Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Reputrican talk radio and its army of lemmings who love to call in have now caught on to this notion that the US government is a failure at everything and therefore they cannot be trusted with healthcare. If our government is such a failure at everything then why do we have the most powerful and efficient military on the planet? Why does the world look to the US for stability? Why is our economy the leading economy in the world, based on the per capita population?

Reputricans live in a land of fairies. Everything must be 100% perfect or else it is a failure. To the credit of the American people they do not believe in such nonsense. I love when people say, why is UPS a profit maker and the US Post Office is not? Two reasons, they are not tasked to deliver millions of pieces of mail every day at a cost of 44 cents, and they do not deliver on Saturday.

On heathcare I have pulled my support for the reform as currently configured. It is a cash cow for the insurance companies and a unbearable financial drain on the people. One again the corporatist running the Republican Party and Joe Lieberman have proven they can get the dumbest of the American people to do their bidding. It is better we do nothing than allow the corporatist to force the American people to support their greed.


Anonymous said...


You can't have it both ways BWC. Trash the Right,defend big government,only to trash the V.A.

Talk radio seems to really get your goat. It's what sells! They play on emotion.

MSNBC caught on (to fox) and is cashing in on it as well. Drudge vs. Huffington, ect...

Both parties use this as a barometer and adjust accordingly in order to perpetuate their hold on power.

As long as they keep us squabbling there'll never be a third estate.

C'mon, we all know that history repeats itself, there's nothing new under the sun.

Relax and enjoy life...

...Max Robespierre

BobbyWC said...

All you did was prove my point.

"Reputricans live in a land of fairies. Everything must be 100% perfect or else it is a failure."

I have spoken highly of my personal doctor at the VA, pain management clinic, and the sleep apnea clinic. The key to quality care at the VA is avoiding the doctors in training. That is the State of Texas. The problem is the medical school and it lack of concern for the incompetence of the doctors in training under its supervision.

I never said the VA is imperfect 100%. Without the VA millions of veterans would have nothing.

The primary problem with the VA is both Houses of Congress, Dems and Rpubs will defend to the end the subsidizing of state medical schools through the VA.

As a conservative I would think you would support the end to the use of federal tax money to subsideze the medical schools.

For teh record, I have said over and over again teh VA clinic in Harlingen is a model of success. There are no doctors in training - just experienced doctors doing an extraordinary job, given the limitation of having to deal with the doctors in training in SA>

And yes, I agree MSNBC is the polar opposite of Fox News. I also agree all news services deign news based on what they think will maximize their profits. this is why no one should trust just one news service.

Bobby WC

Fred D said...

In case you haven't noticed -the US economy continues to decline under the weight of trillions in debt thanks to the Dems and Repubs; in 2002 the VA decided it could not afford to serve all Vietnam Vets so it determined those in the Navy weren't Vietnam Vets. So 800,000 men and women are not being served inspite of what the law says. That is how the government keeps costs down - That is how they would pay for Public Health care, perhaps like in Canada you wait 2 years for a mri or a nursing home and then you don't need it. They cannot be trusted with much of anything as it is today - the Tea Party folks have it right.

Anonymous said...

The tea party folks are just Republican partisans doing what they are called upon to do by their party masters. Where were they when Bush was out of control? Why did they suddenly appear after they lost the White House? It's just talk radio brought to your home town.

Fred D said...

As it happens the Tea Party groups were founded in opposition to the Big spending Republicans and Democrats by the Libertarian organization in Ohio.
Unfortunately the Republicans are merely trying to capitalize on the popularity of the grassroots movement. I believe it is unlikely that either party will change their stripes and represent the people instead of ruling them....