Thursday, December 10, 2009


The following is my theory based on the known facts, and not based on any inside information.

What we know for sure:

1. Gonzales files premature lawsuit with no specific allegations of wrongdoing against any Board Member. Every allegation was vague with no specifics.

2. Gonzales goes before a TEA hearing officer and again attempts to use vague non-specific allegations against the Board and then claims he can work with the Board. This stupidity angered the hearing officer and the hearing officer went out of her way to say Gonzales refuses to take responsibility for his actions.

3. Gonzales gets an opportunity to speak to the people on live tv and rather than be specific about why he was fired he pulls a cry me a river and looks for the support among the ignorant.

How do I know the decision to fire Gonzales had nothing to do with Special Services? I am looking at how Special Services is being run under Springston and the same fundamental problems persist. Rather than go out and hire someone who is qualified to run Special Services Kathleen Jimenez is assigned the job as interim director over special services,. This was a clear political move for Springston to garner the support of Enrique Escobedo. It is a complete repeat of how Rendon go the job.

So what else do we know for sure?

When Gonzales started his “Cry Me A River Speech” he stated that sometime in 2008 a lawyer told him after the next election he was toast. True to form for Hector he did not tell the entire story and left the claim to be abused by his supporters as evidence. Evidence of what? Did the lawyer approach him out of the blue or did he contact the lawyer? We do not know. Why does Hector always give half stories which allow his followers to spin? He has nothing. I am now convinced his downfall came about by misguided paranoia.

I think he must of had a run in with a Board Member or someone who was politically protected. It may be as simple as Pat Lehmann going to Gonzales and telling him to take down Joe Rodriguez after Joe Rodriguez refused to play ball on the issue of allowing a concert promoter to use the stadium.

Lehmann made a very telling statement to shut down Cortez when Cortez sought to open the door on the La Pampa affair.

"We are a body corporate, Lehmann said, addressing Cortez directly. We are a team of eight, sir. We work as a team, but this is conspiracy. If you must pass judgment, then we are all guilty, sir."

I think it is fair to say that Lehmann used his threat to take down the Board if anyone tried to expose the illegal conduct by he Board. The people responded to the threat by sending his sorry corrupt ass packing. True to form his supporters and Gonzales’ supporters now seek to destroy everyone who seeks to undo the years of incompetence and corruption under Gonzales and Lehmann.

My theory is, Gonzales acted on something Lehmann demanded of him. Gonzales knew he was in trouble so he went to a lawyer. The lawyer told him he was toast in the next election. He crossed the wrong person and politics being what it is, he was toast.

Gonzales then panicked and dug his hole deeper by asking questions which he intended to be warnings to the Board Members that if they go after him he will go after them. Let’s go back to the words of his number one adviser and supporter. "We are a body corporate, Lehmann said, addressing Cortez directly. We are a team of eight, sir. We work as a team, but this is conspiracy. If you must pass judgment, then we are all guilty, sir."

It cost Lehmann his election and eventually cost Gonzales his job. If you look to how Gonzales has handled his case to date, it is always the same - vague accusations against unnamed Board Members. To me it sounds like threats - “cooperate or else I will go public.” You know what Hector, it is time to go public.

My view is we have a standoff between Colunga, Presas, and Gonzales. The FERPA violations related to Colunga’s son are serious. The decision of someone, someone I believe tied to the Lehmann, Gonzales, Presas-Garcia faction went to Juan Montoya with the story which got Montoya and Sanchez sued. (For the record I can technically go to jail for what I just said because it may violate the court order. I am barred from reporting as a news service on any story which includes the names of Montoya, Sanchez, or McHale - you go guys on your BS defense of Freedom of Speech - that’s alright the federal courts in Washington are about to handle these three)

The problem is everyone from Colunga to Gonzales are potentially in a lot of trouble if the entire story comes out and the FERPA violations are properly investigated.

In the end I believe what started out as simple stupid act by Gonzales in listening to Lehmann, caused Gonzales to panic and attempt to intimidate the Board with idle threats. The Board responded by firing him.

It is time Gonzales tell the truth, but he will not because the truth tells the people something dirty and ugly. He got in bed with Lehmann who pushed for Gonzales as the superintendent in the first place. Lehmann needed a marinero to keep his con on the people going. That marinero was Gonzales. The Board got tired of Gonzales barking on command by Lehmann and made it known after the election he would be fired.

Politics is dirty. It is time Gonzales stop forcing the taxpayers to defend against his dirty filthy politics.


Anonymous said...

claims he can work with the Board.

cam or can't

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better. That's exactly what happened.

H. Glz.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you are seeing the light on this situation but the air is still foggy for you on some points. It is very unusual for an interim to do any hiring for administrative position higher than a principal. There are several key vacancies in the district that have been open for some time. I agree that they should again go outside the district to hire for Special Education but as for the interim Mrs. Jimenez is the most qualified. Several other people have close ties to Art Rendon and or do not have the experience or personality to even attempt to hold things together. Dr. Lee Garcia who is well like by many does not have any special education certification. He was an excellent math teacher and is a good admisitrator. He was an assistant under Art Rendon. The last competent director was let go as she didn't have the certification when she was hired but did obtain it soon after being told that was a requirement. She was retired and had lots of good experience and did a good job as long as she was with the district.