Tuesday, December 22, 2009


In order to see the pattern and practice of Villalobos’ abuse of power and his office we must begin with a post I made concerning the Joe Rodriguez case.

“When it served Villalobos' politics he raided Zavaletta's law office based on Villalobos own investigation as it related to his campaign against Zavaletta. To no one's surprise Zavaletta quickly cut and ran on Yolanda De Leon and cut a deal to avoid a criminal trial.

The case involving Zavaletta is 100% the same as the one involving Presas-Garcia. Why is it when someone releases confidential documents which may taint Villalobos' reputation he is ready to investigate and raid the law offices of his political opponent, but when the same thing happens to Joe Rodriguez - nothing?”


Next is Dannenbaum. Villalobos absolved Dannenbaum of any wrongdoing in exchange for a forfeiture of one million dollars directly to Villalobos’ office. This is clearly not how things are done by honest DA’s. You can compare this to a similar incident involving the Office of the United States Attorney.


"United States Attorney Don DeGabrielle (r.) presents a $2 million check to the City of Houston through City Attorney, Arturo Michel. The money represents restitution that Republic Services Inc. has agreed to pay the City of Houston for recycling purposes after entering into an agreement to cooperate with an ongoing criminal investigation"


Why did the BND Board Members not yell "hell no" when Cameron County District Attorney Armando Villalobos took the money for his office, instead of returning it to the people by and through restitution? Dirty politics plain and simple.

Now this morning we learn from the Herald that the DA may have broken a plea deal with Hariram, concert promoter. From the Herald:

“A civil suit that the city filed against Hariram is pending. City Attorney Mark E. Sossi said Monday that he also understood that the promoter would not be indicted and that he would be making restitution to the city.

"That is correct," Sossi said. "We’re still in the process of drawing up the documentation," adding that the city, Hariram, and the DA’s office would all have to agree to it.”


DA Villalobos is willing to allow Dannenbaum to walk free in exchange for one million dollars paid directly to DA Villalobos’ office, which only reflected a small percentage of the 21.4 million stolen from the people, but yet Hariram offers to pay 100% of the money allegedly stolen and Villalobos says, no hell no.”


Villalobos’ argument that he does not want to put Hariram in a position to be able to use the money taken by the DA’s office frozen in an account managed by the court is bogus. After you subtract that which will be taken by the city there is hardly enough left to put a dent into the legal bill Hariram will incur in defending the other case.

When will this endless corruption and dirty politics end? Never because scum like Bill White, Democratic candidate for Governor has made it know - hands off - no comment - on the issue of the corruption in the LRGV.

The LRGV will not be heard until it boycotts the Democratic Party. While I will be voting in the Democratic Primaries, I will be pulling for other candidates in the November election. The only way any Democrat will get my vote is if they are willing to call for a full investigation of Villalobos and Dannenbaum. The investigation must also extend to Judge Bañales who is a key player in keeping the corruption covered up.

So what is the issue with Mark Sossi and Sorry Charlie Atkinson? A trial will only expose their incompetence and role in this mess. Sossi’s decision to get behind the agreement had one purpose and one purpose only, to protect himself. The reality is, I think it is a good deal. The facts of the case are sufficiently convoluted that neither side has a guaranteed win if it goes to trial.

Why is it that Villalobos is unwilling to investigate the claim that Peter Zavaletta adviced his client to committ aggravated perjury? A key witness to the event is a well respected non-interested party. Answer, he needs the two time criminally charged State Bar disciplined lawyer to be his star witness in his case against Yolanda De Leon. This DA cannot be trusted.

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