Thursday, October 22, 2009


These are excerpts from yesterday's San Antonio's Express News

BROWNSVILLE — The former Willacy County district attorney who drew national attention for indicting a cast of public officials including the U.S. vice president now has filed a federal lawsuit seeking damages from former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, state Sen. Eddie Lucio and 31 other defendants.

In a rambling, 35-page petition, Juan Angel Guerra claimed the defendants played various roles in inflicting emotional distress and forcing him out of office.

He says Jim McAlister, an assistant U.S. attorney who helped Guerra with that investigation, told him he was ordered by higher-ups, meaning Gonzales and the Bush administration, to stop the probe.

“I will put him on the stand and he will have to testify under oath,” Guerra said of McAlister.
Michael Cowan, Lucio's attorney, said all allegations in the lawsuit are “patently false.”
“We expect it will be dismissed just like the other one,” he said.

I think if he can put on evidence which substantiates McAlister's statements the case will get interesting. I can tell you though, old dog bureaucrats in the FBI and Justice Department are already running interference for Bush era cover-ups and crimes. It is highly unlikely that US Attorney Eric Holder will ever see the lawsuit.

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