Thursday, November 5, 2009

When the first act of a politician in announcing for elective office is to act dishonestly, such as Escobedo did in having James Hunter lie for him in his announcement ad, it is fair to say they cannot be trusted. I am a lot more inclined to forgive a novice politician for bad judgment on day one, or some bad judgment while in a previous office, than a politician who lies the day they announce for public office.
I have no idea if Wood is running for Cameron County Judge. But, given the clarity of the law that such an announcement is an automatic resignation from his current position if Wood announces any time hereafter, only the most corrupt or insane could possibly support him. Trevino will rightfully own this issue. Further, Casco's will need to be punished for turning a blind eye.
Wood can bring this matter to rest by simply going to the Herald and being honest. You know, he and Cisneros on paper were cleared concerning the time sheet controversy. But, on paper is not the same as in the eyes of the people. This is going to be a hard one for Wood to overcome.
I certainly would like to know the name of the moron attorney who adviced him on this one.
Oh, for the record, as to the law - I think it is stupid and invites this type dishonesty. Any law which asks someone to give up the job which feeds their family as a condition to run for public office is not only stupid, but probably unconstitutional.


Anonymous said...

Unless I miss my guess, that moron attorney who advised him was Greg Abbott. Are you going to mandamus his ass too?

Anonymous said...

To remove all doubt, why don't you show up at the next commission meeting & ask Wood if he's a candidate for Pct 2. Let's see how he responds. I don't think Cascos has the authority to remove & if he attemts to, it may look to be political, but nonetheless, who can remove him & what is the law in terms of who concludes & enforces the automatic resignation? Wood isn't going to resign. He's part of the political problem & Trevino is not much better. So where do we go from here?

Anonymous said...

Well I'm for 2010 also. I hope it arrives on time. Do you have something against 2010? 2012 I would understand completely, but what did 2010 ever do to you? ;)

Anonymous said...

You're an anti-dentite, aren't you?

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea the contextual meaning of the above comment. But if this helps,

anti-dentite 80 up, 1 down
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Kramer: Yeah, and you're an anti-dentite.
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Jerry: They do have their own schools!

Bobby WC