Thursday, October 15, 2009


Still no verdict - so I will not comment on the merits of the evidence. I will say this though - I am 100% certain that there is the possibility of a quirk in the mayor's criminal case. - it has to do with Judge Pate. The quirk is such that if something did happen the trial becomes void, regardless of what the verdict may be. Once we have a verdict I will disclose the problem.


What limited inside sources I still have at BISD are telling me that the Board is determined to keep the incompetence and corruption in place. I do not know what is going on, but people keep on telling me to investigate Springston. When I ask what to look for they tell me to just keep on looking and asking questions. There seems to be a real fear in place. One person told me that Springston is unaware of what is happening and how it relates to him, but that in fact several Board Members are concerned about an undisclosed report.

The discussions seem to get more bizarre by the day. I am not sure anymore who is lying and who is telling the truth. Like I said, it is simply bizarre. I am also told as part of the cover-up of something which appears bigger than the Joe Rod cover-up a new superintendent has already been chosen. I am told the application process will simply be a farce to make it look like they are trying to hire the best qualified candidate. This will be a repeat of how Gonzales was hired.

As to the child I have been writing about, it is not good. The child, parents and pediatric psychistrist are very concerned with the state of the child's mental health and whether or not he can take any more of the abuse. I am being told the doctor adviced the family to push harder with the TEA. I am waiting on confirmation of an appointment with an education lawyer in Corpus Christi, and San Antonio. This family is ready to move to SA and enroll the child in the Northside school district, which works directly with the child's doctor and in fact provides the teachers for students who attend classes at the pediatric psychiatric center. There is simply no money.


I want to start a list of campaign web pages for the candidates in the March primaries. As soon as I receive at least two web pages for competing candidates, I will post same in the upper left hand corner.

The Brownsville city commission needs to consider going on a retreat. I know it will cost money, but in the end I think the people of Brownsville will be better served. The battling has to end. The commission also needs to revisit the stupid decision to rotate the mayor pro tem position. If we loose the mayor, which by no means is a certainty, Brownsville needs a mayor.

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Anonymous said...

I think they may be referring to the fact that springston lied to the board about a board item on august 18.