Central America. If we cannot manufacture it then we should buy from our neighbors.

Finally, buy Gulf shrimp. It is so much better than the imports. I buy 5 pounds every month at Gordon’s on International. I get the jumbo. I brought 5 pounds with me to NY for Christmas Eve. A big family get together on Christmas Eve is a Nicaraguan tradition my mother brought to our family which we continue until this day. Our family Christmas Eves are something to be seen. There are typically 50 or so people. Secret Santa’s for the younger kids and a grab bag game for the adults. Tons of food and spirits.

Anyway a friend of the family brought a shrimp dish made with Chinese imports. I put out 5 pounds of quick steamed shrimp which took me two hours to clean. Mine were gone immediately, while the Chinese imports stayed there pretty much uneaten.

In yesterday’s Herald Cavasos went on a rampage against Zayas and Cortez for suing Carlos Quintanilla and Accion America. Do I think every claim in the defamation suit filed by Zayas and Cortes has merit, no, but at least two do - and they are serious not just because they do damage to their reputations, but more importantly because they do damage to our country.

The country, and unfortunately more so in Brownsville and with good cause, the people are jaded and will believe everything they hear or read which serves their agenda. Juan Montoya is a perfect example of this ignorance taking down the US. Because of people like Carlos Quintanilla, Juan Montoya, and Daniel Cavasos, good people will never run for public office in Brownsville or Cameron County. This is why we always have the same old recycled trash running for office. This is why this piece needed to be written, It is not in defense Zayas and Cortez. I have been on record for a long time that the BISD Board is corrupt and does not serve the interest of the community or the children. I can make this conclusion based on their policy actions without having to accuse them of felonious conduct.

What Daniel Cavasos really did in his blind, cowardly OPED, was say to every honest person in Brownsville, if you run for office the Herald we will stand with any convicted felon who comes along and defend their right to accuse you of felonious conduct so long as Daniel Cavasos has a personal score to settle with you. Everyone knows the Herald’s coverage of the BISD nightmare has been one sided.

Anyone who thinks I could publish a news piece which says, “Daniel Cavasos took a bribe from Enrique Escobedo in exchange for not covering the Texas Ethics Commissions sanction’s against Escobedo”, and Cavasos and Escobedo would not sue me is in la la land. Obviously I have no proof of same, and I am not alleging same.

But this is exactly what Quintanilla did to Zayas and Cortez.

The allegations which most concern me are “Mr. Zayas and Mr. Cortez will receive kickbacks as a result of a contract between BISD and Mutual Assurance Administrators.” and “Cortes and Mr. Zayas criminally converted benefits which were intended to revert to BISD, namely, the Healthsmart contracts.” If in fact Carlos Quintanilla and Accion America did make these accusations they are defamation per se. But because Zayas and Cortes are public figures, all Quintanilla has to do to prevail is bring forth some evidence which would have allowed him to believe this, even if it is false. A review of case law will show this will be a near impossibility, because the accusations are so specific. Mr. Quintanilla’s factual claims based on hearsay statements by unknown parties will not cut it.

Daniel Cavasos as the unethical journalist he is, at no time in his OPED piece mentions either of these statements. Why? Because he knew he would be the laughing stock of Brownsville had he made the same argument with the disclosure of these allegations. These allegations are not opinion. As asserted they are statements of fact.

Further, because Quintanilla and his supporters are complete idiots, they are on line agreeing with Cavasos. Quintanilla is so stupid and prepared to agree with anyone who agrees with him that he cannot see that by agreeing with Cavasos that his claims are mere opinion, then they are not fact which form a basis for his claims of removal. In his latest posts to the Herald he is admitting he never intended his statements to be anything but opinion. You cannot remove someone from office based on opinion

My readers, and the people of Brownsville know the endless examples of the Herald covering for corrupt politicians. If Daniel Cavasos is not about covering up the corruption then why did he order a coverup of Enrique Escobedo’s use of his newspaper to fraudulently represent a political ad was paid for by James Hunter, as opposed to the truth, it was paid for illegally with BISD campaign money? Why did he order a coverup of the Melissa Zamora affair until everyone in Brownsville knew the truth already? Why did he refuse to cover all of the due process violations against BISD while Gonzalez and Rendon were running the show? Why has he ordered a coverup of the TEA findings against BISD while Gonzalez and Rendon were running the show?

If he believes in free speech and the right of the people to speak out against elected officials why has he run cover for Melissa Zamora and her support for silencing anyone who seeks to point out her ethical failings? Answer, Daniel Cavasos is a liar who hates Brownsville and takes joy and sport in its pains and failures. Brownsville will remain without any chance of a future so long as Daniel Cavasos leads the Herald.

People have every right to be mad at the BISD Board. I remember when Melissa Zamora advised me to withdraw my claim the BISD Board Members are child abusers. This was long before Quintanilla came to town to demand a coverup of the abuses by Gonzalez and Rendon. I stand by what I said, and continue to believe it today. I qualified my statement by stating that in Texas if you neglect a child you are a child abuser. The special needs children have been neglected in the past and nothing has changed since Springston took over.

Based on the following it is fair to say Quintanilla’s supporters are 100% blinded by their rightful anger towards the BISD Board.

BISDTeacher made the following remark to me for pointing out the fact that only someone who lives in the district can bring a case for removal. “Mr. Quintanilla does not have to own property, nor have his license or voter registration, all he has to do is prove that he has lived in Brownsville for six month, that will be done, take it to the bank..”

This guy is so blinded by his anger he will believe anything Quintanilla tells him, while ignoring Quintanilla’s own admissions. ¶ 6 of Quintanilla’s answer states he lives in Dallas.

Look, I want the truth to come out. In this case the truth is going to be kept secret because Quintanilla is unethical and a liar.

This is from their web page “Accion America was created in 2007 in response to the absence of an organized defense of Immigrants in Farmers Branch.” This is false. LULAC lead the battle. Accion America was formed by Quintanilla after LULAC started the battle because he wanted a boycott of the businesses while the other Hispanic organizations opposed the boycott. The case was won not on Quintanilla’s boycott, but by lawyers who came to support LULAC’s position and not Quintanilla’s.

Carlos Quintanilla alleges the following: “Accion America as a Limited Liability Company.” When I first saw this months ago I checked with the Secretary of State’s Office. They could find no evidence of this. In act in his answer to the lawsuit he admits it is a lie. He answered the lawsuit claiming Accion America is the DBA of Carlos Quintanilla. Zayas and Cortez sued him that way because they could find no evidence that Accion America is an LLC. If it were Quintanilla would have alleged so in his answer. He did not.

There are two important lessons in this piece. First Cavasos to settle a personal score is willing to get into bed with a convicted felon who is seeking to raise money for a lawsuit he has no legal standing to bring. This makes Cavasos party to the fraud. The end result of his actions is to discourage good people from running for office. An ethical publisher would be doing a story on the impact such conduct has on people running for office, and Quintanilla’s efforts to raise money for a lawsuit he has no legal standing to bring.

The second lesson is in the truth coming out about Quintanilla’s attempts to raise money for a lawsuit he has no legal standing to bring, and his loss in court when he can produce no evidence to support the two statements which support the claim of defamation per se. This will cause people to believe all of the claims were bogus. This will result in no one on the BISD Board being held accountable.

I can assure you if I had the evidence to bring a removal action I would. But my view of the Board and its contempt for children is not a basis for removal. It is also not a basis for a claim of criminal conduct. We can handle this on election day. But we will loose when BISD Board Members get to tell people, Quintanilla was thrown out of court on his claims and lost the defamation case. This helps no one except the corrupt Board Members.

Finally, is Cavasos silence about Colunga suing Montoya tacit support for that lawsuit? Why did that lawsuit not merit a special OPED piece? Why did Mark Sossi shutting down a speaker to protect Melissa Zamora not merit a special OPED piece? When it comes to scum like Cavasos it is dirty politics without regard for the consequences. Daniel Cavasos fits in well with the worse of the worse among the politicos of Cameron County.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I wanted to do this review on Wednesday, but I had to finish the Noe Gonzalez story first. "Respect for the People" my ass. On his web page he brags about the following: " Architect of Pretrial Diversion Program for Cameron County" For those who may not know, this is the program DA Villalobos uses to let off politically connected friends.

This brings me to the second issue. David does not seem to think that it is a problem to have the DA contributing to his campaign, while also working for the DA, albeit indirectly. As a judge he will hold in his hands the freedom of people the DA seeks to put in jail. This should tell you something about his sense of ethics. JUSTICE MUST HAVE THE APPEARANCE OF JUSTICE, DAVID - MORON

Our legal system cannot afford another judge with no sense of ethics. Further, in addition to DA Villalobos, this moron has the support of the law firm of Royston, Rayzor. A partner in this firm lied about paying for an ad in the Brownsville Herald to cover for the fact Enrique Escobedo illegally used money from his BISD account. The same lawyer, James Hunter, had Robert Sanchez submit an affidavit to the Texas Ethics Commission which was aggravated perjury.

DAVID, how can you say you respect the law when these type lawyers support you?

Finally, David are you even thinking? What kind of moron judge takes money from an insurance company when he knows plaintiffs will be suing people covered by the same insurance company funding his campaign.


David Gonzales has to be one of the most unethical lawyers in recent history to run for judge.

Is this what you call truth in advertising?


BUT FIRST MY HEALTH, yesterday was pretty bad. The exhaustion completely consumed me. For months the abdominal paid has made sleep difficult. With an endless number of colon diseases and chronic diverticulitis I just assumed this has been the cause of my abdominal pain. It may not be.


Anyway I have been diagnosed with sclerosing mesenteritis. For now I am hoping the diagnosis is yet the result of another incompetent radiologist in training making a mistake. I know for sure these doctors in training at the VA misread a brain MRI and cervical spine MRI. So for now I am hoping they are wrong.

The VA gave me a voucher to find a specialist who can handle this. This disease I so rare most doctors have never heard of it, and most gastroenterologist will never even know of a patient with the disease.

This morning I was to go to the VA in Harlingen for some more blood work related to my endocrinology problems, but I am not able to drive and I do not have a driver. Some mornings I can drive, but not this morning. This is not a big deal because the lab is basically walk-in and they will see me tomorrow morning. I will have a driver. When I do go tomorrow I will let my doctor know what is happening.

After learning that no one in the LRGV and in fact no hospital can handle the disease, I called to the GI clinic at the VA in San Antonio. I could ask my doctor here to do a referral, but if SA cannot handle it I will waste a month or longer waiting for the appointment, going to the appointment, only to have them refer me back to my doctor here in Harlingen. She would then have to go through the process of getting a voucher to allow me to go to the Mayo Clinic or maybe a VA somewhere in the US that can handle it.

Me being the impossible person I am, I decided to call the VA SA to ask the chief of gastroenterology if they can handle it, and if so I would have my doctor do the referral to VA SA. After 5 attempts to get anyone in gastroenterology to call me back, I surrendered.

I have yet to receive this voucher which was mailed to me on he 20th, but I still need to find someone. Good luck getting anyone in the voucher office to answer the phone. Oh, and they do not have a message system. If I do not get the voucher today in the mail I will go through the legal department. I have done this in the past. For the VA this is easier than simply hiring competent people to run the vouchers.

Anyway, I called around to several gatroenterologists in SA for help. The staff of most were simply too stupid to understand I was simply making an inquiry and could not handle the message. Finally this morning a very nice doctor had his nurse call me and tell me that in SA they send anyone with the disease to the Mayo Clinic. He thinks University Hospital may be able to handle it, but he is not sure. I need a multi-specialty center because apparently doctors from different specialties will need to consult all at once.

I am waiting on a nurse to call me back after she consults with the department chair. The sad part is, if they can handle it, it will effectively be the VA. The same VA wherein I cannot get a return phone call.

For now my money is on the radiologist got it wrong, and at least on that note all is well.


I will begin by answering the question as to why the attorney for the City of Brownsville failed to act to protect her client. Given the fact the State Bar of Texas is a criminal enterprise driven to keep the corruption covered up, and the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct is a joke, she may have had no choice. Unless you have some high profile press they will not investigate a judge for unethical conduct. They go after JP’s and municipal judges so it appears like they are doing their job when they are not.

So you understand how bad the State Bar is, they sanctioned an attorney who agreed to wear a wire for the FBI in a sting wherein the judge was being accused of offering Mark Cuban a positive ruling in exchange for a fundraiser at his home. According to the State Bar it was unethical for the lawyer to cooperate in the investigation because at one time the lawyer had given the judge legal advice in a completely unrelated matter. The US Attorney found insufficient evidence in the recordings to indict Mark Cuban, resigned from office almost immediately, and you guessed took a job with Mark Cuban.

The fastest way to get the State Bar to come after you is to make a claim against a judge. Attorneys know this and fear this. The State Bar of Texas has an absolute bar to making accusations against judges, regardless of the truthfulness of the accusation. The only attorneys protected are those who are high profile and can get press coverage or with powerhouse law firms.

The second reason is, retaliation. After Noe Gonzalez realized I was not going to give into his pressure he ordered us into chambers. While walking into chambers the attorney for the city said, “is he going to yell at us now?” She did not say this out of the blue - she said it out of experience with Noe Gonzalez. It is unethical for a judge to take attorneys off the record, away from the clients, into chambers and yell at them as a form of intimidation.

Had the attorney for the City of Brownsville done her job and indicated the City would file its own motion to recuse based on Noe Gonzalez’ offer to let me win if I dropped my complaint, she knows he would have retaliated against her, her clients and the clients of everyone one of her law partners. As an attorney you know what Noe Gonzalez is about and you know if you speak out against him he will retaliate, so what do you do? Do you sacrifice one client or sacrifice all of your clients? In the end she knows the city will loose the case, so by doing nothing she is not changing the end result and is saving the taxpayers money. It is about balancing the fact as you know them. For me it is about right from wrong.

This is why I do not want to officially go back to the practice of law. The offer has been made to me, I just need to remain silent. Yea, not going to happen. I cannot be bought.

So now we are in chambers. Noe Gonzalez opens the top of his judicial robe. His shirt is opened low enough to see his male cleavage. We are talking at the same level as would be his nipples. I have seen judges do a lot of stupid things, but this was stupid. By itself it means nothing, but wait.

Several weeks ago I was in the Walmart parking lot when someone recognized me and approached me. I am never good about this because you never know if a nut-job is going to approach you. Anyway they told me I had the Sanchez defamation case solid on my side because Noe Gonzalez has several gay employees and is mad about what is happening in the case. I figured this person was full of BS and was jumping to a conclusion based on Noe Gonzalez having gay employees. I did not even know if that claim was true. So I dismissed the incident. I then found out he does in fact have gay employees.

Judge Don Wittig, whose office was doing business with Sanchez attorney while the case was pending, ruled that it is a statement against interest to admit you are gay in a case wherein you are being accused of being HIV+, a child molester, and performing sex at a public gym. Don Wittig would have done well with the SS officers whose job it was to arrest and send to the gas chambers gay Germans. Don Wittig can deny this, but I have the record.

The corruption is mind-numbing. With this backdrop and Judge Wittig forced to remove himself from the case when it was discovered he was doing business with Sanchez’s attorney this issue became well documented in the record.

Judge Noe Gonzales had to have known about this. He stated on the record that he wanted the City of Brownsville case because of the First Amendment issues. So he clearly read the file.

So now we are in court on Friday and not so much to my surprise he is flaunting his two gay employees for everyone to see. They had no purpose being there. They should have been back in Hidalgo county. They literally had no purpose being there, other than to send a message.

This needs to be understood in the context of the offer to allow me to win the City of Brownsville case if I dropped the claims against him. Justice is not just what happens it is about the appearance of justice. Some will say I should have let it go. With one bribe for sure from Noe Gonzalez what kind of person would I be to chance by his actions he was not constructively trying to do the same thing in the Sanchez case? I will win my cases on the merits, without game playing.

Because Sanchez’s attorneys have proven themself to be unethical, I could not chance them not letting Travelers insurance know the truth. I have informed their in house counsel of the facts. If they fail to demand Monte English file a motion to recuse Noe Gonzalez then they are sending a message to Noe Gonzales - “hey look we are protecting you from Wightman- you owe us.” Again it is about appearance. I have a record which shows they have done this in the past, by taking matters which are irrelevant to the court and use them for the sole purpose of poisoning the well. Given the fact Monte English already tried to conceal his decision to do business with Don Wittig’s mediation firm while the case was pending, no one in their right mind could trust Monte English to do the right thing at this time.

Sanchez’s other attorney James Hunter advised Sanchez to commit aggravated perjury before the Texas Ethics Commission. Although Sanchez announced his decision to run for mayor all over the internet, including on McHale’s web page, he denied same in a sworn statement, under the advice of James Hunter. After Melissa Zamora verified for the Texas Ethics Commission that she in fact verified with Sanchez he was announcing for mayor, Sanchez pulled a “my bad” and change his testimony. McHale who never met a truth worth telling unless it served his corrupt agenda feigned confusion at the hearing as to whether or not Sanchez announced for mayor.

Of course there is Peter Zavaletta, twice charged with criminal conduct, lied about his State Bar history during his failed campaign for DA, who filed a document in the court point blank lying about what happened in a previous hearing. Of course Peter Zavaletta actually at the point in his life believes all of his lies and is too absorbed with his history of lying that he failed to realize a court transcript would prove the lie.

And finally there is McHale being advised by Zavaletta to lie to the court about not having an e-mail. Oh Peter, this is coming out because you know the high-profile person who was witness to your advice to McHale. I think I know McHale well enough at this point to know he will chance going to jail and becoming bankrupt rather than tell the truth.

But it is like I have said in the past, he just needs to have an honest attorney contact me and I will drop the lawsuit against him in exchange for the truth about Zavaletta. McHale will never take my offer because going to jail to keep corruption covered-up is more important to him than his job and family. How sad, how very, very sad. We now understand why he is in bed with Zavaletta.

So there you have it. I could conduct myself like the corrupt James Hunter, who also happens to be the attorney who advised Enrique Escobedo to allow him to lie in an ad that James Hunter paid for the ad, when it fact it was paid for illegally with money from Escobedo’s BISD campaign account. I can conduct myself like Monte English or Peter Zavaletta, but I will not.

To remind my readers, I do give some credit to Monte English and James Hunter for their decision to sit on the plaintiff’s side of the courtroom during hearings, rather than be tainted by the stench of Peter Zavaletta. To an intelligent person this would have signaled to McHale not even Sanchez’s attorneys want to be seen with Peter Zavaletta, but then of course we are dealing with McHale.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


People need to know the backdrop to what happened so they understand the full picture. But first a question. We were in court on Friday last. The only legal option Noe Gonzalez had was to tell the bailiff to inform us he could not proceed until Judge Banales cleared the way. He did not, he spent over an hour trying to get me to drop the claims against him. His statement was clear - if I drop the claims he would rule the city ordinances I have claimed to be unconstitutional prior restraint unconstitutional. At this minute the attorney for the City of Brownsville should have objected and indicated the City’s intent to file its own motion to have Noe Gonzalez recused. She did not.

What do you think she should have done? I will explain why she did not act tomorrow. I am pretty tired and need to go back to bed. The medications I take to keep me awake are hard on the body and I cannot do it every day.

She knew this was going to blow up because while walking out of the court house when I asked her about the ethics of the situation she said “who needs to know?” Well first and foremost she has a duty to inform her client which is the entire Brownsville City Commission. As a lawyer she has a duty to inform the Commission on Judicial Conduct. When I tried to push the issue as she was getting in her car, she said “I do not want to hear anything because I do not want to have to testify.” She knew what happened was illegal, and she sat there ready to ignore the rights of her client.

I have always said, I am about the process to the end result and not the end result. Had Noe Gonzalez kept his promise there would be a Herald article that I won the right of the people to speak. But in my view at what cost? The corruption of the legal system would have been the cost. I am moving forward with FBI Director Mueller and DA Villalobos on my criminal complaint against Noe Gonzales .

This forces the DA and Ed Stapleton to demand Noe Gonzalez remove himself from the case of Joe Rubio. How can the DA conduct a legitimate investigation against Noe Gonzalez while he is asking Noe Gonzalez to issue rulings in a case which could send a man to his death? He cannot. If Ed Stapleton fails to seek the recusal of Noe Gonzalez, it will be an issue on appeal wherein Rubio’s attorneys will allege ineffective assistance of counsel. If they fail to make the allegation when the case moves to federal court on a habeas, the argument will be made. Trust me when it comes to the point of executing Rubio these lawyers will look for every shred of straw they can find for an argument.

If Villalobos does nothing and the FBI does in fact indict, then the entire Rubio proceedings become tainted. The cost to the taxpayers could easily be over $250,000.00, for what in the end will be yet another trial. Let’s remember Villalobos history in such a case. He dropped the criminal charges against Conrado Cantu only to have the Justice Department to indict Conrado Cantu. I believe Cantu got some 20+ years in federal prison.


I have three lawsuits pending in Cameron County. I had four but Wells Fargo settled the lawsuit. I believe they called me over 70 times demanding I pay them on my car note. Only two problems with their actions - [1] my note was with GMAC and not Wells Fargo, and [2] I was paid up several months in advance. Nothing I did would make them stop calling me several times a day. Their General Counsel sent me a letter claiming I was a liar about the number of calls. Yea, she changed her mind when I sent her my phone bill showing all of the incoming calls from Wells Fargo. They settled.

Another lawsuit is against the Herald. Over a year ago they paid me $100 for fraudulently billing my bank account for a subscription I never made. What the real kicker was, after I was assured the problem was handled, I learned that the Herald gave my financial information to another Freedom newspaper and then they did the same thing. I was assured that the matter was really taken care of after the second time. Well several months ago they did it again. This time I believe they did it from a newspaper out of South or North Carolina.

Most people do not sue over these things because they do not know how to and lawyers see no profit in it. So in the end Wells Fargo gets to harass you until you either pay or change your phone number, and Freedom gets to just keep on charging your account for a subscription you do not want.

The Herald case will settle for chump change after the bankruptcy stay is lifted. Mine is a case in fraud so it is not dischargable in bankruptcy. On a side note, because I know it is coming - when you attack me for suing Wells Fargo and Freedom, tell me what else I could have done to stop the harassment, because trying to work with them did not help, but the lawsuits stopped the harassment the day the lawsuits were received.

The other two lawsuits are the ones which are relevant to this story. One involves the City of Brownsville. It is for declaratory and injunctive relief only. This means no money damages are being requested. This lawsuit involves the policy of Pat Almighty and Mark Sossi shutting down speakers when they do not like what they are saying. We all remember how Mark Sossi ran cover for Melissa Zamora when a speaker sought to discuss her decision to do business with a city vendor even though she was a member of the city commission. This was clearly protected free speech being shut down by Mark Sossi.

This particular story is important because it shows how Melissa Zamora is willing to keep the people silent and protect Mark Sossi so long as he protects her. She will loose this argument in the end. She will have to explain her support for this contempt of the people’s rights.

Part of this lawsuit involves breach of two Rule 11 Agreements. On two separate occasions the city’s defense counsel signed agreements concerning the litigation. The first involved a settlement agreement which would have put an end to barring speakers from making personal comments about the commissioners, such as pointing out Melissa Zamora’s conduct. It also involved paying me $500.00 in costs of court.

This agreement was initiated by the city’s counsel, not me. Mark Sossi is the attorney for the city outside of court. He has outright refused to allow Ms. Leeds to meet with the city commission to present her recommendations. Had Mark Sossi not interfered with Ms. Leeds doing her job, Noe Gonzalez would not now be in the mess he is in. Mark Sossi is seeking to settle a personal score he has with me over my demands on his client Joe Colunga resign from the BISD Board and drop his lawsuit against Robert Sanchez. The taxpayers are paying for Mark Sossi’s personal vendetta against me. It lead to his client, the City of Brownsville being compromised in court. It has resulted in the City of Brownsville being sued a second time in ancillary proceedings over Mark Sossi’s refusal to honor the two Rule 11 Agreements. This will only further cost the taxpayers money.

Early on before I knew about the Zamora affair I asked her as a city commissioner to address Sossi's decision to block bringing the settlement agreement to the city commission. She said she would. That was the last I heard from her. What followed was the agreement she made with Sossi - she would protect him if he protects her. We all saw it play out on TV - Sossi blocked discussion of Zamora doing business with a city vendor. Zamora is everything wrong with Brownsville politics.

Judge Ben Euresti was assigned this case. After adequate time for discovery I filed with the court a request for a trial setting. Judge Euresti refused to set the matter for trial. I made repeated inquiries with his staff by phone and e-mail. Every phone call was ignored and every e-mail was ignored. This is not how honest judges conduct themselves.

I filed a complaint at the Texas Supreme Court level and Judge Euresti on his own recused himself from the case. Judge Banales then assigned Judge Pate (same judge in the Pat Almighty criminal trial). Judge Pate such as Judge Euresti ignored my requests for a trial setting. When it became clear to me Judge Pate would not set the matter for trial I filed an objection to his assignment. He granted same.

Now comes Noe Gonzalez - I have complained ad nauseam to Judge Banales that I was not sent a copy of the order assigning Judge Gonzalez. I have a right to a copy of that order so as to verify Judge Noe Gonzalez authority over the case. Judge Banales has made it clear I can go to hell before he gives me anything. Orders and notices which were being signed in both cases were not being forwarded to me. Judge Banales again made clear I can go to hell before he takes action. Judge Alejandro’s and Judge Euresti’s staff are clearly obstructing justice by playing with these records.

I first learned of Judge Noe Gonzalez’s assignment after I received a certified notice that I was to file a response to a motion for summary judgment as filed by the city. It came from Noe Gonzalez's office and not the court in Cameron county. I responded on a timely basis. Because of a non-substantive technical error I was forced to file the same response two days in a row. The second filing was merely a correction of a technical error. It was not even an error. At the last minute I had to hand write something in. The second time I filed it, it was typed.

On the 19th of January in an ex parte hearing (I learned it was ex parte on the 22nd when Judge Noe Gonzalez admitted to being in the room with his secretary and court reported directing the conversation) I learned that both of my filings were missing from the official record. You see not one but twice my response to the city’s motion for summary judgment was lost. Under the law Judge Noe Gonzalez was free to rule against me and that would have been the end of the lawsuit, well except I have filed marked copies of my filings with the court. Judge Euresti nearly got away with his conduct.

When I informed Judge Noe Gonzalez’s secretary that I in fact had filed marked copies of my responses I was asked to provide them to the court via e-mail. The secretary was in the process of providing me her e-mail when the court reporter grabbed the phone and informed me the court was not interested in my claims about the missing files. Given the totality of the facts in this and the other case I am about to discuss, I became concerned. We have judges and their staff playing with court records, and Noe Gonzalez's response is, not his concern. The official transcript of the hearing on January 22, 2010, will show Noe Gonzalez admitting to directing the words of his staff. He cannot say he was not party to what happened.

When he realized he got caught admitting to the ex parte he stated he could not act on protecting the record without a formal motion. This is a lie. Noe Gonzalez’s statement on the record that he has no authority to act goes against a plethora of Supreme Court case law on the inherent power of the court and Texas Government Code 21.001.

It only gets better from here, but I am very tired so I need to get in bed - more tomorrow

BV will post at noon - I am taking care of some issues with my doctor and then I will finish the post

Monday, January 25, 2010


More on the Noe Gonzalez mess tomorrow.

(Editor's afterthought: If it is true that Quintanilla as a Dallas resident has no legal authority to seek the removal of an elected official in Cameron County, then what is the basis of his counterclaim? The real question is, if he knows he has no legal authority to file this lawsuit and seeks to have people give him money to pay for a lawsuit he has no legal authority to file, is this fraudulent fundraising, again! - the court will decide. Maybe Quintanilla has found a provision in the law which gives him authority as a Dallas resident to seek the removal of an elected official in Cameron County. If he has not, then we have fraudulent fundraising - again, and anyone helping to promote this fraudulent fundraising will be found to be conspirators. - just a thought - but who knows - maybe Quintanilla found a provision in the law to give him standing to file his lawsuit.)
"We will call on dozens of witnesses to prove that what is contained in this lawsuit is true and we will defend ourselves against attempted intimidating litigastion and defamation," he said.

If I am going to try and make someone look good, I am not going to quote them directly when I know they are making a fool of themselves. I am going to proof read what they have written and then report it in my own words - but then that is me.

Other reports on this so called countersuit by Quintanilla claim he is seeking the removal of Zayas and Cortez under Article V, Section 24 of the Texas Constitution. Let’s see what it says.

Text of Section 24:

Removal of County Officers

County Judges, county attorneys, clerks of the District and County Courts, justices of the peace, constables, and other county officers, may be removed by the Judges of the District Courts for incompetency, official misconduct, habitual drunkenness, or other causes defined by law, upon the cause therefor being set forth in writing and the finding of its truth by a jury.

Here is a news flash for Mr. Qintanilla, neither Mr. Cortez nor Mr. Zayas are county officers.

Another provision being reported as the basis for the removal of Zayas and Cortes is Local Government Code 87.0011. Let’s see what that says. Actually first, the section being claimed is §87.011 - but that is the definition part of the law.
§ 87.012. OFFICERS SUBJECT TO REMOVAL. The district judge may, under this subchapter, remove from office: (1) a district attorney; (2) a county attorney; (3) a county judge; (4) a county commissioner; (5) a county clerk; (6) a district clerk; (7) a district and county clerk; (8) a county treasurer; (9) a sheriff; (10) a county surveyor; (11) a county tax assessor-collector; (12) a constable; (13) an inspector of hides and animals; (14) a justice of the peace; and (15) a county officer, not otherwise named by this section, whose office is created under the constitution or other law of this state.

Again I do not see school board member in that list. I do not know if Quintanilla has a lawyer, but I must believe even someone who graduated law school yesterday would not use the word litigastion. Further, I would like to say a lawyer would not be so stupid as to not read the above provisions before citing them as a basis for the removal of a school board member, but I cannot. I have actually seen this level of incompetence from lawyers in the past.

I will not say Quintanilla is representing himself pro se, because I do not know - but it certainly seems that way.

So, what happened to that big time law firm which was going to come to Brownsville and file the class action lawsuit against BISD for the special needs children? It is not going to happen. Why are they not representing Mr. Quintanilla pro bono? Because it was all puro pedo from day one.


This is another provision being alleged. Let’s see what it says. “A trustee who is convicted of an offense under this section is considered to have committed official misconduct for purposes of Chapter 87, Local Government Code, and is subject to removal as provided by that chapter and Section 24, Article V, Texas Constitution.”

Although those chapters do not normally apply to School Board Trustees, the Texas Education Code has adopted into the code these provisions for purposes of removal. But removal is under the Texas Education Code.

A civil lawsuit is not how you get a criminal conviction.

So who can file such a lawsuit seeking removal? § 87.015(b) provides “Any resident of this state who has lived for at least six months in the county in which the petition is to be filed and who is not currently under indictment in the county may file the petition.” This is known as the standing provision. This means that someone who lives in Dallas County cannot file a lawsuit for removal of someone elected in Cameron County.

My sources tell me that Carlos Quintanilla claims to own a successful import store. If this is true it should certainly allow him the money to pay for his own defense. Nope, like a good politician looking for a fool, he is seeking money from the poorest of the poor.

For a year and a half I have invested my own money to fight for the right of the people of Brownsville to speak before the Brownsville City Commission. I have never asked for a penny. I would certainly never ask for a penny from the poorest of the poor to defend myself.

It does not end there. I will be shocked if the taxpayers do not end up paying for that part of the defense Zayas and Cortez must put on as it relates to their removal. They are clearly being targeted for their actions as Board Members. It is sad when scum like Quintanilla can force the taxpayers to pay to defend against his unethical conduct.

I have managed to go after this Board since before the arrival of Quintanilla and since Quintanilla cut and ran from Brownsville with his tail between his legs. No Board Member has sued me. Further, I would certainly never file a lawsuit seeking their removal because I consider their politics to be dirty, which they are.

The full story will be presented herein in the BV. For now what my readers need to know is, on the record Judge Noe Gonzales offered to hold the Brownsville City ordinances I am claiming to be unconstitutional prior restraint unconstitutional if I withdrew a motion to recuse. The statements in the motion to recuse are nearly identical in substance to those which were sent to FBI Director Mueller. Had I withdrawn the recusal it would have been the same as withdrawing the statements to FBI Director Mueller. Noe Gonzalez had these statements before him at the time he made the offer.

I have spent 20 years fighting judicial corruption. I was sitting their in near disbelief. He knew he messed up big time when he drilled the court reporter about whether the recording of the offer could be used as an official record.

People will say- "what is the big deal? he was going to allow you to win- take it." I have told my readers over and over again I am not about the end result I am about the process. This was a corruption of the process. Had I accepted this offer it would have made my 20 years of work a fraud.

There is more to come, but I have to get out the door for about an hour.

This also goes to the Sanchez case - a similar offer was made for a positive ruling in the Sanchez case, but it was very indirect. This morning I informed Travelers insurance of the events. I will not be party to a corrupt ruling, especially when it means an insurance company will have to pay me money because of the ruling.

I would rather loose both cases than be party to Noe Gonzales, corruption.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Friday, January 22, 2010


Today is short - But first Kudos to “Imagine Brownsville “ for its openness and first meeting of its new organization. Many mistakes have been made in the past. I personally think the original money spent was a waste and more about making people believe they have a voice when it fact they do not. But this new organization has the potential to bring the entities together as a unit of one and move Brownsville forward. Anyone who faults this is either being petty because they are not part of the process or simply seeks to divide because they have nothing else to say.

Any money which is expended by the entities involved must be done in open meetings with public comment. Each elected official in each entity is still accountable to the electorate. There is no shadow government except in the minds of the ignorant who need to keep Brownsville down and out.

I say give it a year an see what happens.


I have been helping this family with the mentally disabled child. Medicaid pays for transportation to the doctor. In this case the doctor is in San Antonio. The local medicaid office for over a month now has been giving this family hell for no better reason than they are idiots.

These idiots are actually demanding that the child be seen by a non-existent doctor. When you explain to them there is no pediatric psychiatrist locally their dumb ass response is, he still has to see a local pediatric psychiatrist. You see according to these brain dead morons the child must be seen by a non-existent doctor. Yesterday I was on the phone with the Austin office and as it turns out the transportation division has already approved for all children in Brownsville to travel to San Antonio to see a pediatric psychiatrist because there are none in the valley. So I asked why then the Brownsville office is giving this father a hard time, and they said “this is standard for Brownsville, because they simply do not understand you cannot send a child to a non-existent doctor.”

It does not end there. The local doctor has to submit a form verifying there is no local doctor. The local doctor submitted the form stating there are no pediatric psychiatrists in the valley and the child needs to go to San Antonio. Here is the kicker - there are two places wherein the local doctor has to state whether the 14 year old child can get to the doctor on his own. In both cases the local doctor checked the box which says the 14 year old child who suffers mental illness can travel to San Antonio on his own.

Brownsville is like living an endless nightmare.

Golden Corral - I was very tired last night and did not want to cook - I decided to try their scallops. Well when I got their I noticed they also had pork in the shape of filet minion. I cut into the pork (pork mind you) and it was 100% raw in the middle. The scallops were also raw. I informed the manager he needed to pull the pork and scallops because they were raw.

He comes back to my table and informs me the cook is new and yesterday was only his second day. They informed me they found a meat thermometer for him to use in the future. If this were not enough the manager told me that on Wednesday the Brownsville health department gave them a 90 or 91 upon inspection. Apparently the Brownsville health department did not bother to check to see if the meat was properly cooked.

Just too surreal for me.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I am sitting down to type today’s drivel (just trying to make the master manipulator happy) and CNN is reporting that this morning the Supreme Court opened the door to more corporate spending for campaign commercials. For me this is a free speech issue. I am happy with the ruling. Some people will say this will give too much influence to corporations. You know, corporations represent an entity which consists of its shareholders (people) and employees (people). Their view may not be mine, but that is not the standard. They are people and they have a right to have their voice heard during elections, albeit all too often wrong.


Yesterday his campaign got the press to run a story that Farouk Shami bribed Gilbert, Democrat running for Agricultural Commissioner. Well technically they got Kinky Friedman to run with the story as a cover. According to Friedman after Kinky’s associate gave him $50,000.00, it was not a bribe to drop out of the governor’s race, but when Shami gave Gilbert, running for Agriculture Commissioner, $150,000.00, who then dropped out of the race, that was a bribe.

I hate dirty politics. Every major politician in the US has a PAC which is used to raise money for other candidates. These type commitments are made every day in American politics. It is funny Friedman, who is the real scumbag in this story, says he pulled out after taking money from Shami’s associate. He goes on to say he pulled out because he cannot compete financially with his opponents (liar - it did not seem to matter to him last time) and this is all perfectly innocent.

Gilbert whose background better suits him for Agricultural Commission does the same thing and now it is a bribe. What is it Kinky? “Are you mad Gilbert got $150,000.00 and you only got $50,000.00. What has the White campaign promised you?

Where is Kinky complaining about the fact in exchange for fraudulent votes in the form of stolen home ballots taken from senior citizens Bill White was willing to stand in Cameron County with the most corrupt and despicable politicians in Texas, namely the Cameron County Democrats? No where to be found. Again Kinky, what has Bill White’s anti-Muslim, anti-Palestinian, anti-gay campaign promised you? Bill White does not get to refuse to denounce the conduct of his supporters and then claim to be a victim when these comments are tied to his campaign.

In politics politicians using money to shape the race as to who will and will not run is standard in the US. Former enemies become tickets. Lest we forget Bush I called Reagan’s economic policies voodoo economics and Reagan responded by making him his vice-president. Hillary ran a terrible campaign against Obama and got the job as Secretary of State.

What is not normal in politics is scum like Bill White standing with scum on a promise of stolen mail ballots from senior citizens. What Bill White failed to understand when he got in bed with the devil, Cameron County Democrats, is, they can deliver nothing. The people of the LRGV refuse to vote because they would rather not vote than vote for the devil.


I understand that the concept of the truth eludes Jerry McHale. Jerry either does not read English or has never read this so called gag order. He needs to consult with someone who actually reads and understands the English language.

Second the gag order is in place for one reason and one reason only - Jerry requested it by and through his attorney. I requested we drop the gag order and Jerry said no. In fact I offered to drop Jerry from the lawsuit at no cost to him, and Peter Zavaletta told him to say no. Jerry is gagged because [1] he fails to understand the English language, and [2] he is too stupid to understand Zavaletta’s advice is 100 % based on his need to settle a personal score with me. I outed Peter as a master manipulator and started the bandwagon going on why he should not be elected DA.

All Jerry needs to do to be free of the lawsuit is sign an affidavit that Peter Zavaletta did in fact advise him to lie about not having an e-mail, and I will drop the lawsuit against Jerry and Eduardo Paz Martinez. I will be submitting a lie detector test result on the issue to a federal judge as part of the RICO wherein one issue is a court order seeking the immediate disbarment of Zavaletta from all federal courts. Zavaletta is toast.

On another issue, some weeks back someone sent a post which contained private information which can only be found in my medical records. Someone somehow got access to my records. I accidently rejected the post before printing it out with the tracking information. At my request the person sent it again. I printed it out. It also gave me the information I needed to link it up with the IP address provided by the service I use to track my readership and how they find their way to BV.

The VA has assured me that if any information about my medical conditions end up on the internet or in any blog, which I myself have not disclosed, they will initiate a criminal investigation beginning with the information I have along with subpoenas on the newspaper or service which hosts any particular blog.

What bothers me most is, it is not about attacking me, it is about the lack of intellect and ability to reason and argue positions. It is this attack concept with no purpose other than to destroy which has brought this country to the mess it is in. In part this is one reason I am so happy with the results in Massachusetts. The people did not follow like lemmings the demands of the Democratic Party or the ghost of the later Senator Kennedy, they followed the minds.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Depending on whose polls you believe Independents are ranking as high as Republicans and Democrats in terms of affiliation. This is probably a good thing. I think if you go back and read the Thomas Jefferson quote it is what he would have thought best for the country.

Any Republican who thinks the Republicans won last night in Massachusetts is in for a shocker. The Independents won the Senate race last night. For me this is a good thing. Neither major party can any longer rely on its base to win elections. They will have to listen to the American people in the middle.

Now, as they say be careful what you ask for - I am convinced that the filibuster is unconstitutional because it substantively changes how many votes are needed to pass a Bill in the Senate. I hope some senator or public group will have the courage to file a lawsuit to end the use of the filibuster. Personally I think the Democrats should announce unilaterally the end of the filibuster and pass true healthcare reform on 51 votes. The Republicans are sure to sue. If they sue it will hurt them because they will be in court demanding that a federal judge change the constitution to 60 votes instead of 51. It is time we end the filibuster and allow the majority party in power to move legislation forward. I can say as a very left wing Independent I would have voted Republican in the Massachusetts Senate race because I consider the Senate version of healthcare reform to be a betrayal of the people and a windfall for the insurance companies. Voting Republican is the only way I could have participated in the defeat of the Senate version.


The VA is slow beyond comprehension. The law provides that appointments must be within 1 month of referral. The VA San Antonio is now taking 3-4 months for new appointments. I am scheduled in April for the more advanced endocrinology tests. This is complete and total BS. My doctor in Harlingen is trying to get me referred to a Harlingen doctor so I can be put under the care of a real endocrinologist in Harlingen or Brownsville.

My regular readers know I had a CT scan with contrast. My doctor waited to call me because she wanted confirmation of a particular finding. They found sclerosing mesenteritis. It is a rare disease. It is so rare I have been given a voucher to find a specialist who has actually treated patients with this disease. The search is on - I am waiting on a well known gastroenterologist to return my call.

I am fatigued beyond comprehension. All indications are if this disease is caught early it is 100% treatable. So I have no fear as to what is about to happen. Personally, given a choice, I will opt for the surgery - it is time to take the entire colon and surrounding tissue out. The scan also showed the diverticula have now engulfed the entire colon.

My issue is, it is exhausting. I played by all of the rules. With rare exception for over 30 years I did not eat eggs because in highschool we were told eggs cause heart attacks. I remember while working on my masters in education about 6 years ago I read a book called “Because of Winn Dixie.” At the end all of the characters get together for egg salad sandwiches. I was so taken by the book I went out and bought eggs and made an egg salad sandwich. I have been eating eggs ever since, but no more than once a week.

I will be 52 on March 6th. On March 6 2008, I benched 315 pounds. I have always been attentive to my diet and workouts. I have never been a drinker, smoker, or drug user. I have never had sex, save one or twice, without a condom. With all of this it boggles my mind at nearly 52 my body is in a near free fall.

My doctor notes that when she examines my abdomen it is obvious ,until about a year ago, I did 300 crunches a day. We may learn my extended abdomen is from the latest diagnosed disease. Yes there is fat, but the muscle structure remains solid as a rock.

It took me about two hours last nigh after my doctor called for it to hit me. Yes when I went to bed I cried like a baby. It is exhausting to face one health problem after another and have to be dependent on the quack doctors at the VA in San Antonio. The good news is my local doctor is working hard to get me 100% away from San Antonio and under the care of only private doctors who are real specialists.

I will do my best to keep BV going, but I must say - I am now beyond exhausted.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Tonight the Republican candidate for US Senate in Massachusetts beat the Democrat. This is good at several levels. It sent a clear message to the Democrats that the Independents in this country are fed-up. I truly despise Reid and Pelosi. They are arrogant evil people with nothing but contempt for the people.

Obamacare is now dead unless the Democrats grow a pair and end the use of the filibuster. Obamacare morphed what should have been sometime universal healthcare with a public option into a windfall for the insurance companies. He was so desperate to have anything called healthcare reform he got in bed with a STD infected whore known and American politics.

Now the Republicans better be careful they did not open a door which kills their voice in Congress. The filibuster in my view is unconstitutional because it substantively changes the constitution as to how many votes is needed to pass a Bill out of the Senate. It is time some Democratic Senator file the lawsuit making the challenge. If he/she wins then the Democrats will only need 51 votes and you can bet the public option will pass.

Change and accountability is always good. The American people won tonight because the good people of Massachusetts had the good insight to see the Democrats had become a bunch of arrogant sycophants who needed a good lashing.
Hasse Supporter Demands Blind Support

(This is today's second post)
(I am posting a comment from the Texas Constitution. This process is at least two years because it will take a constitutional amendment.)
This guy whose post I did publish through today only proves my point of how we keep on electing the same bad people over and over again. The issue is not whether or not we should eliminate the position of County Treasurer. As my response indicates, I oppose electing people to positions which require highly qualified skills. There should be one office which handles all of the county's finances, and it should not be an elected position.

This is not the issue - the issue is, is Hasse running a dishonest or incompetent campaign? Today Hasse can demand that every commissioner on commissioners court vote to eliminate the position effected January 1, 2011. This will make the election moot. Commissioners court can do this next week. If the people truly want this and support it, they will get behind the vote now and not after Hasse has served at the expense of the people for 4 years.

I will support anyone who calls for an immediate vote. My entire issue is, let's put people on record now. For this I am a terrible person. Politics is what it is - and only fools blindly support a candidate based on a promise without looking behind the promise.

If Wood wants to beat Treviño - all he needs to do is put this on the agenda next week - let's see what happens. Cascos can take the lead on the issue and win the hearts of the people by putting this issue on the agenda next week. The fact neither of these candidates are doing the obvious tells me there is either no support for Hasse's promise or it is soft.

For now, here is Hasse's join link so anyone who wants to can ask him how he intends to eliminate the office of County Treasurer and who among the current candidates and those on the County Commission support his desire to eliminate the position of County Treasurer. I will go one step further - his supporters need to demand he release the e-mail to the candidates and sitting commissioners wherein he is making the request. He also needs to include in his request that the current commission immediately put on the agenda a vote to eliminate the position effective January 1, 2011. Why this date? - [1] I am fairly certain commissioners court cannot vote to unelect someone without their participation; and [2] it provides time for an orderly transition.
You can e-mail cascos and demand he put the issue on the agenda
You can e-mail Woods and demand he put it on the agenda.
If Commissioners Court is going to support the elimination of the Office of County Treasurer there is no reason to wait for an election. They need to take the vote now. If they are unwilling to take the vote now, then that should tell us something about whether or not Hasse's promise is anything more than pie in the sky wishful thinking.
If they do take the vote now and vote to eliminate the position effective January 1, 2011, then it is fair to say Hasse will have something of substance to stand on if he chooses to seek other elective office.
And for the record I know which campaigns are monitoring BV. I know for example that the IP address for Rene Oliviera's law office is I know someone in his office loves to post anti-gay comments which are quite vulgar.
I know that I have readers today who are in Australia, Argentina (very jealous - eat a good rib eye for me), and Nicaragua (weird one because they are researching Otis Powers). I know the FBI has read my blog today. I know I have readers all over the US. Do I monitor every IP address no. On rare occasion I do the research. Sometimes I do not have to do the research because it is noted in my summaries that the person who viewed my web page connected to BV from their campaign page.
One question - should a candidate have a duty to not aid in copyright infringement? I am not saying anyone is engaged in copyright infringement. I really have no way of knowing. There is a ton of free pictures on the internet for use by bloggers. But the second a blogger takes money to allow for advertising on his/her blog, copyright becomes an issue. BV does not advertise for anyone or accepts money. This allows BV to avoid any claim of copyright infringement.
Google takes this matter seriously. Candidates need to make sure they are not advertising on any blog anywhere subject to US copyright laws. I have actually cautioned Bill White and Farouk Shami on this issue.

If you are running for public office and pay a blogger to advertise - you're an idiot. The readership of the blogs is not high enough to justify paying for advertising. This week I will get a link up so every candidate's web page can be seen for free. Community first - profit last.

Second every candidate has a duty to ask the blogger if they are using unpaid for copyrighted material on their blog. If you cannot follow the law where you place your ads why should I trust you as a candidate?

Again I am not accusing anyone of copyright infringement. I am simply saying, candidates better be mindful of this issue.

Now back to finishing the RICO. My doctor has me on painkillers until they can do another caudal racz - I am on a waiting list for an emergency procedure. I do not know why but painkillers act as a stimulant for me. My pain management doctor tells me this is common among people with ADD and ADHD - who knows. As far as I know I have neither. basically I am having a good day - tomorrow will be bad because I cannot handle the nightmares the painkillers give me.

BUT FIRST, the new park. The county has about 150 acres on Old Port Isabel road which it seeks to develop into a general park. I believe the land is across from the Winter Haven trailer park. I am getting conflicting information from various sources, but it seems that the bulk of the funding will either come from stimulus money or the state.

BUT SECOND, I got a nasty post I rejected from a moron. I was accused of refusing to cover the polls by STIJA. Here is a news flash - STIJA is a delusion created by someone smart enough to know there is a moron on every corner. For the record, the interviews are also delusions designed to entertain morons too stupid to see the obvious.

Ted Hasse claims that if he wins he will eliminate the position. When I asked "how?" I got a lot of anti-gay personal attacks against me for asking such a heinous question. The best part of the posts which I rejected was, I am to use my critical thinking skills to figure it out myself because Hasse has no obligation to tell us the “how.”

It is more complex than the how. I also asked the “communist conspiracy” question of, who on the county commission will support him in his efforts? Hasse has deemed this information as super top secret. No one is allowed to know. Is it possible he has no support to eliminate the office of country treasurer and his entire campaign promise is a lie? I do not know. What I do know is we know enough to know he is not trustworthy.

But now here is the kicker. If Hasse has a promise from Treviño and Hernandez to support his plan to eliminate the position of county treasurer, does he not have a duty to tell his supporters so they can vote for Treviño and Hernandez? Why hide this information from his voters? Finally, would not the Hasse supporters have a duty to not only vote for Treviño and Hernandez, but also publicly endorse them? We know that is not going to happen because far too many of Hasse’s supporters are in this for the sport of making idiots of the people.

Now, is any of this an endorsement or Betancourt? No - but unfortunately this is how people think.

“I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself. Such an addiction is the last degradation of a free and moral agent.”

Thomas Jefferson, letter to Francis Hopkinson, March 13, 1789

Monday, January 18, 2010


"Today, I was deeply honored to participate in a number of tributes to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This morning, in fact, I was privileged to accompany Derrick King, Reverend King's nephew, in Houston's 32nd annual Martin Luther King Day Parade.

Dr. King's words and actions have influenced many lives in our nation and across the world--including mine. When Barack Obama was elected President, our country came one step closer to achieving Dr. King's dream.

In spite of how close we are to achieving full realization of Dr. King's dream, Texans still struggle in poverty and go without basic medical care. Hundreds of thousands of Texans are jobless; many are homeless.

Today, I encourage each and every one of you to take time out to remember Dr. King and the legacy he has left behind--and think about what you can do to help push forward Dr. King's dream.

I challenge each of you to find your own small way to help make Dr. King's dream a reality in your home town. Give to a food bank, volunteer at a homeless shelter, or give to the charity of your choice.

Working together, we can make a difference.

In Unity,

Farouk Shami"

No speech in my time has so influenced me as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a Dream” speech. Brownsville is so in need of the speech. It’s children need to know why Dr. King was the moral compass of this country then and now. It is sad that this racist school Board continues to refuse to recognize this holiday. This is not a holiday celebrating a black man, but a holiday founded in hopes and dreams.

Simple minded people find each battle as a win or loss. Had Dr. King thought this way whites would still have separate water fountains from browns and blacks. His assassination was not in vain. It mobilized the majority of this country to see and understand his message.

I am still unwilling to endorse Farouk Shami for governor, but on a daily basis I am taken back to his message of faith and religion.

“Farouk's Official Statement On His Personal Religious Beliefs 1/11/2010
Jan 12, 2010 -

"I want to clarify what has been reported in the press concerning my religion. I was born in the land of Abraham, believing in Moses, Jesus and Mohammad, and believing in one God. I grew up with members of my family and friends practicing multiple faiths: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. I was also educated at a Quaker school. All of these things contributes to my relationship with God. To say simply ‘I'm a Muslim’ or ‘I'm a Quaker’ is to ignore major parts of my faith. I know it seems complicated that I do not have a pat answer to questions about what religion I am, but without my exposure to many different cultures and religious beliefs I wouldn't be the person I am today.

Although I'm not a member of any specific religious tradition, I do begin every day with prayer and meditation and have a strong personal relationship with God. I respect those who practice all faiths because I believe God gave us life to help one another, the poor, the sick and the oppressed. It is through God we can achieve peace, freedom and bring justice to the world. As Governor, I know, with God's help and guidance, I will be able to help every Texan have access to the American Dream just like I did—a good job, access to healthcare, and an excellent education for their children. That's why I feel called to run for office”

I am not saying Mr. Shami is even close to being on the same platform as Dr .King. But there is a message of peace and unity in his words Our country is so divided right now that it scares me. We need elected officials who can unite us and not use our differences to divide us.

On this day, I ask my readers to listen to Dr. King’s speech and think about it. It is as important today as it was the day it was first delivered by Dr. King. We need to consider his message when approaching politics and how we choose our elected officials.

While I may favor universal healthcare, I am pragmatic enough to say, I will be happy if we can simply expand universal healthcare to all veterans and begin the process of building federal clinics as an option for those on medicare who choose the federal clinic with no deductibles, and federal clinics to be used by those on medicaid. The federal VA clinic in Harlingen in my view delivers the best healthcare available in the LRGV. It is a success and getting better by the day.

It would be a first great step towards universal healthcare. I am convinced properly handled these three areas of expansion would actually see a decrease in federal expenditures to run these three programs. If this is so it allows the government to prove its ability to handle universal healthcare. A step at a time is how a pragmatic person solves problems. This approach makes it easier for people to unite because it does not increase the federal budget or impact private health insurance. Unity is the message here. Through unity Dr. King was about to bring about a revolution in race relations which a civil war could not. Lincoln’s civil war was a failure which needlessly divided the country.

On the election issue, Bill White refuses to accept the basic message urged by Dr. King - judge all men based on the content of their character. Bill White has now been pressured by many sources to denounce those who support his campaign who are seeking to play the religion, race and gay (there is not evidence Mr. Shami is gay - Bill White’s people simply want people to think Mr. Shami is gay) issue against Mr. Shami. Bill White refuses to denounce these people because he does not believe in the message of Dr. King. The blacks and browns in Texas better be real mindful of Dr. King’s message and Bill White’s refusal to honor that message.

In my view you cannot claim to be a real Democrat if you are unwilling as a matter of principle to denounce anyone who judges another person based on any variable other than the content of their character.

Friday, January 15, 2010


As the saying goes politics is local. This is just another issue wherein the electorate can take a stand against the corruption and bad policies which seem so natural in Brownsville/Cameron County politics.

I have decided that come March no Democrat will get my vote unless they agree to the following: Ending the UTB/TSC contract. How can Juliet Garcia as the President of TSC do her job and recommend TSC sue the UT system to recover the money they owe TSC when she is the President of UTB. She cannot. This should be an easy decision by local politicians - TSC needs to fire Juliet Garcia for her clear breach of fiduciary duties to the taxpayers of the TSC taxing district. The same goes for the Board Members who are unwilling to take a very public position on this issue. They must commit to sue UT and fire Juliet Garcia. Their failure to authorize a suit is clearly governed by their priority in protecting Juliet Garcia as the President of both UTB and TSC and not their fiduciary duty to the people.

Another issue I have identified is, I will not vote for anyone unwilling to call for the sale of the Port of Brownsville. This is a useless tax on the people. It exists for one reason and one reason only - to keep the cronyism at the port alive and well.

Another issue I have identified is, I will not vote for anyone unwilling to call for a full ethical and criminal investigation against Armando Villalobos for the way he runs the DA’s office.

Another issue I have identified is, I will not vote for anyone who refuses to denounce the use of politiqueras in the handling of mail-ballots.

Another issue I have identified is, I will not vote for anyone who refuses to “I will thing of something else.” Any ideas will be considered by me and hopefully my readers

Thursday, January 14, 2010


The polling data is everywhere. When one looks to the US Senate race to replace Ted Kennedy it is shocking to see that the Republican might actually win. Now that election does have a unique local issue. The belief is ObamaCare may end up costing the people of Massachusetts more money than other states because it already has universal healthcare.

In Connecticut the man who announced as a Democrat for the US Senate after Dodd retired, is already well ahead of the Republican. With many of the people from Connecticut believing Lieberman is really a Republican, I do not think they really want to turn the Senate over to the Republican Party.

I think these two examples teach us that the Independents and local issues will be a guiding voice in the next election. People are tired of the same old garbage and they have now been hearing it long enough to know when a politician speaks the politician lies.

I do believe that the best form of term limits is the people throwing all elected officials out of office each election cycle. The downside to this is, it empowers potentially more corrupt people to run for office believing they are a shoe in. This approach is a hard approach to sell to the people.

Locally, I think people are very jaded to see the same old garbage. In the governor’s race Hutchinson and Perry are already playing nasty. This will turn people away from voting. Bill White’s minions are playing one of the most disgusting campaigns I have ever seen from a Democrat. The campaign of now Court of Appeals Justice Vela as a Democrat (as a Republican - corrected as noted by a bitter reader) was the worse I had seen until now. For those who may remember she used a Willie Horton type ad against former Justice Fred Hinojosa. The State Democratic party should have denounced her unethical ass for the ad, but the Republican light Texas Democratic Party turned a blind eye to the bigotry and hatemonger type campaign.

If someone does not give good reason for the people of South Texas to turn out in November, the Republicans will continue to control the state. In terms of the Texas House and Senate this year is a must win year. After this year because of the census the US House seats will be redistricted. This is why the Texas Legislature must move to the control of the Democrats.

In the end unless some politician emerges who is different and who is not part of the Austin political machine, locally at least, the elections will be determined by how many mail in ballots politiqueras can steal from senior citizens. For now I expect the November turnout to be low.

Nationally, I think the election will be determined by the economy. If unemployment dips under 8% and the stock market is over 12,000, the Democrats will do a lot better than anyone would have expected in a mid-term election year. The campaign slogan will be, “Do we hold the course to recovery, or do we return to the failed policies of the Republicans which pushed us to the brink of a depression?”

Wednesday, January 13, 2010



It has come to my attention that 1700 am has gone oldies. Since discovering this I have not heard one word of Reputrican talk radio.


Bill White will not denounce what is happening in his campaign against Mr. Shami. He is desperate. His first official move in the LRGV was to get in bed with the very people stealing from the people. He then refuses to denounce those who seek to invoke religion into the race. Now his lemmings are going anti-gay. This is disgusting. It may be time for the national democratic party to speak out against this hatemongering Texas Democrats. If these people are the future of the Texas Democratic Party, then it will be a cold day in hell before I vote Democratic again.

"Oh, wait, he's got that last one covered, as he is the proud owner of forty-two pairs of red go-go boots. Here's some free, but genius, advice on a new Shami campaign slogan (channeling Hoover):"


Kay Bailey has announced that she intends to fight for the votes of the radical right within the Republican Party of Texas. By doing this she has acknowledged she is in an uphill battle. She has also thrown off the last of moderate independents and the super majority of the Latino community. The decision to push for local law enforcement to do the job of border patrol will prove to be fatal.

This is going to force Rick Perry to try and respond in kind to the radical right. The end result will be moderates in both the Republican Party and among Independents to rethink whether or not they want to be in bed with the radical right.

It does not end there. The Democrats still have to provide these people a meaningful choice.

The following is from Farouk Shami’s web page about his religious beliefs. In his statement you can clearly see the influence the Quaker school had on his thinking. You would not know it by the limited news coming out of the Middle East, but there are a lot of people in Palestine and Israel who think the same way.

“Farouk's Official Statement On His Personal Religious Beliefs 1/11/2010
Jan 12, 2010 -
"I want to clarify what has been reported in the press concerning my religion. I was born in the land of Abraham, believing in Moses, Jesus and Mohammad, and believing in one God. I grew up with members of my family and friends practicing multiple faiths: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. I was also educated at a Quaker school. All of these things contributes to my relationship with God. To say simply ‘I'm a Muslim’ or ‘I'm a Quaker’ is to ignore major parts of my faith. I know it seems complicated that I do not have a pat answer to questions about what religion I am, but without my exposure to many different cultures and religious beliefs I wouldn't be the person I am today.

Although I'm not a member of any specific religious tradition, I do begin every day with prayer and meditation and have a strong personal relationship with God. I respect those who practice all faiths because I believe God gave us life to help one another, the poor, the sick and the oppressed. It is through God we can achieve peace, freedom and bring justice to the world. As Governor, I know, with God's help and guidance, I will be able to help every Texan have access to the American Dream just like I did—a good job, access to healthcare, and an excellent education for their children. That's why I feel called to run for office”

It is one thing for a candidate to claim change, it is yet another to look at the person and actually see the change. In the past I misstated that he moved his manufacturing plant from China to Houston. I was wrong. He moved it from South Korea to Houston. This is something tangible.

Mr. Shami is already running tv ads in both English and Spanish throughout the state. Bill White’s people have proven they are about the old ways and change is a fools game. His supporters are playing the race card and an anti-Muslim message to scare people into not voting for Shami. This is not how real Democrats act. Real Democrats do not look to ignorance and hate as a way to manipulate an election.

In the past I have denounced the Burnt Orange Report for its lies about Rick Perry being gay, and using hate of gays in the Republican Party as a way to hurt Rick Perry. Only the scum of the earth use hate and bigotry to manipulate a result. The fact that the Democratic Party of Texas continues to refuse to distance itself from the Burnt Orange Report and its ignorant staff should cause all true Democrats to ask, is the Democratic Party of Texas just really Republican light?

The latest coming from scoundrels like Bill White and his supporters is to question Mr. Shami’s faith. Since when does a Democrat raise the faith question? It is no one’s damn business. Dr. King taught us to look to the man’s character and nothing more. This message has been lost on Bill White and his SS Officers at Burnt Orange and elsewhere . It is inconceivable to me that any minority can vote for a Bill White. The truth about Bill White and his campaign needs to be exposed.

If Burnt Orange really wanted to tell the truth about something they need to go to the editor of the Quorum Report and ask for the documents which show Ray Hutchison blackmailed Ronnie Earle into effectively dropping the criminal charges against Kay Bailey Hutchison. I take no pride in admitting I inadvertently helped with the blackmail. Ray faxed to me from his home documents the editor of the Quorum Report sent to Ray. (I have the originals with the Hutchison fax number on the top of each page.) The documents showed Ronnie Earle’s office spent I believe about $100,000.00 in support of Ann Richard’s campaign against Clayton Williams.

This dirty little secret must remain a secret because to tell the truth will tell the truth about Ann Richards - corrupt to the bone.

For me the governor’s race just got very interesting. Kay Bailey has announced she will not resign the Senate - translation she is not confident enough to believe she can win the Republican Primary for governor. Perry and Hutchison are going to scare the moderates and liberals in this state as they battle for the hearts of the most ignorant narrow minded Texans - the radical right. All that is left for the Democrats to win is to nominate a candidate who truly shows evidence of change.

I am still not ready to endorse Mr. Shami. The only possible negatives I can find on him is a dispute as to the value of his company. Since it is not a publicly held company, all estimates are just that estimates. This causes me to question people who call estimates facts. The last person who tried to play this game with posts I rejected finally admitted to me he is a former employee of Mr. Shami. I am going to deal in facts and facts only.

Finally - Mr. White needs to apologize to Mr. Shami for the acts of his campaign and the Burnt Orange report or be labeled someone who uses hate and bigotry to divide and conquer. His staff is very aware of this problem. Mr. White’s refusal to confront this growing tempest is evidence of his lack of leadership. Personally, I think Mr. White should just withdraw from the campaign.

A final word on Mr. Shami and his faith - this smear tactic did not work against President Obama. Apparently another lesson in history lost on Mr. White and his SS Officers running his campaign. If my sources are reliable insiders have put it to Mr. White to either bring this matter under control or they are going to walk and take the campaign money machine with them.