Wednesday, November 11, 2009


BISD - A QUICKIE - Because I just love creativity, I am posting a nickname a reader gave to a BISD Board Member - Minerva'Losta My Nerva. The post though was typical of the posts which frustrates me the most. I do not get that you support someone 100% or you are an oxymoron. Corruption is corruption - like I said I hope she finds a good lawyer to handle her outing of the corruption, but if she broke the law we need to know that too. There is no oxymoron if the focus is on making sure everyone follows the law.


I truly hate Veterans’ day because it means nothing, when in fact it should mean everything. Freedom is not free. Just this past week we saw a slew of military personnel gunned down for no better reason than being in service to the American people. In service to the American people should mean something other than phoney baloney parades and lip service.

Politicians are a joke and are the most disingenuous Americans when it comes to those currently in service and veterans. In large measure veterans’ groups are the main reason politicians get away with their contempt for our laws and constitution. Veterans should lead the battle cry against public corruption but they do not because handouts are more important than principle. The Brownsville VFW is so corrupt it boggles my mind. I received multiple complaints that kick backs were occurring in relation to the building of the new facility. The consistent claim was the plans were changed to reduce costs, but that the price was the same. The changes were made without the knowledge or approval of those charged to oversee the construction. Emma Treviño-Perez decided the story was not newsworthy - there is a shocker.

The local VFW would turn a blind eye to every member of the Brownsville City Commission going to Brooks Army Medical Center and pouring salt into the open wounds of our wounded soldiers so long as they continue to vote support for the VFW. When the so called greatest generation turned away Vietnam veterans in the 60's, in my mind their fate was sealed. I would never be a supporter of the VFW. The VFW believes in itself and not the reason why so many American’s died in service to the American people.

The Declaration of Independence and Constitution means everything to me. They are brilliant documents. Key to understanding these documents is the Founding Father’s belief that perfection is a process and not the end product. They set us on a path of potential greatness.

I have debated back on forth for 2 weeks about today’s post. When I went to bed last night in my mind I was just going to skip today. This morning I though about the families who today will miss their loved ones who died in service to this country and decided I needed to speak my mind on this issue.

I have lost all respect for President Obama. He is the king of lip service to the purpose why American’s are willing to die in service to this country. I have zero use for Fox News. If they say it is sunny and dry, I know for sure we are in the middle of a blizzard. But my dislike for Fox News does not mean I find it acceptable the way President Obama is treating Fox News. His conduct towards Fox News is tantamount to pouring salt into the wounds of every soldier who has died in service or who has been wounded in service to the American people. It is clear Obama has no substantive respect for Freedom of Speech and confidence in the majority of the American people to recognize Fox News for what it is - slime.

The two Bushes were no better. When Bush II was governor he sent a letter to the President of Texas AM and demanded that its professors stop bad-mouthing his father, former Bush I. Only in the last few weeks Bush I sent an open letter to all of Texas AM demanding that there by no protesting when President Obama was on campus to receive an award. Exactly who the hell does Obama and the Bushes think they are?

Things are no better locally. Our city commission seems to think that by banning the people from talking directly to them or about them at city commission meetings they are defending the constitution. To a person they are pathetic. But three of them stand out more so as pathetic and contemptuous of everything that the people should be demanding their immediate resignation.

After repeatedly denying the charges Pat Almighty at trial admitted to depositing the check which is the subject of his criminal indictment. It is beyond human comprehension that he gets to use unconstitutional city ordinances and unethical judges to insure the people do not speak directly at him about his conduct.

Sorry Charlie Atkinson has consistently embarrassed the City of Brownsville. He loves to lodge insults at the people of Brownsville. Anywhere other than Brownsville his comment “where is my comment faggot,” would have resulted in his resignation. To my knowledge only Commissioner Camarillo denounced his conduct. I can write for pages about Atkinson’s misdeeds and abuses. Nothing will change. He views himself as someone who is “special,” and special he is. He cannot see reality or right from wrong. He is addicted to himself. And like every other politician who fails he only considers as friends those who worship him. This comes from extreme low self-esteem. His time on the Commission is short. He has not a true friend in the world - how very, very sad.

Melissa Zamora “Iwantzamora” in my view is the worst of the worst. During the campaign such as I always do I kept out of candidate’s personal lives. At the time of the campaign there was nothing to inform us that the poor choices she exercised in her personal life would translate into how she governed. Boy were we wrong. She remains indignant to the fact that she actually believed there was nothing wrong with seeking to do consulting work for a city contractor at the same time she would be voting on those contracts. I commended Melissa Iwantzamora when she went public with the fact the city was not putting out all contracts for competitive bidding. I now understand she was not in fact protecting the people, but in my mind probably one of her clients who felt like they had been left out of the process in the past or would be left out in the future.

I remain horrified how Melissa Iwantzamora used the city attorney to silence any dissent by the people regarding her outright corruption in trying to do consulting work for a city vendor. The fact she remains incredibly non-contrite about her actions only further feeds the belief that the poor judgment she has shown in her private life is now influencing her actions as a city commissioner. Such as Sorry Charlie Atkinson she only regards as friends those who worship her as a princess and dismisses those who seek to give her good counsel.

Yes I expect her minions to attack me - it is so much easier than being honest or contrite. But I will challenge her minions to find anything in my life where I have betrayed a loved one, cheated anyone, or done anything which was not based in fighting for justice. The day she is willing to give up everything to fight those who covered up for the child molesting priests is the day she and her minions can mention me in a negative light. Yes they can and will print incomplete truths, because half truths can be spinned, whereas complete truths cannot. You cannot win battles unless you are willing to loose battles. As a veteran on this Veterans’ Day I can say the army taught me that unless I am willing to sacrifice my life for justice then, I am nothing and just a player.

In the immortal words of Edith Piaf. “I regret nothing.” My entire life has been about giving. Rather than go work for a law firm for a 6 figured income, I started my law practice by taking pro bono assignments from probate judges to help those wrongly admitted to the state’s mental institutions. I was horrified to see the abuse which was standard in the state mental health facilities. I am particularly proud of the man I had transferred to a sort of halfway house after I was able to prove to the judge that someone at the facility tried to kill him by shoving a banana down his throat. The quack doctors told the judge he could not tell who nearly beat him to death. I was assigned to interview him and he had no problem talking to me. His medical records indicated no meaningful treatment for years because it was claimed he could not talk. Days after he talked to me he was rushed to the hospital after nearly choking to death on a banana. The judge had him immediately moved.

I have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in free legal services for one reason and one reason only - due process is a right not a privilege only for those who can afford it. So again, I will say, come at me - you have nothing but half truths and half truths is all we can expect from people who consider being contrite a sign of weakness.

As to Melissa she will never be happy and will always wants more - this is part of the princess syndrome - hence “Iwantzamora.”

Something on the term martyr. I am convinced this term was created by the weak who needed an excuse for not acting. It is almost always used as a term of mental illness. People who act on issues of right and wrong and who are willing to sacrifice are not martyrs. They are believers in justice. Politicians love to use the term martyr as an insult because it excuses their own actions.

Some years ago I came into evidence top lawyers with the State Bar were actively working behind the scenes with the Dallas Bishop and the Regional Administrative Judge Pat McDowell to void the 119 million dollar judgment in the priest sexual molestation case. For his role in the matter, then Governor Bush had the good sense to not reappoint Pat McDowell to the position of Regional Administrative Judge.

I mandamused the judge in the case, Ann Ashby, who sought to keep the matter further covered-up by allowing the protected lawyers by the State Bar and in some cases working for the State Bar to steal 40 some odd boxes of evidence held by the whistleblower in the case. I won. I then sued the players for Frank Sharpe. The State Bar made it clear - I was to nonsuit the lawsuit which sought to expose their corruption, or suffer the consequences.

Did I suffer any meaningful consequences? No. Had I given into the pressure I would have lost my dignity and purpose. Without dignity and purpose we are nothing. There is no amount of money or power which anyone can offer me in exchange for my dignity and purpose. Am I a martyr? No - remember martyr is a term created by those who need an excuse for not acting. It is a term of the weak and unethical used to describe in a negative light those who actually act.

On this Veterans’ Day I decided to write in a way which gives purpose and meaning to what it truly means to be a Veteran. The VFW represents no one. They represent only themselves. They certainly do not stand in service to the American people. This is not to say its members are not true veterans who truly understand what it means to stand in service to the American people.

Oh, as to the city of Brownsville and my free speech lawsuit. It remains pending. Judge Noe Gonzalez the latest judge assigned to the case refuses to give the people their day in court. Since May I have filed multiple requests that this case be set for trial. Such as Judge Euresti, and Judge Pate he too now refuses to set the case for trial. I am moving the case into federal court where the City Commissioners and each of these judges can face their accusers and explain their conduct.

I can now prove that Mark Sossi is using the case and the corrupt judges to obstruct justice in the case so that a loss can be used to have me declared a vexatious litigant in my defamation case against Robet Sanchez. Unfortunately for the City of Brownsville and Mark Sossi his acts have given what I need for a § 1983 damages claim in federal court.

Will the City Commission act to protect the taxpayers? - please give me a break. We saw how the incredibly corrupt and unethical Mark Sossi ran interference on camera to protect Melissa Iwantzamora, does anyone think she will vote to fire Sossi any time soon - “hell no.”

On this Veterans’ Day, I speak my piece in defense of the Freedoms for which I was willing to die, and remain willing to die. So long as we have politicians like Obama, the Bushes, Ahumada, Atkinson, and Zamora our Freedoms will be at risk.


Fred D said...

I am disappointed with much that public officials do "for the Vets" as it usually turns out good for them and not so much for those who served.
I spent the day calling the only guy from my Recon Unit (Vietnam)that is still alive. He finally after 30 plus years got his head screwed on righy - no thanks to the VA. I lost interest in public display from how I was treated when I came back at the Airport in San Francisco and when I went to College under the GI Bill and how I was treated by students and the administration.
I was especially pleased and flattered at some of my former business and professional contacts called to say Hi.... I am pleased at this article as well - keep up the good fight. I would hate to loose your voice even though I don't agree with it frequently.

Anonymous said...

Zamora can work for HNTB as long as she abstains from voting on their contracts. this is not unprecedented. oh...she also has to not communicate with any city staff (other than the cm, of course), particularly when it comes to any project to which hntb has any interest. under these guidelines, i dont see what the big deal is...

BobbyWC said...

First, thanks for making a to the point rational argument in her defense - it goes a lot further than making me the distraction.

It is how it played out which hurt her. Further the fact others have done it (Sorry Charlie Atkinon - Homeland security and the wall) does not forgive it. An abstain can have the same effect as a vote for. If she were truly not connected to anyone then she could vote no and that could be the end of the contract - her abstention is almost a yea.

Again thanks for the way you handled her defense - you actually made an argument many may agree with so in the end you help her.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"But I will challenge her minions to find anything in my life where I have betrayed a loved one, cheated anyone, or done anything which was not based in fighting for justice."

That would be a harsh criticism without proof she cheated on her spouse if that is what you are blatently implying. Do you have any proof per se?

"Such as Sorry Charlie Atkinson she only regards as friends those who worship her as a princess and dismisses those who seek to give her good counsel."

What did she do to you that you would turn on her? I can understand why the mayor needs to resign, but what is your exact reason she must resign? Isn't your pitiutary gland problem a physical ailment located in your brain? Might that be considered a mental illness on its face? How can you believe Mark Sossi is conspiring with Robert Sanchez? What possible benefit is there for Robert Sanchez? Aren't they sworn enemies?

Bobby, I am having a real trouble understanding why you have so many judges handling your case against the city? Judge Noe Gonzalez turned a blind eye to corruption in Hidalgo County when he didn't force the county judge there to abstain. And now he is judging your lawsuit? Is this the real reason why you are moving the case because you feel he can't be a fair judge after his ruling in Hidalgo?

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned your hypothalamus as a contributing factor in your discomfort, if not THE factor. A malfunctioning hypothalamus most often expresses as a raising or lowering of the baseline body temperature, symptoms you have not complained about. So he or she was obviously an idiot of the highest order and has no knowledge of human physiology. Either that or got their MD from Monterrey.

BobbyWC said...

Does unbearable hot flashes count

As to the Zamaora issue - you missed the entire point of the piece - it was about turning up her nose to why so many Americans have served in our military- To defend our freedoms.

In my view the most important is Freedom of Speech. You kill this you kill everything else.

She sat there and allowed Sossi to protected her by silencing a speaker.

As to Sossi, it is not complex - he is blocking the City Commission from meeting with their attorney to consider her recommendation of settlement which would open up direct challenges against the commissioner during open mic so to speak. If Gonzalez rules against me, Sanchez then gets to use that ruling against me.

Sossi has a personal score to settle with me - remember Stalin and Hitler got in bed together just before Hitler invaded the Soviet Union - it is a marriage of convenience.

What is this turning on MZ. I neve get this - no sacred cows - period - it is about principles - something so many of you seem to hate.

As to the pituitary gland and teh brain - I guess the experts have it all wrong - the Brain MRI says 100% normal - you know why - because the pituitary gland is not part of the brain.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Zamora did apologize in the newspaper. Did you not read the article weeks back?

BobbyWC said...

I'm sorry I got caught - please you are only making it worse - the greater problem remains for which no one has provided a defense was her use of Sossi to run interference for her - shameless and reprehensible

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Public comment is run by the mayor. Commissioners are not to participate in the discussions. How do you know she asked Sossi to "run interference"? I've seen many a public commenter berate her for her HNTB connection and she sits and listens instead of arguing with them like other commissioners have. You allege she used Sossi to run interference without no real proof. How do you know she didn't confront him behind closed doors to not do it again? How do you know if she did nor didn't speak to a commenter after a meeting to address concerns? No one really knows. I hate to say you're jumping to conclusions but I really think you are.

Anonymous said...


There are so many people who do not know the difference between VETERAN'S DAY and MEMORIAL DAY.

I was taught that V DAY honors the living veterans while M DAY honors those who have died while serving our country.

Am I correct?