Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This morning I am reading a notice from the TEA in regards to the last findings I secured against BISD for its failures related to a specific child. here is what they found.

"The LEA'S improvement plan requires revision based on the discrepancy cited." They have been told that if they continue to refuse to comply they will be charged the cost of fixing the problem.

The original citation was caused by the neglect of Hector Gonzales, it is now squarely owned by Springston. The Board will not take any action. In fact they will reward Springston.

The documents which show that BISD has falisified records related to this child are being forwarded today now that we know the complaint remains open. Will the BISD Board ignore Springston's mismanagement of special services? You betcha and this is why we know Gonzales was fired for political reasons and not for his failures related to special services.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, I was wondering about the claim that the child "missed nearly every day" of the six weeks. If the child attended school but left early, passed the attendance time in the morning, then the child was "present" for the day. If this is the case, then it would be inaccurate to say the child "missed" a day.

Your article states "BISD refused to conduct the necessary testing for ADHD". I do not believe that BISD has any staff that can make a diagnoses of ADHD. I believe that determination must be made by a medical doctor. If so, they cannot do what they cannot do.

Also, if there is no educational need as set out by TEA guidelines, then services are not necessary. Could this just be a case of a child who does not want go to school? If so, a homebound setting would "seem" to be a good solution but not one that would be called for by policies.

BobbyWC said...

the child wa sno where near campus - a good portion was spent in the hospital.

The TEA already made the finding about BISD's failure concerning ADHD. I will trust the TEA knows BISD's obligations.

Anonymous said...

in a secondary school, if a teacher sees the student in the hallway, cafeteria, etc. but skipped class, THE STUDENT IS PRESENT!!! Pathetic!

Anonymous said...

all you have to do is look at attendance policy. it states that if a student is on campus (not necessarily in his desingnated class), he is present. BISD does not make this stuff up...it is coming from POLICY. I would know, i used to be an attendance supervisor. just wanting to clarify....