Friday, November 13, 2009



Starting Sunday I will begin to post holiday recipes. I will start with my two favorite cheese cakes - yummie.


Overnight the price on AA for a Christmas flight to New York went up by $80.00. Instead of being $75.00 cheaper on AA than Continental, it is now $5.00 more. My point is, prices are changing. But in deciding who you will fly is not as simple as who has the lowest price. Had I bought my ticket yesterday I still would have flown the more expensive Continental. Because I have a Continental Visa, I do not have to pay to check my bags. I hate people who carry their regular luggage on the plane. I bring my laptop, and CPAP (for breathing) - that is it.

So in addition to considering the price of the ticket, you need to also consider the cost of checking your baggage, meals on the plane, and value of losing your frequent flyer miles if you choose another airline other than your regular airline.


Let’s begin with a positive. I do not know who the responsible party is, but the landing of AA for our airport was a good thing for Brownsville. I can tell you I have had a lot of family fly into Brownsville on AA now that it is an option. Neither Southwest nor Continental served their area so AA has been a welcomed addition to Brownsville. To fly Southwest, they use to drive 3 hours.


I signed two different agreements with the attorney representing the city. I signed one which is a settlement agreement which would allow the people to make personal statements about the commissioners during the various type public comment periods. Part of that agreement was it would be presented to the city commission for a vote. Mark Sossi the city attorney is refusing to honor the agreement. Texas law provides for ancillary proceedings in breach of contract (known as Rule 11 agreements) This morning I am amending the lawsuit to include breach of two Rule 11 Agreements. I am alleging a willful breach which in turn will allow me punitive damages. The other breach was an agreement as to how we would proceed with depositions. Again breached by the City of Brownsville. You do not sign agreements unless you intend to honor them. I am also filing a Motion to compel mark Sossi to present the settlement agreement to the city commission. Let’s not kid ourselves. Any two city commissions can put it on the agenda. To a person they are tyrants who oppose free speech. They are using Sossi as an excuse to not have to face the people.

In a case out of Brownsville, Judge Lima’s court, the law as to Rule 11 agreements was ignored. It took the Texas Supreme Court to force compliance with the law. In the end Ford got its day in court. Here is my original story and follow-up.

This city commission will allot some $50,000.00 in total attorney’s fees to protect itself. Short of a judge having them arrested for contempt of court this city commission will spend the taxpayers money like from a bottomless pit to protect themselves. A decision has been made, only over their dead bodies will they allow the people to speak their mind. Unfortunately for Atkinson, Longoria, and Troiani, the majority of the commission does not care about their future. They are the ones up for reelection in 2011. They are the ones who will be first to have to explain their conduct and waste of taxpayers money.


Well still waiting on the VA. I am so tired of eating. It is all I can do to minimize the headaches, eye pressure, and blurred vision. It also helps with the fatigue. I cannot take the blood pressure medicine because it totally kills my appetite (normally a good thing).

I rejected a comment from one of my detractors. Here is the theory. The pituitary gland is near the brain so it is therefore part of the brain. He must have learned anatomy from a UTB professor. Hormone production or lack thereof can influence brain function, but not the same as being part of the brain. He goes on to explain the science that pituitary problems can cause sexual dysfunction, which is true. But here is the kicker - he says it explains my sexual dysfunction. On this issue I have only discussed one aspect of my life. I believe sex is a gift to be used only in relationships based on love and commitment and that because I am not in a relationship I abstain. There we go, I guess I am truly hopelessly sexually dysfunctional.

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