Monday, November 2, 2009


"Scheel previously said he believes Parker is in violation of the provision, which requires county commissioners running for another public office to resign from their current post if they have more than one year left on their term of service. Parker has three years left on this term as commissioner."

Although I cannot see straight and everything is a complete blur, I am trying to add to this. My readers are important to me. This is a great issue being pushed by one of my readers.

The constitutional provision involved is as follows:

" “If any of the officers named herein shall announce their candidacy, or shall in fact become a candidate, in any General, Special or Primary Election, for any office of profit or trust under the laws of this State or the United States other than the office then held, at any time when the unexpired term of the office then held shall exceed one (1) year, such announcement or such candidacy shall constitute an automatic resignation of the office then held, and the vacancy thereby created shall be filled pursuant to law in the same manner as other vacancies for such office are filled”. TEX. Const. art. XVI, § 65(b)"

The above post is pretty clear on this issue - for anyone interested.

I do not remember which candidate is involved in this controversy - someone needs to remind me. These headaches are mind numbing and eating is no longer helping a lot (just a little). I am waiting to hear from my doctor about when I am going for testing. Today the endocrinologist ordered 10 blood tests and a 24 hour urine. I am happy they are moving forward.

Thanks to the reader who pushed me forward on this issue. I love when my readers push the issues - it makes it more of a community voice.


Anonymous said...

You need to look at GA 643 for clarity on resign to run.

Anonymous said...

I think it was commissioner wood. he recently announced @ a function he was not a candidate for pct 2, however he has stickers & a billboard in harlingen that says"John2010Wood. so what gives?

Anonymous said...

The issue is as follows. John Wood announced at a function he hosted on October 27th that he was not a candidate for Pct 2. However, he has bumper stickers and a billboard in Harlingen that says John Wood 2010. One can infer by these signs that he is running for another office. Does this constitutean announcement for an undisclosed office and is this sufficient to initiate an automatic resignation? I believe Wood has made a de facto announcement and should resign. I believe that Wood cannot afford to be without his county paycheck and benefits so he won't resign. I don't believe he will do the right or ethical thing. What a disappointment.