Monday, December 14, 2009


I have had extensive discussions with Bill White's son. It has been made clear to me that Bill White will not take a position in regards to the corruption with the Democratic Party in the LRGV. Bill White seems to think that he can win the election without the LRGV. He cannot. Until a statewide Democratic candidate gives the people of the LRGV a reason to turn out in November 2010, the Democrats will remain without any statewide offices. Bill White has sealed his own fate, and like every Democrat for statewide office before him, he will blame everyone but himself.

Until a grassroots Democratic movement in South Texas calls for a strike of the November elections, candidates like Bill White and Barbara Radnofsky will not take the LRGV seriously.
For now I say it is too late. They have made a bad decision and they must now live with it.

"Farouk Shami is a self-made businessman from Houston. He came to America 44 years ago with $71 in his pocket and achieved the American dream. He’s built a company based in Houston that has created thousands of jobs in Texas, including 1,200 new manufacturing jobs from a plant he closed in China so he could bring those jobs to America.

Farouk is a proud Texan who is running for Governor to help jump start the economy, create good paying jobs, improve our schools and provide affordable health care for all. He refuses to accept a penny from special interest money, so he can always put the peoples’ interest first and can shake up the old politics in Austin.

Farouk Shami…The day he becomes Governor is the day business as usual ends in Texas. "

I have no idea if this guy will be any smarter than Bill White. We shall see.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your post. I have really been disappointed with the Democratic party in Texas, they have not had a strong candidate for the Govenor's office in a long time.

Phillip Martin said...

What counts as "extensive conversations" with Bill White's son?

BobbyWC said...

He contacted me and asked about what the campaign can do to get greater exposure in the LRGV. We exchanged several e-mails on what needs to get done - there were several issue from special education to federal subsidies of the medical schoos. But there was also clear discussions on the corruption in the LRGV by the Democratic party.

My suggestion was he simple state things are going to change without nameing names. There was clear discussion about the problems with specific examples of corruption.

The Texas Democratic Party knows me and my position on the issue. Several years ago when the Herald published a letter on the issue from me, Radnofsky attacked me and defended the corruption. As we say the rest is history.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the local democratic arty chairman, Gilberto Hinojosa, has already thrown his support behind White. Totally unethical, but what else is new. He should stay neutral through the primary. As long as White is supported by Hinojosa & his minions, White will struggle. Hinojosa is as corrupt an individual as you will find...I would have thought the White campaign would know this.

BobbyWC said...

They do know about teh corruption, but do not care. Bill White is like every other dirty politician - he will sleep with flea infested dogs for one vote.