Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The Herald wins the day and gets BISD to drop the lawsuit against the AG. The full Joe Rod reports will now be released. The public will get the entire story. The people need to hold the Board accountable come 2011 by the removal of Zayas and Cortez for trying to keep these reports from the people. Kudos to the Herald for a battle well fought.

These Board Members did not help Joe Rodriguez. They only allowed every nut job in town to feed on the host of conspiracies being alleged. I hope the entire story comes out now. I want to know who tried to blackmail Joe Rod over use of the stadium. If Joe Rod did something criminal he needs to be prosecuted. If someone tried to blackmail him, then they and anyone who made themselves party to the blackmail also need to be prosecuted.

Now, Gonzales' supporters need to tell us why BISD reports against Joe Rod are valid, but against Gonzales bogus. This type ignorant reasoning needs to stop.

My fear is backdoor deals were cut to keep the entire mess covered-up. Joe Rod will go quietly and so too will those who tried to abuse the process by blackmailing Joe Rod.

This does not serve the people - but it serves the politics of those who hate Joe Rod, Joe Rod, and whomever tried to blackmail him.

It seems to me a competent Board would have called for Joe Rod's resignation a long time ago based on the lack of performance by BISD Athletics. But then as we all know, being fired from BISD for a lack of competency is not something which is going to happen any time soon. Just look to who will be BISD's new superintendent - Springston.


Anonymous said...

BISD has had some very good athletic teams during the Joe Rod reign. Football is not doing well now but the volleyball and soccer teams have done well as have some baseball teams. Joe Rod did not have the last say in who was hired. The principals or the HS's have a strong influence. You need to have a much better reason to fire a person than that some coach doesn't have a winning season. Joe Rod has not been a coach in Brownsville for a long time.

Anonymous said...

brownsville herald di not file any briefs to release the reports, here is how it went BH requests the reports, BISD refuses to release them, ask AG for a ruling, it rules that they must and should be released, BISD then files Petition in Travis County to supress the report, no action is taken and no briefs are on record by BH, Accion America releases the reports and the Board then withdraws its lawsuit.

BobbyWC said...

Again evidence of delusions of grandure by Accion America - The AG informed BISD of their legal argument which was to be filed with the court - their lawyers folded such as they had planned all along. the goal was delay as long as possible.

Your argue is beyond ignorant - BISD folds and gives up what they knew to be a good argument because Accion America released the reports. Beyond stupid.

No battle on the release of the reports and no AG report ordering the releae of the reports which is why they are being released is for one reason and one reason only. BH requested the reports thereby forcing BISDD to go to the AG which resulted in the AG ordering the release of the Reports. AA did nothing to force the AG to order the release of the reports.

Since it is obvious you know nothing about the process - when a newspaper makes an opens records request that request is normally made by their attorneys. Further, once it goes to the AG the attorneys for the Herald respond to the AG to argue for release.

I have done this more times than I can remember.

this is why the press in Dallas dismisses Carloa Quintanilla and AA - it took a while but they finally realized he is a self promoter who steals credit for everyone elses accomplishments.

Bobby WC