Thursday, December 17, 2009


Our Founding Fathers debated at great length how a Bill would become law. There is nothing which remotely could be construed as support for a filibuster. The idea the Senate can make its own rules, translates into something as substantive as changing how many votes is needed to make a law, is ridiculous. From Wikipedia: “The term filibuster was first used in 1851. It was derived from the Spanish filibustero meaning pirate or freebooter.” Wikipedia puts the date at 1837 when the first filibuster was used, although not called a filibuster.

Laws are about substantive effect and not mere words. The filibuster has changed how many votes is needed to make a Bill into a law in the Senate from 51 to 60. This is a substantive change in our Constitution.

I am now 100% opposed to Healthcare Reform. There comes a point where compromise means something worse than what we currently have. The idea that American citizens can be levied a fine for refusing to do business with a private corporation that imposes a 30% overhead charge as operating costs and profits is outrageous. A handful of Democrats has turned Healthcare reform into the biggest windfall for insurance companies this country has ever seen. Obama desperate to appear successful at anything is prepared to sign this Bill, and damn the people.

The Mayo Clinic has proven to be one of the best healthcare facilities in the world. Their doctors are salaried regardless of how many procedures they order. These type clinics can work. Meaningful reform should mandate such clinics for medicaid patients, and optional for medicare patients.

No one, not even the no to everything Republicans challenge the fact that medicare is incredibly more efficient than private insurance in the administration of the benefits. Medicare executives do not earn million dollar salaries. So long as the American people have no choice but to pay this 30% extra premium and maintain the monopolistic control of their healthcare by insurance companies the US budget deficit will grow. I would sit in jail where the American people have to pay for my healthcare before I paid one penny to a private corporation under penalty of law.

It is time some well funded civil rights organization make it known, the day Obama signs such a law, it will be challenge in court.

Obama either needs to drop healthcare reform all together, or tell Harry Reid it is time to end the Filibuster once and for all.

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