Monday, December 28, 2009


The New Year is upon us. Do we change or do we stay the same? I suspect we will stay the same because doing the same old thing is so much easier than changing. As the election cycle starts up most will decide Joe is less corrupt than Jim so Joe gets the vote. For me this is not an option.

I will be voting in about 1/2 of the races in the Democratic Primary. But to be clear, anyone unwilling to denounce the corruption of the Cameron County Democratic Party and in particular DA Villalobos, will not get my vote come November. This basically means for sure I will not be voting in any of the statewide races, or for Ortiz.

All it will take to bring about meaningful change is a local political organization willing to take a stand against the corruption. If they can send a clear message that they have the organizational structure to organize a meaningful boycott against the Democratic Party, Austin may finally listen to the people of Cameron County.

Nothing will change in Cameron County until such time as Austin takes the position that things must change. Austin does not care one bit about Cameron County. We are nothing more than bodies linked to the Democratic Party.

In the end the true responsibility for the corruption belongs to the people of Cameron County. I do not believe it is a matter of not caring. I think it is a matter of leadership to guide the people in a new direction. People are better at following than thinking. I can blog for a million years and most people will never understand the importance of independent and critical thinking.

So the question is, will we remain the same, or will we organize to force change? My money is on staying the same - it is is so much easier.

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