Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This story is heart wrenching. It took the gastro clinic 4 minutes to refuse to perform a colonoscopy of a Marine who was symptomatic for colon problems. He now has 26 months to live. They denied him the exam for 6 years straight.

Where are our elected officials? No where to be found. It is time for the VA to end its association with all medical schools and provide all veterans real and quality medical care. I will tell you, Solomon Ortiz staff has made it clear - damn the veterans - his office will not get involved. I can tell you from a long history of working with Cornyn and Hutchison - veterans are to be ignored. One time I had a Cornyn staffer make it clear Cornyn will never get involved with the healthcare failures of the VA.


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As to myself, I am now having what feels like mini-seizures. It is hard to explain. There is a form of disorientation with a weird sensation in the head. Years ago a medicine the VA gave me caused similar problems and the doctor told me it was similar to mini-seizures. The medicine was immediately stopped. The other night I went out for soy milk after dark - big mistake. I went to the Walmart on 48. I live near the airport (Go Southmost). I somehow ended up near the mall.

We know I have hyperfiltration of the kidneys. We know Dr. jan Bruder lied to my primary care doctor. We now know for sure, I have the records, Dr. Jan Bruder also lied to my local doctor about the blood work. There are problems with more than one hormone level. She played a gam with my doctor on the testosterone level - mine is considered normal for someone 80 to 100 years old. the game is, Dr. Bruder claims it is within normal limits. the problem with the term normal limits is, with certain hormone levels normal limits is then broken up into sub-groups by age and gender. Dr. Bruder failed to tell my doctor mine is way below that of a 51 year old man.

CNN is reporting that the VA Buffalo is blaming the primary care doctor for not properly writing up the referral. This is the con job every time. It is never the fault of the doctor in training or PA who decide who gets speciality care.

Such as the man mentioned in the story, I will be suing the VA primarily to bring the matter to a national audience. It will not be about money. It is a lot easier to get a federal judge to pay attention if money is not an issue. Congress will not act until humiliated to act. It is time to end all association between the VA hospitals and the state medical schools. If you think any of the candidates for governor will address this issue you are sadly mistaken. Federal tax dollars to subsidize the medical schools is a sacred cow which means veterans must just suffer to keep this cash cow flowing to the state medical schools.

One last issue - for two years I have been bleeding from the perineum and anus. The VA's official position is, it is normal for men to bleed from the perineum and anus. As I noted to my readers before during the last sigmoidoscopy I had at the VA SA, the doctor in training insisted on scoping my stomach because he was too busy to check to see why I was referred to the VA SA. His partner in crime then walked into the room swinging the scope like a lasso. Only my sigmoid colon was examine so I was awake. When I asked him why he did not take biopsies of the two inflamed areas he said as a doctor in training "I have enough experience to know why the tissue is inflamed without having to take a biopsy for pathologist to examine." With two years of bleeding from the perineum and anus, until this day no biopsies have been taken.

The VA medical system will remain a death sentence for veterans so long as they are tied to the medical schools. The politicians have made it known, the medical schools need the federal subsidies paid by the VA so "screw the veterans."


A reader is complaining I am not commenting on a certain story. I consider the source of the story to have zero credibility. The Herald has a 50/50 % of being credible. If they ever print the story I will then comment on it, until I will not run with a story from a source who seems to have a problem with reality or a complete statement of the facts.

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