Thursday, November 19, 2009


This is from the Herald:

“On Nov. 5, the "Comprehensive Planning Coordination Board (CPCB) Executive Committee" met to consider and take action on a United Brownsville Memorandum of Understanding, a proclamation, and a press conference, public records show and "Imagine Brownsville" former project spokesman Brian Godinez confirmed.”

Ms. Trevino-Perez clearly had no interest in the full story. She along with her editors know that allegations of secrecy sells papers so the truth be damn. This is why a record number of journalists have lost their jobs, and newspapers have failed all over the US.

Since understanding government 101 eludes current and former journalist with the Brownsville Herald I will begin with government 101. In order to act like a governmental entity you must have governmental powers. The Comprehensive Planning Coordination Board which is a product of Imagine Brownsville has no governmental powers and never will. They have zero authority to act on the use of taxpayer dollars or in forming policy.

Whether or not they should have made a public announcement about the meeting is a separate and distinct issue from what their powers are and are not.

In simple terms they seek to act as a facilitator for policy and initiatives among the 7 entities they seek to have as members. Here is a simple example even two-bid journalists can understand. A manufacturer inquires about building a new plant in Brownsville. They can go to this organization with their needs. This Board which has representatives from all 7 entities can look at what is needed and work together as a team to make it happen.

The PUB representative can go to the PUB and in a public meeting subject to TOMA raise the needs of this prospective new employer and allow the PUB in a very public way to decide if it wants to get involved. The point being the CPCB cannot act or promise anything to anyone except that they will take it to the Board. They cannot and will not be awarding contracts. To the extent the PUB might be involved it will be for the PUB to award contracts related to their part of the plan.

Along these lines, the new employer may need a commitment from Southmost College that they will insure training is available for the new workers - for example in robotics manufacturing. Any allocation of funds by TSC would have to be done by the Board in a public meeting subject to TOMA.

Again all the CPCB will be is a facilitator with zero powers over taxpayer money. Oh yes, what about the $25,000.00 membership fee. When you consider the joint budget of the 7 entities is about billion dollars $25,000 is chump change. What will be our return on the $25,000.00 is the only question anyone should be asking.

The seven entities working together could benefit from increased bonding capacity; create better operating efficiencies by sharing on projects - it is all about saving taxpayers money; be better prepared as a group when it comes time to go to Austin or Washington for money,

“The Comprehensive Plan is a guiding instrument that is designed to historically unite our public institutions and the community to work together with a common vision and make the community of Brownsville a better place for its citizens and businesses.

In the beginning I was a supporter of Imagine Brownsville. I then joined a committee whose purpose was to decide once the project was done how the entities could best be brought together. I felt like the first meeting was really a place for the participants to just rubberstamp the desires of the leaders within Imagine Brownsville. When the second meeting was called and I received a barrage of e-mails with endless changes as to the time and place for the second meeting I walked away from Imagine Brownsville. Whether or not I am happy with how they got to this point does not matter. Simply dishing Imagine Brownsville because it had the support of Eddie Trevino is stupid and the act of incredibly small minded people who want to keep Brownsville a third world city. My focus is, what can it do now?

If for one second I thought CPCB would be some secret society running the 7 entities I would be down on it. No one and I mean no one can point to one thing in its structure which makes it secret and not accountable to the people. Every entity which participates in the process will still have to go to their public meetings under TOMA and publicly discuss and vote on the allocation of taxpayer money. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar or is opposed to this for reasons which have nothing to do with facts.

It is possible that the grant writer will be able to secure a grant which will pay every entity’s membership fees the second year and forward. It is a $25,000.00 investment for one year. If there is no return during the first year and no grant money to pay for the membership fees then we can rethink support for CPCB.


I know that only a united community can move forward. In Brownsville these small minded people who will always have scores to settle and an audience of fools to read their drivel, will always be a problem. They key is to ignore them, while making sure you are playing in the open and fair.

As one source close to the story told me, the fact that they are not subject to TOMA does not mean that once it is up and running the members cannot vote to televise the meetings and announce the meetings on the web pages of all 7 member entities. The presumption by these small minded people that because CPCB is not subject to TOMA, CPCB will not then be public is evidence of just how small minded these people are. Again these are the people keeping Brownsville down - they are to be ignored.

My final warning to CPCB is, note how failing to announce the organizational meeting got the paranoid all in a tiff, and do not make this mistake again. I do not believe anyone was hiding anything, but I know how the paranoid and naysayers work.


We all know how it works. If the CPCB does not play this right there will be cries of cronyism. It is best that the Director be an outsider. There is no doubt in my mind there are already local insiders lobbying our elected officials as to who should run the show. If the person hired as a director is a political payoff then CPCB will only give fuel to those who want to oppose CPCB.

There must be a clear statement of credentials as to who is qualified for the job. In my view it should not be anyone local. Every local yokel is tied to the perception of public corruption. I would prefer someone with an MBA or Masters in Industrial Engineering. Someone with strong mediation skills. Someone with strong skills in bringing diverse and conflicting voices together.

Right now people with these type credentials are a dime a dozen. I am certain with a national search the CPCB will be overwhelmed with applications. This is an area wherein if the CPCB makes a misstep it will forever be tainted as another failure.

Guys as to my health - the 24 hour urine test clearly showed a problem. It is complex from there because Dr. Jan Bruder, Chair of Endocrinology of the medical school in SA mislead my GP as to the results. She actually has a pretty good pathetic excuse. Another specialist I see in Harlingen saw the discrepancy this morning and immediately notified my GP of the findings which Dr. Bruner left out of her report. Her excuse appears to be she never said the 24 hour urine tests were normal, just the blood tests.


Anonymous said...

"The Comprehensive Planning Coordination Board which is a product of Imagine Brownsville has no governmental powers and never will."

Have you read the implementation plan? As for televising the meetings, you have already seen how some on the city commission want to not television the public comment period. The BCIC and GBIC/BEDC don't televise their meetings right now. Are they a governmental entity? Are they subject to the open meetings act?

Simply speaking, if there were a majority of the city commission present and acting on the wishes of this board like La Pampa, I would say there was some attempt to circumvent the people. It isn't small mindedness or narrow mindedness . It is a look at corruption and reality in Brownsville and seeing how nothing changes in Brownsville or in its politics. It is what it is. A reasonable person must agree that having the Imagine Brownsville issue on the city's agenda and then not acted on for whatever reason does seem like secrecy in light of what happened on the fifth of November two days later.

I am not making this about you but allow me to make an observation on the way you are in your face on many things. Is this strategy not a way for your to sell your 21st century newspaper to public? Much like the National Enquirer sells papers, everyone tries to sell their smut however they can. If you are going hold EPT and the Herald to some lofty standard, you must do the same for yourself to be taken seriously even with your agenda driven sources. My innocuous request would be for you to stop your pettiness with EPT and refer to her with her proper last name. It is Perez-Trevino and not the other way around. This could go a long way to keep you in her good graces.

BobbyWC said...

Dude, your entire argument is beyond lame ' "IF" - If we are going to never mover forward based on what may have happened, then we will slowly move backwards.

If you have proof of back door dealing then file the TOMA violation suit. I will be the first to support you in your efforts.

TOMA violations occur every day as Board Members and Commissioners talk on the phone about votes and policies. We will never control this.

TOMA has express exceptions about certain type events where you can have a quorum.

At this point, no money has been spent beyond the original $850,000.00 . If you do not want any of the seven entities to join then you need to organize your supporters and be at the meetings when the matter comes up for a public vote. No entity will be paying a penny to join without a public hearing. I have no idea what else you want.

As to whether this Board will open the meetings to the public is a matter which has yet to be decided. I will be shocked if they are not open to the public. I will be the first to cry foul and stupidity if they close the meetings and do not announce them.

I am not going to condemn a project before it has had an opportunity to have its first meeting. We do not even know at this point if the 7 entities will agree to join.

If they do, what you need to do is ask your commissioners and representatives to condition payment of the membership fees a commitment that the meetings will be open.

This is not complex for people who want to move forward and who are not small minded. If each entity imposes the condition that the meetings be announced on their respective web pages and that they be open to the public, then it will be.

Stop obstructing progress and give life a chance.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Guys, I am not going to publish through comments accusing people I know nothing about and have never heard of of corruption. It is cheap and pathetic.

The other part of the post which I rejected basically said my response was the only lame thing and that the argument of "IF" is well reasoned.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, I respect you and everything but give me a break. You are rejecting comments because they don't agree with you and agree with someone else? Wow. Just wow. I never thought you would stoop to that level.

Anonymous said...

What if some of these doctors are over billing for the sake of making money? Have you witnessed doctors who bill for services and treatment you don't need?

BobbyWC said...

change of mind, I am cutting and pasting the comment, which I already rejected because after I rejected it I checked the Herald for updates and the claim can be based on the Herald story.

"What do you mean it was lame? Honest objectivity: Dude has a point. You not so much.

Exhibit A on corruption is Sylvia Handy.

As for moving, you aren't a fan of physics are you?

Publish this comment.

Reject this comment."

What is most interesting to support an "IF" allegation of corruption in Brownsville the poster has to refer to someone in McAllen. Why not just name Maldoff in New York.

If fear of corruption is a basis to never try anything new, then we will never try anything new.

I clearly posted admonitions to Imagine Brownsville in what they can do wrong. If they are not 100% open from here on out, they may find some public support lacking.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I post plenty of comments which cme at me - so your point is totally without foundation. I have always refused to allow BV to be used as a place to blindly accuse someont of corruption.

The second I verified the story, Iput through the comment with the Herald article which substantiates the claim.

the reality shows your comments are totally without a basis in fact.

As to fraudulent doctor billing - VA doctors are salaiied whethe they see one or a million patients they get paid the same.

This is actually a problem because the actual attending specialists get paid even if they never see a patient - it is a con how they use residents, PA's and Fellows and still get paid.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

The Brownsville Herald has now confirmed that Commissioners Troiani, Gowen, and Atkinson attended the Imagine Brownsville meeting which was unannounced. 3 a quorum does not make. Emma in a pathetic attempt to keep the story going tried to imply that 3 could be a quorum if the three were appointed as representatives of the city. of course she can point to now where when the 3 were appointed. Journalism at its best.

What is it, did Imagine Brownsville refuse to pay for an ad in the Herald so now the Herald has to settle the score. how truly pathetic it must be to be Emma - desperately trying to hold on to a job in a dead industry - an industry which died at the hands of questionable journalism.

Emma is it not better to go out with an ounce of dignity, than to be remember for the journalist you are now becoming.

Bobby WC