Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This week after a change of two Board Members the Dallas ISD refused to renew the contract of its superintendent. Sound familiar? What you will not hear from Carlos Quintanilla and Accion America is that it was dirty politic- but it is. The Dallas ISD with the exception of its Magnet Schools is a complete and total disaster. It is a place where you send your children to become drug addicts and failures.

I was always amazed by the number of immigrant children in small private schools because the parents refused to put them into DISD. I knew of parents who worked 3 jobs between the parents just to be able to keep the children out of DISD.

The problem in Dallas, such as Brownsville, is, the superintendents are subject to extreme dirty politics and can never get down to the business of doing their job. Dallas such as Brownsville is a place where incompetence is ignored until the superintended finds him/herself on the wrong side of a war between the Board Members.

What we know for sure is, this system does not work. Such as we saw in the case of Hector Gonzales it promoted his incompetence until he found himself on the wrong side of a war between Board Members. Any system which rewards incompetence until the person is on the wrong side of a war must be dumped.

In the past I have supported the Regional Offices of the TEA doing the hiring and firing of all superintendents. The local school Boards should have zero control over who is and is not fired. In fact it should be a crime for them to even recommend a person for a job. I would go so far as if a superintendent can show that a Board Member is trying to influence the superintendent through dirty politics it should be a crime and a basis for removal of the Board Member.

I do support allowing the local school Boards being allowed to ask the Regional TEA office to fire the superintendent. But I also support a provision that if it is found that the true motivation for removing the superintendent is political those Board Members making the recommendation should be removed as Board Members.

Finally, I have pushed for some type new PTA to be the voice of the parents and teachers. They should have a greater role in the education of our children because they are on the front lines.

No matter what anyone thinks about the Regional TEA hiring and firing the superintendents it has to be better than what we have now.


Anonymous said...

AGREE!!! Will anyone listen? Does anyone care? Leadership's role must be to get petty politics out of children's education and leave it for federal and city government. Anyone who really "cares" about the children will not only support your suggestion but should demand it. Great job on this one!

Fred D said...

One primary problem is that the majority of the PTA types are easily cowed by the BISD Politicos to the point that the politicos do what they want then defend and cover when cought. Then as those that can do anything, come from the same type of sewer and cover in defense. BISD needs you though they will never believe it..

Anonymous said...

They did not refuse to renew the contract they refused to extend the contract there is a big difference. According to Dr. Hinojosa he didn't ask for an extention and did not desire an extention.

BobbyWC said...

yea, not playing that one:

from the dallas news.

Dallas schools superintendent Michael Hinojosa did not receive a contract extension – and he said he didn't ask for one – following his three-hour annual evaluation Thursday by the school board.

:Dallas school board trustee Carla Ranger voted to delay the implementation of new criteria to evaluate Superintendent Michael Hinojosa (left) next year, saying newly elected board members should weigh in, but the measure was approved on Thursday. Hinojosa's contract doesn't expire until 2012. But it's not uncommon for school boards to approve an extension, even if the contract has years left, as a show of support.'

the extension would be the same as renew. The idea is at the end of the original contract it would have been renewed. As the article makes clear, it is common to do this in advance. An extension is in effect the same as a renewal - it is a question of timing.

What the article also makes clear is, he had the good sense to see the writing on the wall and night divide the community such as Gonzales. he let it go.

I am not saying he did or did not do a good job. But he did fall victim to the same type political war between board members as did Gonzales.

This is the point of my piece - we must stop this practice and give the superintendents a free hand to do as they see fit. Whether it is Hinojosa or Gonzales neither had a fighting chance so long as they were going to be subject to this type game playing

Anonymous said...

I have never believed in this extension thing every year. Give them 3 years then decide if you want to keep them. That would sure help with the buy outs that were so prevalent for a long time. You can give a raise without a contract extension. It also ties the hands of a board that is to come in the future. Sometimes it is time for a supt to move on but if they have a perpetual contract it is hard.

BobbyWC said...

I do not publish comments by 3rd parties which make accusations about professional misconduct. I take responsibility for what is published.

If there is a public record of what is happening then I will publish the public record.

I found the entire post suspect because the Board should have known what was happening to the budget - not just the superintendent.

And for the record, Gonzales was fired for his failures in speciao services. I have documented the complaints and TEA findings and you refuse to acknowledge documented facts, but yet you want me to publish through comments with no documentation.

I do not play the fraud game