Monday, December 7, 2009


[UPDATE: Presas-Garcia showed for her deposition today. It is my understanding Juan Montoya's and Carlos Quintanilla's remain pending for another day. Although authorized to conduct the depositions today, Joe Rodriguez did not move forward on the depos.]

This is today's second post on the Presas-Garcia mess.

When it served Villalobos' politics he raided Zavaletta's law office based on Villalobos own investigation as it related to his campaign against Zavaletta. To no one's surprise Zavaletta quickly cut and ran on Yolanda De Leon and cut a deal to avoid a criminal trial.

The case involving Zavaletta is 100% the same as the one involving Presas-Garcia. Why is it when someone releases confidential documents which may taint Villalobos' reputation he is ready to investigate and raid the law offices of his political opponent, but when the same thing happens to Joe Rodriguez - nothing?

Villalobos if he were treating everyone the same as he treats himself, would already have indictments over the release of the Rodriguez reports. He does not. Why? But further, when it served himself Villalobos was able to launch a supersonic investigation against his political opponent, while now telling Presas-Garcia he cannot investigate the allegations against Joe Rodriguez. Dirty politics all around.

From the Herald:

"The indictments come after confidential information was released to district attorney candidate Peter Zavaletta during the March primary election.

"In the rush to get her indicted they made errors, some pretty big errors and now they are scrambling trying to correct those errors," said Israel Cano III, de Leon's defense attorney, on the revised indictments.

That information was used in political advertisements that appeared in several newspapers including The Brownsville Herald and the Valley Morning Star.

The information belonged to the Cameron County's Child Advocacy Center and is not for publication, District Attorney Armando Villalobos said in a previous interview."

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